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by Denise Mina

  • ISBN: 0593051432
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Denise Mina
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Bantam Press; First Edition edition (September 4, 2007)
  • Pages: 352 pages
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  • Rating: 4.5
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Download The Last Breath fb2

Denise Mina signing books at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. The Last Breath (2007) – published as Slip of the Knife in America. Denise Mina talking with Ian Rankin at the Edinburgh International Book Festival (transcript and audio), 17 August 2006.

Denise Mina signing books at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Still Midnight (2009). Preceded by Mike Carey.

The Last Breath book. Really enjoyed this book

The Last Breath book. Really enjoyed this book. Reading Denise Mina, for we Glaswegians, has some of the same fascination as watching Taggart on TV. We’re always looking to notice the places we know – look, the victim lived in Lawrence St! But thankfully, Denise Mina’s writing is a lot better than the Taggart team’s acting. This is the third Paddy Meehan (a Glasgow journalist) story – though I hardly remember the others, they seem so long ago – and she has moved to Lansdowne Crescent in the West End. Ah the memories.

I have not come across the same potent mix of character, plot and soul elsewhere. Some of the lines are so sharp I’ve re-read them and paused, because reading such well crafted stories can’t be rushed.

Contents Cover About the Book About the Author Also by Denise Mina Dedication Title Page 1 Naked: 1990 2 Safe Home 3 Regal and Bru 4 Daily News 5 Callum.

Text cut off in gutter.

Meehan, Paddy (Fictitious character), Women journalists. Text cut off in gutter.

The Last Breath - Paddy Meehan (Paperback). Denise Mina (author)

The Last Breath - Paddy Meehan (Paperback). Denise Mina (author). 9 Added to basket.

By (author) Denise Mina. Another fine book from Mina, and in Paddy Meehan, she has created a touching and loving heroine" Sunday Telegraph show more. After a peripatetic childhood in Glasgow, Denise Mina left school at 16 before doing her law degree at Glasgow University. Her first novel, Garnethill, was published in 1998 and won the CWA John Creasey Dagger for Best First Crime Novel. She has published twelve novels including the Garnethill trilogy, the Paddy Meehan series and the Alex Morrow series.

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Denise Mina mimes putting in a pair of earbuds as she describes the pivotal plotline in her new novel – a true crime podcast. There is something very intimate about hearing the story told to you while you’re doing other things, she explains. It is this intimacy that Anna McDonald, the protagonist of Mina’s latest murder mystery Conviction, is craving.

The Field of Blood (Paddy Meehan 1), Mina, Denise, Used; Good Book. Good: A book that has been read, but is in good condition. Minimal damage to the book cover eg. scuff marks, but no holes or tears. The Last Breath (Paddy Meehan 3), Mina, Denise, Used; Good Book. The Last Breath (Paddy Meehan 3) by Mina, Denise Hardback Book The Cheap Fast. The Last Breath (Paddy Meehan 3),Denise Mina. If this is a hard cover, the dust jacket may be missing. Binding has minimal wear.

Paddy Meehan is home alone when there’s a knock at the door. It’s the police and they have bad news. Former boyfriend Terry Patterson’s naked body has been found in a ditch. He’s been tortured, hooded, then shot through the head: all hallmarks of an IRA assassination.Paddy is devastated: Terry was her first lover; the sort of journalist she’s always aspired to be. But why have the police come to her? Although she and Terry have had an on/off affair since they first worked together, she hasn’t seen him for over a year.She is therefore horrified to find that not only has Terry named her next of kin, but he has left her a huge Georgian house in Ayrshire and several suitcases full of notes.What was Terry trying to tell her? As Paddy begins her investigation into his death, she realizes that if the secret he was about to expose was worth killing for, she is next in line.
Reviews about The Last Breath (7):
The second book in the Paddy Meehan series has Paddy now in a junior reporter role in the early 1980's. A change in management at the paper causes turmoil, and Paddy knows she must perform or she may be out of a job. She has extra pressure on her, being the only member of her household that is currently employed. On one of her night shifts, she encounters a situation of possible domestic abuse where she is offered a bribe to go away and not report on the incident. The police also leave without making an arrest. When the next day she hears that the woman was murdered, and was a prominent lawyer, Paddy knows that there may be a story, but is worried about her position in the proceedings. She begins to investigate and connect the dots, and is pulled into a dangerous world of cocaine. She also begins a relationship with a police officer, causing further difficulties in her professional career when their relationship is leaked. Paddy is a complex character whose struggles draw you in to her world as she tries to balance commitments to family, religion, politics, and her love for journalism. Events near the end of the book leave Paddy in a predicament that presumably will be resolved in book 3.
There are great crime writers and there are writers that write about crime. Different goals, different outcomes. People who like light and fluffy wrapped in a candy wrapper will be sorely disappointed. Denise Mina doesn't do light and fluffy. Her books are more like a brisk punch in a gut followed with a bucketful of icy water, and all in a very good way. Paddy Meehan the heroine of her short series is a feisty, brave 21 year old journalist without any breaks. Whatever she got she earned and keeps earning it hard way. Glasgow 1984, city demolished with the monstrous politics of Mrs. Thatcher, people unemployed and humiliated and worse of all hopeless, desperately hopeless so many of them. Denise Mina with her sharp and merciless wit delivers character assessments as stark and to a point as an autopsy report. Not a word wasted or carelessly thrown for padding. Just the concentrated look at what makes us all tick wherever we might come from. Same wounds, same scabs, same lonely lives. The only difference is what we do with it.
Paddy is on the night-beat, trying to get a headline or two by following police calls. At a domestic disturbance complaint, a well dressed man appears at the door; his clothes are blood-spattered; he has a few words with the police and they quickly leave the scene. And then Paddy tries to speak with him. Suddenly, she realizes that a 50-quid note, "damp and pink with blood," has been pressed into her hand as the man quickly closes the door in her face. Paddy is excited about the money and leaves the scene with some reluctance; she'd caught a glimpse of a severely beaten woman in the room beyond the door. Later she'd learn that the woman had been tortured and murdered.

The 50-pound note makes Paddy think. WHY did the police walk away? Did she, Paddy, really accept a bribe to "go away" too, thereby abandoning a woman to a horrific death? And who knows about her bribe? And what should she do with the 50-quid note?

This is an intriguing set-up that starts one of the best Paddy stories.

I enjoy these stories set in Scotland, complete with its colloquialisms: "Aye," they add a "wee" bit of extra interest to the stories. And smart-talking Paddy is at her best in this one.

Plot twists plus dangerous and truly scary villains are here, and the danger is communicated to the reader. Edge-of-your-seat stuff.

Get this one and be ready to be chilled and thrilled!
The Dead Hour is the second Paddy Meehan book. Paddy is a junior reporter for a Glasgow newspaper. She's on the night shift. One night she goes to a house in a fancy neighborhood. Someone has called in a domestic disturbance. The police and Paddy leave without talking to the woman. The next day the woman is found bartered to death. Paddy feels responsible and sets out to find the killer. Great read.

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