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by Peter Lovesey

  • ISBN: 0316729450
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Peter Lovesey
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Little Brown & Co (February 3, 2005)
  • Pages: 368 pages
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  • Rating: 4.8
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First published in Great Britain in 2005. Shock horror! I had almost finished this book when I discovered that the Chichester Writers' Circle really exists.

First published in Great Britain in 2005. The shredder beckoned, but I took a deep breath and asked to attend a meeting and explain. After hearing a couple of chapters they were kind enough to say I should go ahead with publication.

Frankly, I'd much rather lie in a hot bath sucking boiled sweets and reading Agatha Christie, which is just exactly what I intend to do as soon as I get home. 1986) Hen said she was going to hang Naomi out to dry. 'I should have realised she's the interfering witch who's given us the runaround

Peter (Harmer) Lovesey (born 1936), also known by his pen name Peter Lear, is a British writer of historical and contemporary detective novels and short stories.

Peter (Harmer) Lovesey (born 1936), also known by his pen name Peter Lear, is a British writer of historical and contemporary detective novels and short stories. His best-known series characters are Sergeant Cribb, a Victorian-era police detective based in London, and Peter Diamond, a modern-day police detective in Bath. Lovesey was born in Middlesex, England, and attended Hampton Grammar School

Peter Lovesey The Circle 1 All writing is a process of elimination. Martha Albrand, quoted in Twentieth Century Crime Mystery Authors, ed. J. Reilly (1980) The night of the first murder

Peter Lovesey The Circle 1 All writing is a process of elimination. Reilly (1980) The night of the first murder. In a cottage on the Selsey Road the central heating had cooled and the floorboards were creaking. This cottage was stuffed with inflammable material. Even the filing cabinets were made of teak. The flames made green tongues of fire as they reacted with the cloth and the glue of the book bindings. In seconds, the shelves caught and glowed. Soon the wood was hissing.

Peter Lovesey is the author of 24 highly praised mysteries and has been awarded The Crime Writers’ Association’s Gold, Silver and Diamond Daggers, as well as many US honors. He lives in West Sussex, England.

Peter lovesey series: Inspector Hen Mallin Investigation

Peter lovesey series: Inspector Hen Mallin Investigation.

Praise for Peter Lovesey I have long loved Peter Lovesey’s books. A creative, courageous and gifted writer. Louise Penny Lovesey is a master of the crime novel. Lovesey is a wizard at mixing character-driven comedy with realistic-to-grim suspense. And in a writing career spanning four decades, he has created a stylish and varied body of work. The Wall Street Journal A treat. Lovesey’s restraint, wit, and charming cast ensure him a place in the winner’s circle.

Peter Lovesey was born in Middlesex and studied at Hampton Grammar School and Reading University, where he met his wife Jax. He won a competition with his first crime fiction novel, Wobble to Death. He won a competition with his first crime fiction novel, Wobble to Death, and has never looked back, with his numerous books winning and being shortlisted for nearly all the prizes in the international crime writing world. He was Chairman of the Crime Writers' Association and has been presented with Lifetime Achievement awards both in the UK and the US.

Reviews about Circle (7):
Police procedurals and mysteries are written with different plots, but maybe the most commonly used is the "someone-is-killed-and-the-suspects-are-part-of-a-group". And, of course, the book continues with more murders with the victim count rising and the suspect count going down. Finally, only a limited number of people are left to be murdered by a limited number of possible murderers!

That is the plot of British author Peter Lovesey's novel, "The Circle: A Hen Mallin Investigation". Mallin - who has appeared in several of the "Peter Diamond" novels, is highlighted in "The Circle" and a couple of others. She brings a feminine perspective to Lovesey's writing about crime solving that contrasts nicely to Peter Diamond's more masculine one. In "The Circle", Mallin is brought in to investigate a murder-by-arson of a small-time, crooked book publisher in Chichester. Someone has stuffed petrol-soaked rags through the mail slot of his thatch house, killing the man and destroying most of his house. The victim is quickly linked to a local "writing circle", where an interesting group of would-be authors gather to critique and help each others' writing.

Okay, if an author is going to use a "group" as victims/murderers, he or she should put together an interesting group of people. Peter Lovesey certainly does this in his book; the "writing circle" is filled with off-beat stereotypes one can assume live in an English town. And one by one the members fall victim to death-by-fire. Several possible murderers are eliminated by Hen Mallin and her group by because they actually had alibis for the times of the murders. Finally, though good police work, the murderer is found and the "writing circle" - quite a bit smaller - resumes its meetings.

Peter Lovesey does an excellent job creating interesting characters. The reader is sympathetic to the victims, and even the murderer is somewhat sympathetic. He highlights Hen Mallin and her fellow officers as they try to solve the crime. The book is a very good read.
First Sentence: The night of the first murder.

At the urging of his daughter, amateur poet Bob Naylor joins a local writers circle. At the previous meeting, the group was addressed by a vanity-press publisher who’d come to critique their work; some favorably, most not. The publisher is killed in an arson fire and Maurice, the group’s leader, becomes the prime suspect. Because Bob is new and not a suspect, he is recruited to prove Maurice’s innocence, almost losing his own life in the process. Because the local police aren’t making any progress, Inspector Henrietta Mallin is sent in to solve the case.
Now here’s an opening to capture one’s attention. I definitely compels you want to read on. Lovesey writes wonderful dialogue with a very natural flow and a fine element of subtle humor…”Come and meet the chair.” “Why? Is it special?” “Chairman.” “Ah.”

The members of the writing circle are a true delight and so recognizable. One can’t help but like Bob and he holds the first portion of the story together very well. One does appreciate the cameo of Peter Diamond as a segue to introducing Insp. Mallin. That said, “Hen” Mallin is a very memorable protagonist being a cigar-smoking, no-nonsense character.

“The Circle” is an unusual police procedural, but very cleverly plotted with plot twists, plenty of suspects and very good red herrings. It’s somewhat reminiscent of “Midsomer Murders” and definitely keeps one involved right to the end.

THE CIRCLE (Pol Proc - Insp. Henrietta Mallin - Chichester, England - Contemp) - VG
Lovesey, Peter – 1st in series
Soho Crime – June 2005
A great entry in the series, though I wouldn't recommend it to someone who's not already familiar with Hen. Knowing that she'll be taking over affects the reading of the 40% of the book before she appears. Not that readers know that much about her, just that she's tough and smart. Her best recommendation is that Diamond approves of her.
I've read and enjoyed Lovesey's first 6 Peter Diamond books so I thought I'd give the Hen Mallin series a try. While I perfer Peter Diamond as the lead character, the book was very readable and held my interest throughout.
Not as much fun as the Peter Diamond series but it is getting there. Hen is an interesting person but not nearly as fleshed out as Peter.
Try it, you will like it.
Not as good as the Peter Diamond series but still a nice British detective novel one cannot put down but has to finish.
Great characters, interesting seaside setting, usual surprise ending. I always learn a lot from Lovesey mysteries, especially contemporary English language and life.

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