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by Edward MARSTON

  • ISBN: 074727584X
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Edward MARSTON
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Headline; 1st ed. edition (1999)
  • Pages: 320 pages
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  • Rating: 4.9
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Download The King's evil fb2

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First published in hardback in 1999 by. Headline book publishing. First published in paperback in 2000 by.

Keith Miles (born 1940) is a writer of historical fiction and mystery novels. He has also written children's books, radio and television dramas and stage plays. He is best known under the pseudonym Edward Marston, and has also written as Martin Inigo and Conrad Allen. Miles was born and educated in South Wales. He gained a degree in Modern History from Oxford University and spent three years as a lecturer, before becoming a full-time writer

It's the first in Edward Marston's Restoration series, featuring .

It's the first in Edward Marston's Restoration series, featuring Christopher Redmayne, an architect and Jonathan Bale, a parish constable. I’m still reading from my own unread books and turned to The King’s Evil for some historical crime fiction. It’s the first in Edward Marston’s Restoration series, featuring Christopher Redmayne, an architect and Jonathan Bale, a parish constable. The King’s Evil is set in London in September 1666, just as the Great Fire of London has begun, eventually devastating a large part of the old medieval City of London.

The King's Evil book. Though blessed with great talent, Redmayne’s The King’s Evil is the first in a series by Edward Marston (who wrote the marvellous Nicholas Bracewell series set in Elizabethan England) set during the Restoration and the early years of Charles II’s reign. The year is 1666, immediately after the Great Fire has decimated London and rebuilding is commencing. The book introduces the reader to young and aspiring architect Christopher Redmayne, while the series follows his fortunes and misfortunes.

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Author: Edward Marston. In a London ravaged by the Great Fire, Christopher Redmayne envisages the rebuilding of the city. He is thrown together with Jonathan Bale, a decidedly Puritan constable, when one of his clients is killed, leading the pair on a journey through the dark underbelly of London and the hedonistic Court. Meeting in the ashes, Christopher Redmayne, an architect with Cavalier instincts, and Jonathan Bale are hardly kindred spirits

The King's Evil - Edward Marston. The King’s folly and the King’s neglect. ‘I will not listen to such nonsense. ‘Then look around you,’ urged the man, waving an arm. ‘See for yourself. This is no ordinary fire. It is a judgement on us.

The King's Evil - Edward Marston. The month of September had scarcely begun when a new disaster struck an already beleaguered city. London had been savaged without mercy by the Great Plague, frozen to the marrow by a cold winter then blistered in a hot, dry, unrelenting summer which bred drought, discontent and fresh outbreaks of virulent disease. King Charles and his vile Court have corrupted the whole of London.

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First edition bound in green cloth with gold spine lettering. A Fine copy in a Fine dust jacket.
Reviews about The King's evil (7):
After accidentally stumbling on this author, I took a chance and decided to give this book a shot. I was pleasantly surprised! I've read many books that take place during the restoration, but they were all from the point of Charles II or his mistresses. This is the first book I've read where I got to see what life was life for everyone else in England. The humble folks who work for a living and aren't surrounded by the opulence and grandeur of royal palaces.

Set in 1666 London, the book opens with the Great Fire that destroyed much of London. Our leads in this story, Architect Christopher Redmayne and Constable Jonathan Bale, are two very different, yet very likable men. They are brought together unexpectedly by the murder of Sir Ambrose Northcott and team up to try and figure out who killed him and why. Christopher has designed a house for Sir Northcott, and Jonathan is the Constable for the area he was murdered in. While the two get off to a rocky start (both personally and in their investigation), they start to see they work well together as a team. Using vastly different sources, they are able to get enough information to piece together the mystery at a satisfying pace.

As for the mystery itself, I was pretty satisfied with the ending. I thought the beginning of the book had a great pace, and right after the murder things were moving right along, but then towards the end I felt like I was being left out a bit. In the last chapter Christopher puts everything together, but he doesn't explain himself. The big reveal scene was slightly confusing to me as I wasn't sure who was who (I won't go into it since I don't want to give anything away). Overall though, aside from feeling a little rushed at the end, I really enjoyed this book. I'll definitely be reading the second book in this series, and look forward to exploring some of Mr. Marston's other novels.
This book was better than I expected. Christopher Redmayne is an aspiring architect during the rebuilding of London after the great fire. His brother Henry adds graphic contrast: Henry is more of a debauched party boy, while Christopher is introspective and compelled to pursue injustice and right the wrongs. His client, a very wealthy Londoner, is murdered at the building site. Christopher plunges in and begins a very tentative friendship with a curmudgeonly local constable. Very readable. I've already bought the next book.
I have read most of Marstons various different character books (Doomsday-enjoy them, Elizabeth theater-love them,Captain Rawson-hated it, Railway Detective-somewhat enjoyable) with mixed results so it was with some hestitation that i gave this new series a try.
As it happens the two main characters,Christopher Redmayne and Constable Bale, play off each other quiet well. A little history is thrown in with a murder mystery for good measure. The inclusion of Redmaynes brother as a slight comic relief was a plus. I look forward to reading the second in the series.
Edward Marston does do his research! His Redmayne series is a fascinating look at the new idea of separating the trade of builder from the higher level of the design by an architect. Previously they had been one and the same. The charming Christopher Redmayne and the Constable Jonathan Bale make an interesting pair to solve their mysteries. Wonderful period piece.
Unlike in other Marston series I didn't care for the character or characterization or the plot
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It's an easy read, based in history, that kept my attention.
good read
This was a good book. Moved along, seemed pretty well-researched, the characters were believable and likable. A little melodramatic at parts, but not too bad.

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