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by Janice Kay Johnson

  • ISBN: 0373718071
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Janice Kay Johnson
  • Subcategory: United States
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harlequin Superromance; Original edition (October 9, 2012)
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  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 788
Download No Matter What fb2

He had some rights here, didn’t he? Shit, yeah, he did. He tried to catch her between classes; she was as quick as a minnow in a lake, darting away.

He had some rights here, didn’t he? Shit, yeah, he did. After school-she never again made the mistake. of leaving without having surrounded herself with girlfriends first. Postdance-more friends, or else her mother or another girl’s mother was waiting in the car out front. Her phone never seemed to be on anymore, but he sent texts. Cant we talk? The only response he got was: When Im ready so quit stalking me. Sure. He sent back: Ill quit stalking when you talk

I never miss a Janice Kay Johnson book and haven’t for years. She creates strong characters in whom I believe and places them in situations that seem credible and prove to be character crucibles. Unfortunately, No Matter What was an atypical Johnson book

I never miss a Janice Kay Johnson book and haven’t for years. Unfortunately, No Matter What was an atypical Johnson book. I had a problem with the two perfect teens who become surly rebels, but the greatest problem was that the relationship between the hero and heroine felt convenient rather than compelling, and the solution to the teen pregnancy vastly I never miss a Janice Kay Johnson book and haven’t for years.

No Matter What Литагент HarperCollins EUR. Janice Johnson Ka. PS-I enjoy hearing from readers! Please contact me c/o Harlequin Books, 225 Duncan Mill Road,Toronto, ON M3B 3K9 Canada. Janice Johnson Kay. As a high school vice principal, Molly Callahan is used to being the one with all the solutions. Her teenage daughter's pregnancy has Molly questioning her own choices and unable to make the tough decisions.

Books by Janice Kay Johnson. HARLEQUIN SUPERROMANCE. The Hero’s Redemption. A Hometown Boy. Anything for Her. Her Amish Protectors. Where It May Lead. From This Day On. One Frosty Night.

253 Followers · Author. 458 Followers · Public Figure. Destiny Living Ministries. 891 Followers · Religious Organization. No, what mattered was that they were strangers. Strange men. However clinical the procedure-there was that word again-she would still be taking a part of him inside her. Her skin crawled at the idea. 998-HIS partner’s wife†. 1009-THE word of a child†. 1040-MATERNAL instinct†. 1092-THE gift of christmas. anthology with Margot Early & Jan Freed). But a frien. friend for whom she had no sexual feelings.

no matter what - phrasal : regardless of anything else wait there till I come back, no matter what no matter how/where/what/etc phrase used for saying that something is not important or will not have an effec. seful english dictionary. no matter what - 1. pronoun whatever; used to indicate that the speaker would do the same thing regardless of the options. No matter what they might try to, Ill look after you. 2. adverb definitely, under all and any circumstances. Ill love you no matter wha. Wiktionary. No Matter What - No Matter What Сингл Boyzone из альбома Wher. икипедия.

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As a high school vice principal, Molly Callahan is used to being the one with all the solutions. Not this time.Her teenage daughter's pregnancy has Molly questioning her own choices and unable to make the tough decisions. Figuring out what's right and wrong isn't so simple anymore, and now, more than ever, she needs someone to trust.Little does she expect that person to be Richard Ward. Their teenagers' dilemma has forced them to meet, but something much more powerful is pulling them together. This is hardly the time for Richard and Molly to think about themselves…yet she can't stop this attraction. Letting herself count on him is one thing. Letting herself fall for him? That's guaranteed to make things very complicated.
Reviews about No Matter What (7):
Great book. Exactly what I look for in this series of books. Johnson is an automatic buy for me, and this book did not disappoint. Two 30-something parents thrown together because their children are expecting a baby at painfully young ages (17 and (!!) 15). The topic is handled so well, with all options on the table in a realistic discussion. The love story between the adults is lovely, and nicely paced. They were attracted to each other before the baby bombshell, so nothing felt forced. And the adult love story was not secondary to the teenagers, which I feared. Could have done without the gotcha moment (read and find out), but oh well.

And Harlequin, don't know what you have against epilogues recently, but this book was made for one!
I love all of Janice Kay Johnson's books.She is a great writer,you just want to keep reading her books always.
Good story. I really like Janice Kay Johnson. I have read several of her books. Love finding new authors to read.
A wonderful author, not to be missed by anyone loving a good, well written story that holds a reader's interest.
Hott Synopsis:
Until recently, Molly's life with Cait has been a breeze. Molly may have been a single mom but they were a team and together things were great. Even being the vice-principal at her Cait's high school was easy for them.
Until Trevor.
As soon as Trevor graced the halls of Molly knew he was going to be a problem but little did she know how this one teenager could wreak havoc on everything she holds dear. What Cait will do for this troubled teen knows no bounds.
Molly's in over her head - then she meets Trevor's father & looses her balance...

Hott Review:
What I liked: Amazing! I absolutely loved this book! We always read books from the teen's side of the pregnant teen epidemic but how often do we really see & feel what the parents feel like. This book took me on that journey.
I was so emotional reading this! Ms. Johnson's writing amazingly brings you into this story and keeps you there until she's finished!
What I didn't like: There will be some readers that will have a lot of trouble with this book. There is frank talk about abortion, foul language, and blatant intimacy.
It was a very slow start & I almost stopped reading in the second chapter -- don't make that mistake!

Source: Harlequin via Netgalley
Grade: A+
Steam: Adult - with caveats
Molly is a 30 something Vice Principal at a high school that her 15 year old daughter goes to. Molly is not pleased that her daughter Caitlin is infatuated with 17 year old Trevor who has been causing trouble at school.

Things come to a head when Caitlin finds out that she is pregnant- forcing Molly and Trevor's father to come together to find out what is the best course of action for everybody involved. While doing this though they discover that there is a ton of chemistry between them as well.

All in all a very good book
What happens when the parents of two teenage soon to be parents fall in love? Well, this story tells you. I loved the story. It was original yet so possible. And it makes sense that the parents would fall for each other since they spent time together and forged a bond. The ending was good too.

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