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by Brian Garfield

  • ISBN: 0449227472
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Brian Garfield
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Fawcett; Reissue edition (January 12, 1976)
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  • Rating: 4.3
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Download Hopscotch fb2

Hopscotch Brian Garfield A MysteriousPress Hopscotch. Open Road Integrated Media ebook.

Hopscotch Brian Garfield A MysteriousPress. com Open Road Integrated Media ebook For Henry hopscotch, n. A children’s game in which a player moves a small object into one compartment of a rectangular diagram chalked on the pavement, then hops on one foot from compartment to compartment without touching a chalk line, and picks up the object while standing on one foot in an adjacent compartment. To crush or stamp out, as something dangerous; to injure.

Open Road Integrated Media ebook

Open Road Integrated Media ebook. hopscotch, n.

Brian Francis Wynne Garfield was an American novelist and screenwriter. He wrote his first published book at the age of eighteen and wrote several novels under such pen names as "Frank Wynne" and "'Brian Wynne" before gaining prominence when his book Hopscotch (1975) won the 1976 Edgar Award for Best Novel. He is best known for his 1972 novel Death Wish, which was adapted for the 1974 film of the Brian Francis Wynne Garfield was an American novelist and screenwriter.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Since being forced into retirement by the CIA, Miles Kendig had tried everything in an effort to satisfy his hunger for excitement

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Since being forced into retirement by the CIA, Miles Kendig had tried everything in an effort to satisfy his hunger for excitement. But he could not recreate the ultimate conflict of life or death with no rules.

Hopscotch is a 1975 novel by Brian Garfield, in which a CIA field officer walks . Hopscotch (disambiguation) - Hopscotch is a simple children s schoolyard game.

The book came out during the period of the Church Committee Congressional investigations of the Intelligence community in the mid-1970s. Hopscotch may also refer to:In literature: Hopscotch (Julio Cortázar novel) Hopscotch (Brian Garfield novel) Hopscotch, a novel by Kevin J. AndersonIn other uses: Hopscotch (film), a fil.

Myerson beside him took off his hat, wiped the inside hatband and then his forehead where the hat had welted a red dent. Then he looked at the hat. That’s appropriate. What is? hat in my hand. Myerson winced and blubbered his heavy lips around an exhalation. He patted his stomach. I’m back on the cottage cheese and salad number. I envy you wiry bastards. The secretary kept them waiting a while and then they were granted their audience with the Assistant Director of the FBI, a trim sandy man named Tobin in the regulation seersucker.

Brian Garfield (1939-2018) is the author of numerous suspense/adventure novels. His novel Hopscotch won the 1976 Edgar Award for best novel, and was adapted into a film with Walter Matthau. His exepertise as a writer resulted in his being published in such diverse fields as romance, gothic, westerns, adventure, mystery, suspense, crime, history, film, and theatrical plays. Some 20 million copies of his books have been sold. And two other novels, Wild Times and Relentless, were made into TV movies.

Since being forced into retirement by the CIA, Miles Kendig had tried everything in an effort to satisfy his hunger for excitement. But he could not recreate the ultimate conflict of life or death with no rules, the experience of pitting himself against the enemy with no holds barred.Despite his bitterness at being shelved by the CIA, Miles was still scrupulously American--so when he found himself tempted by an offer from the Russians, he realized the time had come for him to put up or give up.Miles has been waiting, carefully planning, for years--and, finally, he's ready. By threatening to expose the espionage secrets of the major powers, he set himself up as the quarry of an international manhunt. Now he would either prove to himself that after twenty-five years of playing the game he was still a winner, or he would meet his death at the hands of younger men.
Reviews about Hopscotch (7):
Bored in retirement and desperate to get back "in the game," a former CIA agent writes an expose that sends agencies from several governments after him.

I read this because I enjoyed the convoluted storyline in the movie (starring Walter Matthau and Glenda Jackson). For a change, the movie was better than the book. Kendig is NOT a sympathetic character here, he's simply looking for a way to feel alive again and uses people relentlessly. (Ross, on the other hand, is possibly the most sympathetic character in the book, instead of the ten-thumbed doofus from the movie.) The events in the book aren't always logical; surprises in a plot are always a plus, but the reader should be able to look back and say "oh yes, of COURSE." That was missing from the book and delightfully prevalent in the movie. (Garfield co-wrote the screenplay and I have a feeling he realized some of the book's weaknesses and took the chance to improve on them.) The role of Isobel in the movie always baffled me, she doesn't really contribute anything to the story and I have no idea why a talented actress like Glenda Jackson would take the role in the first place. The character is completely missing from the book. The book ending was reasonable if somewhat grisly, but Cutter's and Ross' reactions left me wondering what left field they were in. I can't see anyone but hard-core spy fans really enjoying this book and can't rate it better than "okay."
Garfield is capable of great, which is what I thought of Paladin (though from what I have read, including his website, I'm not sure he thinks). This is the second book of his I've read and I thought it was okay. I can think of many better ones. The plot, the adventure was fine, but I didn't think the characters were all that interesting. Was the ending as interesting as it could be? Maybe not. In a sense, it was anti-climatic, but not unsatisfying. I can't say it was any better than your run of the mill spy novel.

Others have given a synopsis. I'll add only this -- it is the existential teasing of the powers that be by a spiritually burned out but still very potent American spy and those not quite as good at his craft as he is, who work for them. It was worthwhile reading, but, in a year I will not remember Kendig the way I remember Bourne, Quiller, Rapp or Bond. He was too bored and prosaic.
If this book doesn't hold your interest then I don't know what will.

A movie was made years ago starring Walter Mathau based on this book. The movie was great and definitely entertaining but this book is better.

Hope Miles lives a long and prosperous life. He deserves it.
It starts off slow and that almost doomed it for me, I wanna Normandy invasion from the git-go, but it found its legs quickly and sprinted to the end. The action is terrific and the collisions with the CIA and FBI are clever and fun but the reason for the vendetta is lame and couldn't last forever. So Miles hadda pull the plug on the game, and how he did it was equally lame. I woulda stuffed my pockets with money and vanished NOT burn half the money in a ruse that fooled no one.

Its a fun read and better than many of its kind.
This was well written but I never cared much about any of the characters. The details on how Kendig pulled off his escapes was very interesting.
I read this book many years ago and it has always been one of my favorites. I also saw the movie. My memory combined both so I had some surprises as I re-read it. I hadn't been doing much fiction reading lately and decided this would be a good way to return. I was not disappointed! I was surprised to fine that the Kindle version cost several times the cost of my original paperback. Still it was worth the cost.
Excellent novel, as virtually all of Brian Garfield's novels are - this one is no exception. Movie with Walter Matthau follows book fairly closely but enough variation exists to make the book purchase worthwhile - and the book is as good as the movie, in my opinion! Well worth the purchase price!
What's an old dog do when he is forced to retire? Disrespect from blundering former colleagues gives rise to a great story

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