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  • ISBN: 0312866100
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Harold Robbins
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Forge; 1st Forge ed edition (December 1, 2000)
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HAROLD ROBBINS NEVER LEAVE ME Contents Title Page THE END AS THE BEGINNING Chapter One . The end as the beginning. IT was two-thirty when I got back to the office after lunch. My secretary looked up as I came through the door.

HAROLD ROBBINS NEVER LEAVE ME Contents Title Page THE END AS THE BEGINNING Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Si. Those contracts get here from the lawyer yet?

Never Leave Me has been added to your Cart. Harold Robbins (1916–1997) is one of the bestselling American fiction writers of all time, ranking 5th on the World’s Bestselling Fiction Author List just behind William Shakespeare and Agatha Christie.

Never Leave Me has been added to your Cart.

Your car is outside Mr. Rowan, he informed me. Thanks, I replied. I had called the garage before I left the office and told them to deliver the car by eight. I looked around the table. How about joining us for a ride out to the airport?. I think I’d better turn in. I’m tired. Thank you just the same, Mr. Rowan.

Never leave me – Harold Robbins

Never leave me – Harold Robbins. Fiction is more real than not and it is probably not written out of thin air. The idea is always born out of reality. It is interesting to accept or decline ideas surrounding us in the form of a story and Harold Robbins allows us just that. You can feel the truth of this story in the air around you and you’d probably be lying if you say that you have had no real acquaintance with a similar story be it your own or another’s. First published in 1954 as a paperback original by Avon Books, Never Leave Me is a curiosity in the Harold Robbins canon – along with Stiletto (1960) it’s probably the least-known Robbins book to be published during his lifetime.

In a Robbins novel, women were beautiful, wealthy and wanton; men were possessed of all the restraint of college freshmen, and .

The New York Times Ambitious and dynamic Brad Rowan comes to New York with a mission: make it big and do it fast. In this tale of greed, sensuality, and all-consuming blind ambition, Harold Robbins, author of The New York Times best-selling novel The Carpetbaggers, demonstrates once again why his books have sold over 750 million copies worldwide.

Harold Robbins (May 21, 1916 – October 14, 1997) was an American author of popular novels. Robbins was born Harold Rubin in New York City, the son of Frances "Fannie" Smith and Charles Rubin. His parents were well-educated Jewish emigrants from the Russian Empire, his father from Odessa and his mother from Neshwies, south of Minsk.

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Never Leave Me (1953). Born in 1916 in New York City, Harold Robbins was a millionaire by the time he was twenty. He lost his fortune by speculating on the price of sugar before the outbreak of World War II. Later, his fabulously successful career as a novelist, with many of his books turned into movies, would once again make him incredibly wealthy.

Harold Robbins Book Club: 477 участников. They are fantastic books. They take you on a motionless flight to heavenly clouds from where you can make judgments and see the world with a different perspective. Does anyone have a Harold Robbin book on PDF?? I have The Pirate on Pdf. Eddie Karlake Kalaky.

Nevada never changed. From the time I was five years old and I first saw him walking up to the front porch, he hadn't changed. My father never said yes or no to anything. The tight, rolling, bowlegged walk, as if he'd never got used to being off a horse, the tiny white weather crinkles in the leathery skin at the corner of his eyes. That was sixteen years ago. It was 1909. What can you do?" he asked. The man's smile remained expressionless.

Brad Rowan, a public relations counselor with a posh office on New York's Madison Avenue, has achieved the power and success he relentlessly has strived for, but in the process destroys the women in his life, in an uncut and uncensored hardcover edition of Robbins's classic novel. 75,000 first printing.
Reviews about Never Leave Me (7):
Mysterious Wrench
I first read this book when i was a teenager 45 years ago ,,, and re-reading it 45 years later I still loved his writing and style ... please bring back all his old "classics" they are masterpieces of an era and his style is very much copied all this time later and is rarely surpassed ... great book and a great writer and story-teller ...
Set in New York City in the early 1950's, "Never Leave Me" is about a man on the make, Brad Rowan, owner of a small, independent advertising firm. Brad is given the opportunity to go to work for a major steel company as their public relations executive at a tremendous increase in salary and perks. However, he finds the aggressive tactics and ethics of the CEO, Matt Brady, questionable, so he turns down the offer. This refusal is ironic, since Brad himself has exhibited many self-centered, unethical traits also. The book flits from scene to scene, with little character or plot development and little attention paid to detail. I was constantly wondering whether a day or month had passed between scenes. How did Brad manage to fall hopelessly in lust with Elaine Schuyler the moment he met her? Why does he instantly forget about his loving, devoted wife Marge? Why does Matt Brady set out to destroy Brad's business by forcing all his clients to cancel their contracts? Why does Brad's assistant Chris jump ship and go to work for Matt Brady? Although I know the setting was New York City in the 1950's, the references to women as dames and babes really wore on me. The steamy sex scenes were too graphic, and in some instances, physically impossible. This tale of "lust and greed" has no redeeming qualities other than its brevity (268 pages) and the fact that Brad eventually returns to his happy family.
A pretty depressing story but one that was focused on one theme: of loneliness and its consequential effects of infidelity. Very much like all of Robbins' books, you get a piercing glance up front, at the souls of ordinary men, their strengths and their flaws and what it means to be human. I think that is just pure awesomeness.
This was my first Harold Robbins novel. The story line was very interesting and really pulls you rapidly along. This is a reprint from the 1954 novel, with all the then censored scenes returned to the story, as the author originally intended to present the story. You will see why many of these were deleted from the novel in 1954! This is a wild ride of a story, filled with lust,sex,trust, betrayal and greed in many forms, and the attempt to see which of these drives people the strongest. One man's lust leads to a major collision with his family on one end and a business enemy on the other. A death is the only way out, yet no one sees this coming. This combination of ingredients is apparently classic "sexy" writing by Harold Robbins.
Brad Rowan is happily married and runs a successful business. Suddenly, he falls in love with beautiful young widow Elaine, and enrages steel tycoon Matt Brady by refusing his job offer. Brady (who happens to be Elaine's uncle), for some reason, sets out to destroy Brad's business.

The story is quite uninteresting and the characters are shallow, their motivations unclear. The translated version I read was obviously censored because it didn't include the graphic sex scenes that other reviewers refer to, but I doubt those missing sections would do make the book much more interesting. It's a quick read but uninteresting. Don't bother to search this one out.
Its surely a matter of personal opinion but I have
found this to be my favourite Harold Robbins novel. Although first published in the 1950s, it

remains just as captivating today. It is much less flash or overstated than his more contemporary

stories but consequently more subtle and character centred in its simple plot. Let it take you away on a rainy day.
A good story keeps d reader wanting to read more
I absolutely loved it. I have read almost all Harold Robbins book. I think that Never Leave Me is one of my favorites.

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