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by William Attaway

  • ISBN: 0385425422
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: William Attaway
  • Subcategory: History & Criticism
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Anchor; 1st edition (December 19, 1992)
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Download Blood on the Forge fb2

After Blood on the Forge, Attaway began to write songs, screenplays, and books about music. William Attaway often kept the main themes of his writing about racial and ecological crisis, especially in his novel Blood on the Forge.

After Blood on the Forge, Attaway began to write songs, screenplays, and books about music. His main works include Calypso Song Book and Hear America Singing. Attaway and Irving Burgie co-wrote the famous song "Day-O" (Banana Boat Song) for calypso singer Harry Belafonte. In the 1950s, Attaway began to write for radio, TV, and films. In Blood on the Forge, Attaway depicts the hardship of the black community during The Great Migration, which Attaway experienced firsthand when his family moved to Chicago, Illinois, in 1916.

William Attaway (1911–1986) was born in Mississippi, the son of a physician who moved his family to Chicago to escape the segregated South. Attaway was an indifferent student in high school, but after hearing a Langston Hughes poem read in class and discovering that Hughes was black, he was inspired with an urgent ambition to write. Rebelling against his middle-class origins, Attaway dropped out of the University of Illinois and spent some time as a hobo before returning to complete his college degree in 1936.

t will ad. new and better knowledge of American civilization. The reality that Attaway depicts is not beautiful, but it is none the less moving and human for that. William Attaway (1911–1986) was born in Mississippi, the son of a physician who moved his family to Chicago to escape the segregated South.

Blood on the Forge was first published in 1941, when it attracted the admiring attention of Richard Wright and Ralph Ellison.

This brutally gripping novel about the African-American Great Migration follows the three Moss brothers, who flee the rural South to work in industries up North. Delivered by day into the searing inferno of the steel mills, by night they encounter a world of surreal devastation, crowded with dogfighters, whores, cripples, strikers, and scabs. Blood on the Forge was first published in 1941, when it attracted the admiring attention of Richard Wright and Ralph Ellison.

Blood on the Forge book. William Attaway co-wrote The Banana Boat Song and looking in the Calypso singer's eyes you might feel the resentment behind the smile and the maracas. He wrote this novel, his last of just two, before Day-O. There's labor and strife and music; but blues here

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After "Blood on the Forge", Attaway began to write songs, screenplays, and books about music (Jacobs). Jacobs, Nancy N. William Attaway. The Mississippi Writers and Musicians Project at Starkville High School. Starkville High School. Some of his main works included "Calypso Song Book" and "Hear America Singing". William also wrote the famous song Day-O Banana Boat Song for his friend Harry Belafonte. In the 1950s, he began to write for radio, TV, and films.

First published in 1941, this is a scalding, uncompromising novel of the Great Migration and its impact on the Southern black man.  With a new introduction by Nicholas Lemann, author of the award-winning The Promised Land: The Great Black Migration And How It Changed America.
Reviews about Blood on the Forge (7):
Blood on the Forge tells the story of three brothers: Melody, who finds the music in every place and situation; Chinatown, who finds the humor; and Big Mat, a relentless worker who studies the Bible and tries to find an elusive inner peace. They work as sharecroppers in Kentucky, accustomed to poverty and racism, until circumstances brought on by Big Mat's quick temper compel their move to Pennsylvania, where they take jobs in a steel mill. Poverty is replaced by dangerous grueling labor that leaves them too exhausted to spend their wages on anything except alcohol, gambling, and whores. Racism is replaced by class division as black steelworkers join new immigrants from Ireland and Italy and Middle Europe, all viewed with disdain by those who inhabit the big houses overlooking the mill. By the novel's end, that conflict is defined by the workers' attempt to organize a union and by the owners' resort to violence to suppress that effort -- leaving the brothers caught in the middle of the conflict, and to some extent divided by it.

Although racism and class struggle are important themes in the novel, the story is about much more than that. If is fundamentally the story of three very different brothers, bonded by family ties and shared lives, but torn apart by their unique experiences. Chinatown must cope with injuries inflicted by hot steel, leaving him feeling less than whole. Big Mat must cope with his own feelings of inadequacy, his inability to give the Mexican woman who moves in with him the moneyed lifestyle that she craves, a feeling he can only overcome with the sense of power he derives from violent behavior. As he struggles to find his music, Melody must cope with the desire he feels for the woman who is living with Big Mat, and with the secret he learns about her.

Attaway tells the story from the perspectives of the brothers, using language that is eloquent in its simplicity. The story is powerful, sad and moving, unforgettable. At the end of the fast moving novel I literally said "Wow."
The time frame of the three brothers near feudal existence in Kentucky and their exodus to the steel mills is mind boggling. The stark conditions, brutality, lack of safety controls in the steel mills and the ever present possibility of disability or death in an accident is truly unsettling. Their lives were nasty, brutish and short.
Book came on time and without any complications/damage. Excellent read as well!
Gives a good understanding of the sharecropping system and it's downfalls and abuse. Also the attempts by Northern factory owners to divide the labor force and break up unions
A gripping and tragic tale of three brothers who face the violent oppression of the jim-crow South and the hyper exploitation of the industrial North, Blood on the Forge is an important novel and a neglected classic.
If you want to know what life was like for the Black men and women who migrated north to Chicago and other industrial towns in search of work outside the dead-end of Dixie agriculture in the 1920's, this is for you. It is a grim picture, indeed.
Looked just like photo.
I was very happy to receive this book in good condition because it is a classic and I wanted a good copy for my collection of novels I wish to keep. My favorite English professor is teaching it this semester, and though I'm not in school, I will do the readings to keep up with the class.

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