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by Grace Lennox

  • ISBN: 1933110856
  • Category: Gay & Lesbian
  • Author: Grace Lennox
  • Subcategory: Mystery & Thrillers
  • Other formats: txt rtf lrf lit
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (July 23, 2007)
  • Pages: 236 pages
  • FB2 size: 1993 kb
  • EPUB size: 1649 kb
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 953
Download Not Single Enough fb2

Grace Lennox is the modern romance pen name of best-selling lesbian romance and mystery novels writer Jennifer Knight. Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of Grace Lennox's books.

Grace Lennox is the modern romance pen name of best-selling lesbian romance and mystery novels writer Jennifer Knight. Grace Lennox’s Followers (5). Grace Lennox.

A funny, sexy modern romance about two lonely women who bond over the unexpected and fall in love despite their determination to do the opposite. Giselle was having a bad week - in fact, she was having a bad life. But when she discovers an abandoned baby in a dumpster, she takes it upon herself to care for the child.

Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. Death by the Book. Giselle was having a bad week, in fact, she was having a bad life. Her ex had finally copped to the affair she'd been having for months and they'd broken up, Giselle had just watched an idiot get the promotion she wanted at work, and her mother had showed up for lunch with a gigolo she is set to marry

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Not Single Enough by Grace Lennox. Jemeryl and Tevi fi ght to protect the very fabric of their world: time. Lyremouth Chronicles Book Three. First Instinct by JLee Meyer. A funny, sexy modern romance about two lonely women who bond over the unexpected and fall in love along the way. (978-1-933110-85-1).

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Manufacturer: Bold Strokes Books Release date: 23 July 2007 ISBN-10 : 1933110856 ISBN-13: 9781933110851. Meghan O'Brien, Thirteen Hours. Thank you for reading books on GrayCity.

Giselle was having a bad week - in fact, she was having a bad life. But when she discovers an abandoned baby in a dumpster, she takes it upon herself to care for the child. Eventually the baby is taken away, and Giselle is once again in a desperate state - who can cure her broken heart?
Reviews about Not Single Enough (7):
Dale and Giselle were two great characters with an enjoyable story. I liked most the other sub plots throughout that made this different from the cookie cutter lesbian romances. The scenes were steamy and the sexual tension was thick...well done Ms Lennox.
I stumbled onto reading a book by Lennox a while back and have rushed out to get as many as I can. This is another wonderfully told love story with heated sex scenes.
Other reviewers have commented on the rich humor, vivid characters, and unusual plot set-up of this romance, so I won't dwell on that other than to say that all three worked very well... much to my enjoyment!

I had no idea that Jennifer Fulton also wrote under the nom de plume Grace Lennox and was struck at how distinctively different in tone (in a good way) this story is in contrast to her Moon Series (A Guarded Heart is one of my favorites). A common thread across her books, written either under Fulton or Lennox, is the humanity of her characters, who are sometimes scarred emotionally or physically, and it's often quite sweet and satisfying to read how these characters develop and blossom in their own way.

Finally, as a born and bred NY-er, I have to give extra kudos for the author's spot-on descriptions of this story's setting... NYC, of course! Either the author (or someone very close to her) spent a good period of time in NYC or she's one heck of a researcher, because some details (such as the "mesothelioma" law firm Weitz & Luxenberg and the outer-borough Queens neighborhood of Jackson Heights) are rarely seen in run-of-the-mill stories set in NYC.

My only somewhat major quibble is with Giselle's slight brush-off of the restaurant Daniel. While this is totally consistent with this down-to-earth character, I can't imagine anyone who has actually eaten at one of Daniel Boulud's restaurants knocking their food!
I've always been a big fan of Jennifer Fulton, regardless of what name she stamps on the covers of her books. However, she seems to stretch herself as Grace Lennox, introducing characters on the fringe and stories with incredible depth. Her first Lennox book, `Chance,' was quite good, but `Single' far surpasses even that accomplishment.

Here she introduces the emotionally fragile Giselle whose life has recently taken several unfortunate turns. One night on the way to her home, Giselle finds a left-for-dead baby in a dumpster. Taking the days-old infant home, she seeks help from her neighbor - a doctor who lost his license due to his own life tragedies. Buying breast milk on the black market and trying to find a way to keep the baby, Giselle defends her actions to her best friend Sandy. However, Sandy can't just sit back and watch Giselle break the law.

In comes Dale, a local detective who takes the baby to ensure she is placed with the correct authorities. Dale is normally emotionally unavailable, but she finds herself taken in by the distraught Giselle. As they get to know one another, the lines between the law and her heart begin to blur for the detective.

What a great story. Not only are the protagonists believable, but the supporting characters are colorful, adding a secondary level of dimensionality to the book. The writing is elegant and mature, making the reader anxiously await the turn of each page. Here's hoping Fulton writes another Lennox book soon. This is one fan who can't wait.
I liked this book a lot. Above-average 3 stars, more like 3-1/2. There were a lot of ideas and events floating around that could have muddied the waters up, but central to all was the relationship between Dale and Giselle, two very different yet startlingly similar individuals who found joy for themselves in loving the other. Is that description sappy enough for you? I think they were both set-up as individuals who are good at heart, and thus it wasn't so surprising that when they had initial chemistry that they'd end up being drawn to one another on a deeper level.

I was initially very skeptical given the description of the plot. It seemed like such an odd set-up doomed to heartache, but it ultimately worked for the book and characters, and wasn't distracting or tragic like I'd feared, but rather sweet instead. It's certainly a "meet-cute" with elements I haven't encountered in other novels.

Also, like always, Grace Lennox does some wonderful and thrilling things with the way she uses language to block out scenes and set up vivid imagery. I liked how she characterized the police and their often uneasy but simultaneously protective relationship with the citizenry. This book also explored the distorting effects of money, particularly the barrier it can be to emotion, and the inevitable messiness of family and how fear on both sides of a conflict can inhibit real conversation and the living that must take place.

Certainly there are frustrations. But the author has managed to construct a story that is both very sexy and very sweet. It sometimes seemed slightly haphazard or random, filled with bizarre characters, but it was also filled with really interesting people who embodied the realities of both the best and the worst of people, living the theme that you never know the consequences of your actions, but they're often uncontrollable and unforeseen for good or ill, so you can ony do the best you can in the moment. Perhaps the overall point is unclear, and the title is a puzzle, but if you read this book you will likely enjoy it.

I would recommend this book on the strength of its writing, and the clarity of its destination, which allowed for enjoyment of the journey.

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