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by Stephanie Johnson

  • ISBN: 0974363642
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Stephanie Johnson
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Urban (June 1, 2004)
  • Pages: 296 pages
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  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 682
Download She's Got Issues fb2

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She's Got Issues book.

Well written and charming, this page-turner follows the lives of Sinclair and Aliette - two women who become unlikely friends in the oddest set of circumstances. When Sinclair finds out her husband has been cheating on her, she's devastated, but even more shocking is that she soon finds herself becoming firends with one of the women her husband has bedded, Alliette.

SHE'S GOT ISSUES is the perfect Chick-lit book. It's light and frothy, filled with unusual characters, free flowing thoughts on every subject and it finishes with a happy ending. This book is exclusively for die hard, to-die-for chick-lit lovers. This item: She's Got Issues. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

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Divorcing her husband due to his infidelity, Sinclair befriends one of her ex-husband's lovers in an attempt to ruin her life, but when an unlikely bond forms between them, Sinclair must decide what is more important--revenge or friendship. Original.
Reviews about She's Got Issues (7):
Whew Lawd is all I can say after reading this book! Talk about issues, this book contains probably the biggest one of all. What would you do ladies, if your man was cheating on you and you happened to come in contact with the woman who ruined your relationship? Would you react immediately or would you bide your time for the right opportunity to react?

Meet Sinclair, a woman scorned and Aliette, a woman who has many issues including sleeping with married men. Not what I expected just by glancing at the title, She?s Got Issues is a well-written expos? on the feelings experienced in a relationship where infidelity has occurred.

There are mental issues for both women, but that?s expected when dealing with a broken heart. While reading, I went through anger with Sinclair, hurt and pain, and the desire to destroy Aliette?s life in the same manner in which Aliette destroyed hers. That?s keeping it real to me. Sinclair is probably the only true friend Aliette has. Aliette isn?t able to maintain a healthy relationship with anyone, not family, not friends, nor men, so Sinclair is her savior in many respects. Certainly she isn?t able to view this in their relationship, but as the book is so aptly titled, She?s Got Issues.

Through the plot twists is an interesting and captivating read. Readers will find themselves wondering what is going to happen next. At every turn of the page, something subtle but necessary to the plot occurs which makes this book hard to put down. Torn between the two characters, the reader becomes intimately involved and to me that is what makes a dynamic story.

Dealing with infidelity, and the journey to discover ones true self, this book is power packed. Stephanie Johnson has a book that she can be proud of. Urban Books has a book they can be proud of, Carl Weber-keep doing your thing.
What would you do if you got the chance to take revenge on the woman that slept with your husband? Would you take it? Would you befriend her? Or would you just walk away?
Sinclair had the perfect marriage or so she thought. When an anonymous delivery of photos of her husband in compromising positions with two other women rock her entire foundation she is devastated. In the midst of all her pain she has a chance encounter with Aliette, who happens to be one of the women in the picture. Seizing the opportunity to plot her sweet revenge Sinclair befriends Aliette with every intention of ruining her life. She finds out that sometimes you have to forgive and forget.
Aliette doesn't know a good thing when it's staring her in the face. She is engaged to a man that adores her but she can't seem to remember that. After being forgiven for a string of indiscretions she is still trying to get that one last fling in before she walks down the aisle. Having very few people to talk to she has made Sinclair her confidante. But she is in for a big surprise.
In She's Got Issues we learn the valuable lesson that sometimes in order to move ahead we have to let go of the past. Stephanie Johnson writes about a subject that no married woman ever wants to go through but so many have. With major drama and a real message, She's Got Issues may be one you might want to pick up twice.
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Angie Pickett-Henderson
"Revenge is sweet, but even sweeter when served by the hands of another," is what Sinclair Welch was told by her mother while growing up. After receiving evidence of her husband's indiscretions with not one, but two women, she disregards her mother's words and takes matters into her own hands.

As chance would have it, Aliette Pearly walks into Sinclair's life at a vulnerable moment. Sinclair recognizes her as one of the women who ruined her marriage and sets her plan for revenge in motion. Sinclair befriends her with the ulterior motive of ruining her, but with Aliette's destructive behavior and troubled past, she may self-destruct.

Stephanie Johnson has penned a drama-filled novel that could put any daytime soap opera to shame. SHE'S GOT ISSUES is a sexually charged, over-the-edge mix of drama and romance, and I could not get enough. There is also an underlying message of forgiveness, which was a key factor in the characters overcoming their issues. There were a few editorial issues, but aside from that I enjoyed the novel and have recommended it to friends and family.

Reviewed by Aiesha Flowers

of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers
Lahorns Gods
The author begins this book by writing an ode to all the "haters" in her life and in so many words telling them to step off. Well, after reading this book I have a word of advice for Ms. Johnson, they weren't hating, they were just being real with you.

This book is poorly written and the characters and their situations are unrealistic and not fully developed. Seriously, how could Aliette and Sinclair have been best friends for so long and not known each other's marital status. Not to mention, Aliette had never been to Sinclair's home.

Not to mention, there are some chapters where it is hard to determine who is speaking.
I am so sick and tired of reading books that turn out to be real let-downs!!!

Does any author really know how to write a good book nowadays?

Not once does Stephanie Johson bother to go into great deal about her "round" characters facial descriptions, but the character Mia who is considered a "flat" character gets a full-description of her beautiful features? But why? Mia is not relevant to the overall plot in the book. So, why waste time, writing/focusing on her character?

Help me, I'm really confused???

As a matter-of-fact the book does not even start off very well. I was reading the first couple of chapters shaking my head.

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