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by Christa Faust

  • ISBN: 1844163814
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Christa Faust
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
  • Other formats: mobi lit lrf mbr
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Games Workshop; First Thus edition (July 11, 2006)
  • FB2 size: 1870 kb
  • EPUB size: 1318 kb
  • Rating: 4.1
  • Votes: 319
Download Snakes on a Plane fb2

its an okay book and is kindda scary if tou like snakes on a plane movie youll like this book.

its an okay book and is kindda scary if tou like snakes on a plane movie youll like this book. After the horrible mess Christa Faust made of her Nightmare On Elm Street book, DREAMSPAWN, the last thing I intended to read was another media tie-in by her. But I'd been looking forward to this movie for a while, and when I found myself in the bookstore with a few hours to kill, I decided there couldn't be any harm in reading this.

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Snakes on a Plane is a 2006 American action thriller film directed by David R. Ellis and starring Samuel L. Jackson. It was released by New Line Cinema on August 18, 2006, in North America.

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2006) A novel by Christa Faust

2006) A novel by Christa Faust. Young Hawaiian surfer Sean Jones's simple life is turned upside-down when he witnesses a brutal murder. Similar books by other authors.

Snakes on a Plane is a 2006 film about snakes attacking passengers on a plane. Directed by David R. Ellis. Written by John Heffernan, David Dalessandro, and Sebastian Gutierrez. Starring Samuel L. Enough is ENOUGH! I have had it with these motherfuckin' snakes on this motherfuckin' plane! Everybody strap in! I'm about to open some fuckin' windows. Sean: So, how long you been working with him?

His first two drafts were about one poisonous snake getting loose on a plane. Jackson read in the trades that Ronny Yu was directing a movie called Snakes on a Plane.

His first two drafts were about one poisonous snake getting loose on a plane. After seeing Aliens, he realized he needed to have a lot more snakes and that they needed to be a deadly breeds like the Australian taipan. In 1995, the script was offered up to all 30 Hollywood studios-and all of them said no. Four years later, Craig Berenson-an executive at d the script and pitched the idea to his colleagues over margaritas. And he said, 'Poisonous snakes get loose on an airplane.

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Sean Jones, escorted by an FBI agent, is on a plane to Los Angeles to testify as a murder witness against a Los Angeles gang member, who has secretly placed a crate containing dangerous snakes on the plane.
Reviews about Snakes on a Plane (7):
The movie is guaranteed to become the cult classic of the year, and if this book is an indicator, it's going to have people squirming in their seats come August 16, 2006.

Herpetologists are going to be squirming with glee at the concept of an airplane besieged by some of the rarest, deadliest snakes in the world, lovingly described in this book by color, size, venom, fangs and rattle.

Animal lovers are going to be squirming in outrage. Yes, I'm afraid to say that many snakes were harmed at least virtually and/or in print during the filming and writing of this pulp-noir-horror-action outrageously campy thriller. To add insult to injury, the snakes are all hopped up and out of their tiny little cold-blooded minds on pheromones. (Owners of handbag sized yappy Chihuahuas won't be very happy either.)

Readers of classic works of fiction are going to squirm at the comic book intensity of this book, where the author keeps piling on the ridiculous dialogue, plot contrivances, cartoon characters of every possible stereotype and of course snakes - lots of snakes.

Apologies for bringing up Paris Hilton here, but she's everywhere already, including in this book. Paris would squirm if she were to read this book (big stretch here), but it also gives equal treatment to rap stars and their bodyguards, animal activists, martial arts practitioners, male flight attendants, kids from broken homes, pregnant women, nursing mothers, gangsters, rock musicians, extreme sports aficionados, computer industry executives, FBI agents, Mary Kate and Ashley, and more. (They didn't leave anyone out)

Fanboys and girls won't be able to sit still while reading this book.

People who hate snakes are just going to squirm - period.

Basically, the story is about a slacker surfer dude from Hawaii who witnesses a murder while out joyriding on his 2006 Yamaha TT-R125E Off Road dirt bike (gratuitous product placement plug here) The Feds need him to testify against the rich, spoiled, ruthless, bad guy gangster, and so they have to get him to the mainland in one piece.

They commandeer the entire first class section of a commercial airplane after cleverly using an FBI jet as a decoy, not realizing that their deluxe cover has already been blown. The bad guys can't let the kid testify, and as they just happen to have access to a large collection of brainwashed exotic venomous snakes and some orchids, they make do with what they have.

The major part of the book is devoted to the passenger list, but I've already given you a list of the stereotypes on board, so we won't go there again. The action builds as the snakes escape their flowery prison, slithering their way through the various little tunnels, ducts and shafts of the airplane. (If you've seen Flightplan, you'll know that there are lots of hiding places on a plane) The survivors battle the never-ending variety of creepy crawlies, throwing up barricades of hand luggage and using whatever weapons they can fabricate at short notice. At one climatic point, a gargantuan twenty-foot Burmese python crashes through a bulkhead light. (Yeah! THAT'S what I'm talking about - that could really happen!)

It goes without saying that by the time we get close to the end of the flight, all the pilots and flight deck crew are incapacitated or otherwise engaged, and SOMEBODY'S gotta land the plane. To quote from the book "Copy that, Hula one two one ..... Welcome to Los Angeles." (The last couple of chapters are too hokey and maudlin for comment, so you can forget them completely.)

If you're entertained by totally ridiculous stuff, you'll love this book, and may already be waiting in line for your movie tickets.

Amanda Richards, August 2, 2006
I just received this book today. I bought it used for a penny, plus shipping, and it looks good.
The cover has a small spot missing and the spine is mildly creased.
Its pages are a little yellowed, but crisp and clean otherwise.
I've started reading and find Faust's writing style pleasing.
There's lots of detail and back story. I'm enjoying it.
I read this book on a recent flight to Florida and was instantly engrossed in the plot and characters. The story is a little far-fetched and campy, but one can't help wondering "what if" with a plot like this one. Deadly snakes loose on an airplane full of passengers flying from Hawaii to Los Angeles at night. For anyone who doesn't like to fly or is afraid of snakes, this book will surely make you more than a little uncomfortable. I found myself unable to put the book down and actually resented the intrusion of the landing in Florida.

Be prepared to lose track of time and give up some sleep when you pick this book up. It's a keeper!
Christa Faust's writing contains sharp dialoge and insightful observations of human character, and makes even this story interesting.
its an okay book and is kindda scary if tou like snakes on a plane movie youll like this book
Now let's face it, media/tie-in/novelization novels are poorly regarded in the publishing world. Frankly they are considered hack work, done for money in-between other works. 99.99% of them just recreate the scenes/dialog of the movie. Adding nothing. Generic writing in other words.

But that doesn't mean they all have to be bad. And in some cases, they can be great! I used to read a lot of these in the days before DVDs, heck, in the days before the home video market. Novelizations of movies were the only way to relive a movie once it left theaters and was 2-3 years from television. The first one I read that was a cut above was the adaptation of The Abyss by Orson Scott Card. Not surprising considering who wrote it.

But Snakes On A Plane is, without a doubt, the best movie novelization to date. Period. And it won a SCRIBE AWARD!

Christa Faust is a rising star in the publishing world and I urge you to snag a copy of this book (and her other work) before she hits the big time and her books simply disappear off shelves, ebay, the internet, etc. She's that good.

Why buy a movie novelization? Why buy this novelization? Good questions. The answer: Faust's style, great pacing and she single-handedly breathes life into characters, which in the movie, are just fodder for the snakes. She gives them ALL in-depth character traits and back stories. She fleshes them out in a way I have never seen it done in past books of this kind. And all of this background material, which she creates from whole cloth, is interesting, diverse, captivating. If you are a fan of the movie, you'll never look at the passengers the same way again when you view the DVD. You will know who these people are and you'll care about them. As colorful as they are on screen, they are soon snake bait. But in this great book, they become real.

Plus her style is just great! Fast paced, funny, kinetic... Faust can do it all.

For Black Flame she has written Nightmare On Elm Street, Jason, Final Destination and Twilight Zone novels as well as this extraordinary Snakes adaptation. I'm looking forward to reading them all. As well as anything else she's written that I can get my hands on.

All movie novelizations should be this good. Don't miss it.
I was pleasantly surprised at book. Usually books following a movie aren't the best but this one was great. The character development was very impressive. I liked the many different people portrayed along with a little background on each. There is a definite feeling of knowing these people & caring what happens to them - good or bad. It is reading for pure pleasure, nothing deep or too radical in any way. A great story on a long plane trip!!!

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