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by Nick Spalding

  • ISBN: 1477492720
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Nick Spalding
  • Subcategory: Humor & Satire
  • Other formats: rtf lit doc lrf
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 17, 2012)
  • Pages: 154 pages
  • FB2 size: 1470 kb
  • EPUB size: 1563 kb
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 538
Download Life... On A High fb2

This is the second book from Nick Spalding, the bestselling author of the smash hit comedies Fat Chance & Love... From Both Sides.Nick Spalding is back... and this time he's airborne!By popular demand (and because those counselling sessions won't pay for themselves) Nick returns in the sequel to Life... With No Breaks - with a new collection of larger-than-life, and horrifically exaggerated anecdotes, stories and asides.This time he's writing at 40,000 feet... and what better way is there to kill forty eight hours on a round trip to Australia than holding another conversation with you?Sit back - don't worry, we're in Business Class so the seats are comfortable - put your feet up, and laugh out loud as Nick wends his merry way through a plethora of subjects, including age, hobbies, crime, dating the wrong women and pretending to be a banana (among many other things).After you've read Life... On A High, you may never look at the rest of the world the same way again!***Reviews for Nick Spalding & Life... On A High:'Spalding made headlines last year when Amazon revealed he was one of their best selling authors, selling over 400,000 copies on Kindle. It was obviously only a matter of time before someone snapped him up.' The Daily Mail.'Spalding is literally a comedy genius.' Chick Lit Reviews & News'Nick Spalding managed to make me laugh until my sides hurt and I had tears running down my face.' Shaz's Book Boudoir Blog'Absolutely hilarious.' Fabulous Magazine, The Sun'Downright hilarious.' Closer Magazine'I can only imagine that Nick has a team of elves working through the night on his books - how else can one person write a book as funny as this in forty-eight hours? I am going to have to rethink the way I write...' Stephen Leather, best selling author
Reviews about Life... On A High (7):
This is a sequel to Spalding's very popular book LIFE...WITH NO BREAKS, which was written in one non-stop session. Now he has been sent to Australia on business and decides to write a second book on the flights out and back. Due to his need to explain the premise, the book takes longer to get off the ground than the plane does. Be patient! Once you get to the Yellow Waders, you will be richly rewarded.

I don't want to spoil the story, but it involves an ill-fated fishing trip with his diamond-in-the-rough (very rough!) former father-in-law and his suck-up former brother-in-law. If the book ended with the scene where our hero floats down river helpless in the grip of his huge, water-filled waders, I would consider it worth the price. But there's more.

Spalding bills himself as a guy who can't seem to write anything serious, but he's selling himself short. An intelligent man closing in on forty with a failed marriage behind him and a son to help raise and a new relationship to hang onto has lots of serious thoughts and he shares them. He just puts some belly laughs in the empty spaces so he can call himself a comic writer.

As he is cruising through the skies to OZ (and back) he muses about his marriage, his relationship with his son, his new girlfriend, his addiction to the video game CALL OF DUTY, moronic "safety" regulations, the watering down of the justice system, and the 24-hour news channels that must turn molehills into mountains to fill airtime. The same stuff the rest of us think about, but he's funnier. I hope he keeps producing these stream of consciousness works of art. I really enjoy them.
I had read Bricking It, Fat Chance, and Mad Love prior to reading the Life... books and enjoyed them. For an author who seems to want his audience to like him and to be constant listeners, he makes it clear that if you are fat, Christian, and/or American, you aren’t really worth his time. Frankly, I can typically find ways to relate to a book even when the authors ideals differ from my own. I can certainly relate to finding myself in uncomfortable, but comical situations. While I had every intention of purchasing and reading every one of Nick Spalding’s books, Life... on a High left a bitter taste in my mouth. I won’t be purchasing anymore of his books.
After reading Life... With No Breaks, I happily bought Nick's new book knowing that it would be more of the same. And it didn't disappoint! More funny stories, more embarrasing incidents, more insights into Nick's life, universe and everything... and some interesting tidbits of his love life too.
Bits that stand out - the yellow waders, the gnomes and the reporter, his time as a banana and the exploits in the world of internet dating. But its also the fact that he shares the messiness of life with us... the bits that make up the difference between the smooth, collected image that we all want to project to the ouside world, and how things are actually happening.
And I have to mention this bit... I'm in it!! Nick asked us to send him questions that he could write about, and mine got in through the long and strict selection process... How cool is that. But I would have loved the book anyway, even if he had cruelly rejected me..
I found this lacking after reading one of his others first.
This is a great book! It's part of a series of three books, so make sure to get all three because you'll want to launch into the next book as soon as you're done with the first!
Spalding is hilarious always good read
greed style
Very funny.
Nicholas Spalding is very funny! I have read all of his books and this one is great! He really tells it like it is. I like his down to earth sense of humor and his writing is witty. This is a quick, fun read for a weekend.

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