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by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

  • ISBN: 0446532401
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Aspect; First Edition edition (September 24, 2003)
  • Pages: 448 pages
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  • Rating: 4.2
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Download Midnight Harvest (The Chronicles of Saint-Germain) fb2

Part of Saint-Germain series by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Spain and Holland were having a not-very-successful go at a truce. The German Protestant States were being harried by their neighbors.

Part of Saint-Germain series by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. 1 2 3 4 5 6. The spider glass. That will give you some idea. Well, it happened that my great-aunt Serena's nine times great-grandmother was living.

Shelve The Saint-Germain Chronicles. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's immortal vampire, th. ore. Shelve Midnight Harvest. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's first Saint-Germain novel

Shelve The Saint-Germain Chronicles. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's first Saint-Germain novel.

Also by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. As German belligerence increased through the Thirties, it found echoes in many other countries, including Britain and America, although the general return to isolationism in America kept Nazism and other authoritarian systems from establishing more than a minor toehold. But that did not mean Americans were immune to the appeal of extreme politics.

This is a list of fiction works by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, who was awarded a 2009 Bram Stoker Award for Lifetime Achievement for her work up to that point in time. Quinn Yarbro has published under her name and under the pseudonyms of Quinn Fawcett, Trystam Kith, Terry Nelson Bonner, Camille Gabor, and Vanessa Pryor. Quinn Yarbro has also written non-fiction history works under the name of T. C. F. Hopkins.

Authors: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. 10. The Saint-Germain Chronicles. Apprehensions And Other Delusions.

You can read book Midnight Harvest by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro in our library for absolutely free. Authors: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

Midnight Harvest (The Chronicles of Saint-Germain). Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Chelsea Yarbro is a premier writer-I feel like I am actually in the story. She includes history and fiction in all her stories

Midnight Harvest (The Chronicles of Saint-Germain). The Comte de St. Germain: The Secret of Kings (Forgotten Books). She includes history and fiction in all her stories. I started reading her in the early 1990's and a very happy to be able to find and read some more of her books about St. Germaine.

Fleeing Spain at the beginning of the Civil War, vampire Saint-Germain arrives in California to reunite with the older, wiser Rowena Saxon. But he is being pursued, by the ruthless killer Cenere. Will Saint-Germain realise the danger before all that he loves is lost?

by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Just One Damned Thing After Another: The Chronicles of St. Mary's Book One. Jodi Taylor.

by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

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Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - Author Horror/ Vampire Fiction. In 1978 Chelsea Quinn Yarbro began publishing her series of Count Saint-Germain books, the main character of which is a vampire of moral character whose bite is an erotic experience

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - Author Horror/ Vampire Fiction. In 1978 Chelsea Quinn Yarbro began publishing her series of Count Saint-Germain books, the main character of which is a vampire of moral character whose bite is an erotic experience. In many tales vampires are characterized as promiscuous, their appetite fo. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (American writer) - Encyclopedia Britannica.

Fleeing Spain as it becomes engulfed in Civil War, the immortal vampire Saint-Germain heads for California, where he is reunited with Rowena Saxon, unaware that Cenere, a ruthless assassin, is pursuing him and will do anything, even kill those under Saint-Germain's protection, to achieve his objective. 20,000 first printing.
Reviews about Midnight Harvest (The Chronicles of Saint-Germain) (7):
I enjoyed Midnight Harvest a lot, given that its setting is a more modern time than most of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's other St. Germain novels. It is set in the 1930's in California's wine country, and deals a lot with the racism of the times. It also deals with a love affair that Count St. Germain had with Rowena Saxon, the young painter from Writ in Blood, and the changes in that relationship now that she's in her 50's. It is a bit different from the other Count St. Germain novels, but very enjoyable.
Midnight Harvest, while not as much of an edge-of-seat read as might be a few of the previous books, manages to introduce new connections, resolutions and laying bare of some previously met plots, settings, mysteries and people. Running for his life, as usual, Saint-Germain leaves eve-of-Civil War Spain and makes his way across to America and on to San Francisco. Reuniting with a previous lover, he must survive the attentions of a murderous assassin and help the people he loves and those he cares about survive the attentions of 20th century American villains. While there is not the "cast of thousands" violence seen in some of the earlier adventures, a healthy dose of suspense mixed with Ms. Yarbro's usual extremely competent period scholarship make for a very satisfying read. Saint-Germain is the oldest and, I think, so very romantic of the six vampiric "heroes" in either current TV or books available to us today. This latest book makes for a good addition to any collection of Saint-Germain's adventures, or the beginning of one. After all, you can't beat a bit of sex, violence and learnin' for curl up and enjoyable pleasure.
it is saint germaine - nothing else need be added
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's "Midnight Harvest"Is set in the mid-1930s,in the twentieth
century set in the period immediately before the first world war.The period between
World Wars I and II.The history is very well-written from the cars to the movies
to the depression-era America. The time period was beautifully done though the story
lacked substance.I kept waiting for something to happen Nothing really happened
throughout the entire book. Things that should have been suspenseful seamed
rushed.The main characters were likable although it seamed being a vampire really
didn't apply other than longevity.The Main character had no backbone.I kept waiting
for him to defend and protect... Never happened.I was three quarters through the
book when I discovered one of the lead characters happens to be a youthful two
million-year-old ghoul. Pretty cool right?.Well not really...only a mention in the book. A few small
laughs though.I should have never entered into this series with book #16.I need to go back to book # 1 "Hotel Transylvania" and give it a try.
Or sixteenth, if one doesn't count the two offshoot series, one centering around Atta Olivia Clemens and one around Madeline de Montalia, both vampires who came to the undead life by way of Saint Germain.

Like all of the books in this series, this is a historical novel, set during a period in the unlife of Ferenc Ragosky, Count Saint Germain, a vampire who has lived since approximately 2000 years BCE. Unlike most of the others, however, this one is set fairly recently, in the period between World Wars I and II, and uniquely to this point (discounting a couple of the short stories in "The Chronicles of Saint Germain") is set in the United States of America.

Like all of the books in this series, it is a fascinating look at a fascinating character; Saint Germain is always a delight, although to some fans of more standard vampire fiction, he's too much of an unmitigated hero; there isn't enough of the dark, brooding antihero to him for some tastes. There may be some fans of the seiries, too, who prefer the more distant historical settings, and who find the twentieth century too current for their tastes in historical fiction.

Unless either of these quibbles sounds like something that would resonate with you, however, this book is highly recommended. Both the character and the history are very well-handled, and in addition, we see a character from a previous book; the love interest, Rowena Saxon, is a carryover from "Writ In Blood", which was set in the period immediately before the first world war.
It's the mid-1930s, and even though "The Great War" was supposed to put an end to hostilities, the political situation in Europe seems worse than ever. Saint-Germain has settled in Spain, where he runs a very profitable company that builds airplanes. When the Spanish government decides to overtake the company, Saint-Germain knows he's in danger of being imprisoned - or worse. He sees no other option but to flee to America, where Rowena, one of his former lovers is waiting in San Francisco.
America has political and economic issues of her own. At a time when most Americans are struggling with the after-effects of the Stock Market Crash of '29, foreigners are unwelcome. A new group, The White Legion, has vowed to rid America of foreigners taking their jobs. Saint-Germain finds himself in the middle of this dispute, as he's invested heavily in a vineyard owned by an Italian man who has been targeted by the White Legion. Add to that a ruthless killer who has been sent from Spain with orders to kill Saint-Germain, rapid changes in technology, and a wonderfully developed cast of secondary characters, and you have one deeply engaging story!
It's clear that Yarbro has done a great deal of research for MIDNIGHT HARVEST. Rich in detail and beautiful imagery, the setting and time period come alive throughout the novel. Characterization, as in all of Yarbro's works, is magnificent. Saint-Germain is once again perfect in his heroic role, and he's joined by his faithful manservant, Rogerio, and one of his former lovers who is now in her fifties, but no less charming and endearing.
A wonderful addition to the Saint-Germain series, MIDNIGHT HARVEST also stands well on its own, and could serve as a great introduction to Saint-Germain for those unfamiliar with Yarbro's winning series.

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