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by Bernard Jensen

  • ISBN: 0932615309
  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Author: Bernard Jensen
  • Subcategory: Diets & Weight Loss
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Bernard Jensen Intl; 1st edition (June 1, 1993)
  • Pages: 113 pages
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  • Rating: 4.1
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Download Bee Well Bee Wise fb2

Bee Well Bee Wise : With Bee Pollen, Bee Propolis, Royal Jelly. Dr. Jensen believed deeply in the virtues of honeybee products

Bee Well Bee Wise : With Bee Pollen, Bee Propolis, Royal Jelly. Jensen believed deeply in the virtues of honeybee products. Here he shows how bee pollen can be a highly effective remedy for allergies, arthritis, inflammation, impotence, and heart disease, and how it can improve the performance of athletes and boost the health of animals.

by Bernard Jensen (Author). Jensen is at his best in this fascinating book, sharing his insights on the blessings the hard working honeybees have passed along to mankind. Pollen is a food substance, a highly-concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, lecithin, hormonelike substances and a natural antibacterial substance, in a base of protein (amino acids), carbohydrates (mostly natural sugars) and fatty acids.

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E-BOOK - BEE WELL BEE WISE-E-Book in PDF format ready for immediate download after purchase. Jensen is at his best in this fascinating book, sharing his insights on the blessings the hard working honeybees have passed along to mankind

E-BOOK - BEE WELL BEE WISE-E-Book in PDF format ready for immediate download after purchase.

Book Format: Paperback. Readers learn about the nutritional composition of bee pollen and how its vitamins, minerals, and amino acids can assist both tissue building and tissue cleansing. Allergies, inflammation, arthritis, impotence, and heart disease are some of the conditions for which bee pollen has proven to be a highly effective remedy.

Shipping to Russian Federation. BERNARD JENSEN Health Magic Through Chlorophyll 1973 SC Book.

Bernard Jensen considers bee pollen one of the oldest and safest natural remedies known to ma. Jensen has traveled throughout the world and interviewed many people over the age of 100.

Bernard Jensen considers bee pollen one of the oldest and safest natural remedies known to man. Honeybee pollen is primarily a food substance and is a highly concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, lecithin, hormone-like substances and a natural anti-bacterial substance-in a base of protein (amino acids), carbohydrates (mostly natural sugars) and fatty acids. Most of them made use of pollen. They were eating the debris left by the honeybees on the bottoms of the hives-mostly pollen with a bit of propolis mixed in.

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"I feel that many Americans have grossly underestimated the power of foods to keep themselves disease-free, energetic, and at a peak level of wellness. Eating right should start with our children." - Dr. Bernard Jensen Dr. Bernard Jensen has spent over seventy years studying food, healing, and nutrition. In this update of a seminal work, the world-renowned nutritionist offers a practical, step-by-step program to guide you into a healthy lifestyle and ensure that you know how to meet the nutritional requirements of your body. Brimming with helpful advice and tips for supporting all body structures, restoring nutrient-depleted tissues, repairing damaged tissues, and rejuvenating the energy production capability of the cells of the body, Dr. Jensen's Nutrition Handbook will enhance the health of everyone in your family. It is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to be healthier, eat better, and live longer.
Reviews about Bee Well Bee Wise (2):
I usually don't write reviews, but after reading the previous purchaser's critique, I felt that I had to write about this book. This will actually be a repurchase of this book, because I realized that this was one of many books missing from my library. When my spouse left, she ransacked my library and took many of the powerful books that I collected over the years. This book was one of many gems.
Dr. Bernard Jensen ALWAYS wrote great books that provided a wealth of information. I've purchased his books on bowel management, goat milk, soil management, the Hunza people and Bee pollen. He changed my families life in so many ways.
Bee pollen is a complete food. It even has b-12 in it. SO if You're vegan or vegetarian this a natural vitamin for you! In this book he explains that bee pollen is the best way to help you lose weight and gain weight. He explains how it can raise the fertility and libido of any male and female species. It's great for building muscle and many other things. It is also the key element for longevity! I recommend you purchasing this book for your library. You won't be sorry. We lost a great one when this man passed away. His books are becoming hard to find. Please purchase. Furthermore this book is also digitally sold now. So I'm buying both. Peace!

I am sorry to give this book a bad review as I am pretty sure the book content is good as Dr Jensen is superior; however, I ordered this from a seller (I had posted the seller name but they eventually did refund the money so I removed their name but I think this may be the case for all the sellers) and the advertising is very and extremely misleading.

I want to warn others of how these sellers of this book mislead the buyers.

They write that it is a 6 volume set in the opening title and then they post pictures of all 6 books and even a carrying case for the six books to put on one's bookshelf so you think this is what you get but when you order the books, they actually only send you one book--the first in the series of volumes.

I would never have ordered this if I had known this as there were several other Jensen books, I could have gotten cheaper. I got this as I felt it was a good deal for the series. It is not a good deal when you get upset that they mislead you and you just get one book, particularly if the book you wanted the most were not included.

When you complain and say omg I did not get my full order (as they even wrote half in two places on the invoice so I thought maybe I only got half of the order).

Then they reply acting like you are stupid to think you would get 6 books at that price even though there are many books on here even as low as a penny for it is the shipping where they often make their money.

They then point out a description at the very bottom that says 128 pages. This could mean the entire series/course came to 128 pages as these looked like small books. Absolutely nowhere in it do they say you do not get all 6 volumes despite it being in the title and in the pictures which is most misleading and false advertising as they do not have 5 of the 6 books they showed and anyone would think that is what you got otherwise why show it? What a rip off and a gyp and a lie to the consumers.

they do not tell you you just get one of the 6 books pictures as they know this will increase their sales and then they can tell you it is not economical to send it back as you lose the shipping costs you paid them and also have to pay to ship it back. With this scam, I am sure many people just kept it and got upset while the companies including the one I purchased from make off with the money and a misleading ad continues. I am surprised amazon allows them to do this --put pictures on there that they do not give you and call it a series of 6 volumes in the main description..

sheesh so misleading and false advertising and a real blemish to amazon who I have not have any problems with other sellers. when one seller rips off a buyer, it causes all sellers to suffer as they might generalize this to others and not trust enough to order less they be tricked again and also even switch to other online sites. It is a shame that greedy sellers are allowed to harm others with their inaccurate selling pictures and shoddy practices.

They then in response to hey I am missing 5 of the 6 books you advertised in this sale to say we will only give you the price and not the shipping and tell you it will be several dollars to ship it back so it is not worth your while to return it even though I seriously doubt shipping cost several dollars as I shipped something way heavier and it was less than that. they made no effort to acknowledge their misleading order saying it is as described and seem to care less about customer satisfaction.

I will never again buy from that seller (I have removed name at their request since they refunded the money)again and any of the merchants selling this book by misleading the public. It is the first negative experience I have ever had in many years on amazon and make me feel maybe I should not buy books. I looked and saw that he had a high rating and thus trusted they would not rip off people but now looking at their negatives and neutral feedback, I see they ripped off others and lied allegedly according to others who bought from them.

also I could not find a phone number anywhere in line for this company nor in the invoice and when I requested one, it was not sent.

I was so upset when I ordered my order expecting 6 booklets and only got the one book that I wrote them and was late for an engagement I had. Was sure that the rest o the order was coming so tried not to be upset only to get home and read from them that they only send one of the books they picture and appear to be selling and it is not worth it to send it back.

If I did not have to lose the shipping and pay to ship it back, I could have gotten the full series elsewhere for not that much more had I known they were showing pictures of things they were not selling.

I write this to caution others and in the hopes that amazon will not allow this misleading ad to be on their good site as they list it in the main heading as 6 volumes, show pictures of six volumes and nowhere on it does it actually say you only get the one book nutrition handbook the first in the series. I may also try to let amazon know so others are not similarly ripped off on this item by this or other sellers. if they are only sending one book then they should only be picturing and listing the titles in the pictures of several other books that you don't apparently get.

Be forewarned that you do not get all the 6 books pictured just one.

Furthermore they misleadingly tell you the book has 128 pages which may have been thought to be the total of all the volumes for one who never saw the out of print books (how would you know it is not) and the book actually only has 113 pages so even that description is false.

The whole thing is awful imo, a horrible buying experience and makes me hesitate to order from amazon, any of these sellers who also do not let you know it is just one book and in particular this company.

I hope amazon allows this reviews as others could be mislead if they do not know the pictures do not match what you actually get and the companies will make out but the consumers will be upset and suffer loss. This way people will know what you see is not what you get and at least know you just get one book regardless of if you order the one I dealt with or one of the other sellers. Unless amazon makes them fix the misleading ads, this review is the only way people will know and not have to get upset when they open their order and see how wrong it is and how little the company is willing to do to make it right.

Not one seller put in their personal descriptions that one only gets one of the 6 books pictured. How wrong..at least tell people.

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