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by Amanda Davis

  • ISBN: 0688167802
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Amanda Davis
  • Subcategory: Short Stories & Anthologies
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Rob Weisbach Books; 1st edition (June 1, 1999)
  • Pages: 191 pages
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  • Rating: 4.9
  • Votes: 598
Download Circling the Drain: Stories fb2

In 15 short stories, Amanda Davis takes the raw emotions of love and loss and throws them into surreal perspective. Circling the Drain reveals Amanda Davis as a skilled crafter of character and tone, and marks her as an author to watch for some time to come.

In 15 short stories, Amanda Davis takes the raw emotions of love and loss and throws them into surreal perspective. Sometimes the stories are explicitly fantastic and dreamlike, like the romance with the "boy who chased freight trains" in "Chase. From Publishers Weekly.

Dianne made nervous chitchat at first but Sarah was seventeen and having none of it. Listen, she said to her mother, laying a hand on her arm, it’s okay to be afraid. I know that, Dianne said. me but who’s the mother here? Sarah had the window seat. She watched the sky change and the land pass beneath them and thought of her black-haired boyfriend back in Virginia. She could picture him in his room, practicing the oboe, a green bandanna tied around his head

Circling the Drain book. Amanda Davis liked to flirt in her short stories. Details of characters and events are lightly brushed against your mind through the tales. It's a challenge to not get wrapped up in this book.

Circling the Drain book.

Circling the Drain: Stories. By turns dark and lyrical, ferocious and playful, these stories are precise, startling, and undeniably original. Circling the Drain - Amanda Davis. No one knew in the beginning, not even us. Enter into the worlds of fifteen young women who, despite their vastly different circumstances, seem to negotiate an eerily similar and unavoidably dangerous emotional terrain. Reading them is a cathartic, mesmerizing literary experience. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

Circling the drain : stories. Circling the drain : stories. by. Davis, Amanda, 1971-.

With a visceral bite or a surreal edge, each electrically charged story in Circling the Drain presents women .

With a visceral bite or a surreal edge, each electrically charged story in Circling the Drain presents women trying to understand the nature of loss-of leaving or being left-and discovering that in the throes of feverish conflict, things are rarely what they seem. Fiction Short Stories. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Amanda Davis (February 28, 1971 – March 14, 2003) was an American writer and teacher who died in a plane accident. In 1999, Davis published a series of short stories called "Circling the Drain". Four days prior to her death, Davis interviewed with Dawn Dreyer of Indy Week regarding her life.

by Amanda Davis With a visceral bite or a surreal edge, each electrically charged story in Circling the Drain presents women trying to understand the nature of loss-of leaving or being left-and.

A collection of stories plunges readers into the worlds of fifteen young women who must maneuver through unavoidably perilous emotional situations
Reviews about Circling the Drain: Stories (7):
These are miraculous stories, mostly, and the ones that are not quite perfect just make the reader mourn for losing Davis's future output. Her clear, often magical voice leads the reader through both Carveresque real life and Dahlesque fantasy (sometimes in the same story). You'll walk away happier, sadder, and with a sigh for what might have been.

Please get yourself this book. It's a gift from a wonderful talent.
Great book for a different kind of read.
I found this story collection to be compelling but uneven--maybe some judicious editing could've weeded out the weaker stories. That said, Davis had (yes, sadly, past tense) promising talent and we'll never get to see her more mature contributions to the form.
The art of the short story is a tricky one. You can either tell too much, and then you might as well write a novel, or you can tell too little and leave your readers scratching their heads, wondering what the heck just happened.

Davis falls right in the middle. Her surrealism is slight enough to warrant curiosity but not confusion. Her characters are introduced slowly, even if the story is only a few pages long. As a woman, you will understand at least one, if not more, of her female characters. We've all been there - whatever "there" is -- and we can understand the pain and the sadness her characters feel. Each character has a strength to them, even if it's one tiny strength out of 100 weaknesses, that will make you root for whatever it is the character has decided to do.

I am in awe by Davis' writing and saddened that her life was cut short years ago because I would be one reader who would gobble up each of her books as they came out.

She tells so much with so little, which is a style of writing I absolutely love.
Amanda Davis has created some very surreal, disarming and fanciful stories in Circling the Drain. The stories have elements of magic realism that make them literary and beautiful, but they are also quite vivid and heart wrenching with their messages of love and longing, of loss and despair in a wonderfully lyrical and undeniably nuance. My favorite stories are "Red Lights Like Laughter," "Faith or Tips for the Successful Young Lady," "The Visit," and "Prints." Each of these stories had touched me in unbelievable ways. Davis is one of the most talented writers out there and I look forward to reading more of her stuff. In the meantime, I cannot recommend Circling the Drain enough.
Short fiction doesn't get much better than this. Raw talent, just refined enough, not overpolished like yawn-inducing highbrow literary fiction. Some of the stories fathom the depths of sorrow, others are wry and surreal. Now and then Davis slips into sentimentality and schoolgirl daydreams, but the bite of stories like "Circling the Drain" and "Tips or Faith..." fully redeem. Tragic that we won't be given any more from her.
Davis is an eagle-eyed tourguide to the lives and souls of young people who feel 'more stuck than they ever had before' (to paraphrase the author). The stories are by turns melancholy and mordant, exciting and nuanced. Her unblinking gaze and velvety prose makes for an arresting map of 'stuck souls' and the often bizarre routes they take to see clearly or change their lives.
I happen to come across this book by chance a few years ago. It was on the end cap of a local book store. The cover caught my eye so I picked it up and looked inside. I'm glad I did! Amanda Davis had a very unique and expressive way with words. I still like to go back and re-read the short stories and enjoy them. I've highlighted phrases from the book such as "A lady thinks before speaking: ugly thoughts set free can never be recaptured". She is missed! This book will always be one of my favorites.

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