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by Gene Wolfe

  • ISBN: 0765318792
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Gene Wolfe
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Tor Books; Reprint edition (September 14, 2010)
  • Pages: 320 pages
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  • Rating: 4.4
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Download Pirate Freedom fb2

Pirate Freedom is a captivating new masterpiece by the award-winning author of The Wizard Knight and Soldier of. .

Pirate Freedom is a captivating new masterpiece by the award-winning author of The Wizard Knight and Soldier of Sidon. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied. Gene Wolfe (1931-2019) was the Nebula Award-winning author of The Book of the New Sun tetralogy in the Solar Cycle, as well as the World Fantasy Award winners The Shadow of the Torturer and Soldier of Sidon. He was also a prolific writer of distinguished short fiction, which has been collected in such award-winning volumes as Storeys from the Old Hotel and The Best of Gene Wolfe.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. It starts with a confession from a priest. His past has reached further back than what many would consider possible. Before he was a priest.

No Gene Wolfe book is as it seems. What starts as a pirate adventure novel becomes a wonderfully subtle examination of faith, love, and morality (or lack thereof). Told in the form of a long confession, the story is told by Chris, as he leaves his present-day Cuban monastery and quickly discovers he has been inexplicably transported back to the Golden Age of Piracy (roughly the 17th century). He must quickly adapt to the era and therein begins the Wonderful and heartbreaking.

Pirate Freedom (2007) is a fantasy novel by Gene Wolfe about a young man who is transported back in time and becomes a pirate. The majority of the book is set in the Caribbean and nearby regions during the "Golden Age of Piracy"

Pirate Freedom (2007) is a fantasy novel by Gene Wolfe about a young man who is transported back in time and becomes a pirate. The majority of the book is set in the Caribbean and nearby regions during the "Golden Age of Piracy". It takes place mostly if not entirely after Henry Morgan burned Panama City (1671) and before the earthquake that destroyed Port Royal, Jamaica (1692).

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It starts with a confession from a priest.

It starts with a confession from a priest. His past has reached further back than what many would consider possible. Before he was a priest, he was the pirate Captain Cristofo, and before he was a pirate, he was just Chris, a boy living in a monastery in Cuba the day after tomorrow.

One day Chris realizes that he is not meant for the monastery he has grown up in, and leaves. On the streets of Havana everything looks strange and out-of-date, but Chris is too busy trying to find his next meal and a safe place to sleep to contemplate the city's odd lack of modern conveniences. He finds that this world is a much harder one than the one he remembers; it's a place where people steal, lie, and cheat. Where slaves are sold at auction, and the Spanish, French, and English are all battling for supremacy. When Chris is offered the opportunity to work on a ship in exchange for food and a small bit of money, he takes it, and thus begins his life as a pirate. People die, treasures are found, women are taken captive, and crews rebel.

Gene Wolfe is a masterful storyteller, and in Pirate Freedom, he uses his customary vision to invite us into the captivating world of pirates, their lives, and their adventures.

Reviews about Pirate Freedom (7):
This book is a minor masterpiece from the modern master, Gene Wolfe. It seems to be somewhat overshadowed in the court of literary critics by his other, mightier works but well worth the read. It has the Wolfe feel of a journey from which you cannot turn away. As expected with Wolfe, it starts right off with the strange; some sort of time travel which isn't explained. I've read it twice now and as with all of Wolfe's works I got a lot more out of it the second go round. Like Wizard / Knight it left me feeling an intangible sense of nobility and a belief that I had been not only educated but enlightened. An author who can gift that to his readers is mighty, indeed. Highly recommended.
Pirate Freedom is Wolfe's nod/homage to pirate adventure stories, drawing on traditions that range from Stevenson's Treasure Island, to Swift and Melville, and skewering things like modern Disney pirates. It is also, to a lesser extent, a time-travel story with a puzzle in it. Wolfe's trademark is writing in the first person and, in particular, Wolfe specializes in communicating things about his narrator that his narrator himself is unaware of. There is less of that here. But Wolfe is doing something else that he has done before to good effect.

Throughout his career, Wolfe has taken classic ideas or themes, combined them with ideas of his own, poured in a generous helping of unreliable narrator in order to create a breathtaking vision all his own. Often his works are the paragon of that particular type.

What I loved about this book is the deep detail and careful research that allows Wolfe to recreate the world of pirates in the 1500s. Couple that with some very sly pastiche of earlier work (he is nodding at classics of sea-faring fiction) and you have a very entertaining read.

If there is a downside here, it is that the story and its framework are a bit on the lightweight side--for Gene Wolfe. If you've found his other works difficult or impenetrable in the past, this is the Gene Wolfe novel for you.

On a final note, this was the first book I read on my Amazon Kindle.
Gene Wolfe has snuck some education in here, building a fictional tale out of the best, most updated information on actual piratical history. Wolfe employs an audience surrogate to explore an interactive world, showing the reader a variety of perspectives and layers to period society. Even without knowing what's behind it, this is a fantastic story with engaging characters and plot.
An excellent adventure of well-written fantasy. Gene Wolfe's best stuff is written in the first person and this book is one of his finest.
I picked this up because Gene Wolfe is a great fantasy writer, but here he shows his mastery of another genre, writing a tale of piracy in an authentic and meticulously researched historical setting. It starts and ends with a bit of time travel from and to the present, but this is only lip service to his fantasy fandom. It really is just a swashbuckling pirate tale that will make Hollywood-style pirates turn green and lose their lunch over the side.
Wonderful! If the prospect of a straightforward Jolly-Roger-romp glazes you over, snap out of it, because this isn't one. It's a magnificent portrayal of a damned man, Father Chris, unflinchingly intent on preying upon his own younger self.

As a youth he committed many appalling acts. Circled round in time, Father Chris now needs this younger version to do the same things again, so that he can steal his woman from himself. The book is couched as Father Chris' long confession of the bad things he did when young; but it's a worthless confession, without repentance, and his intent really is to fool us into giving him our permission to make it all happen again.

As always with Wolfe, the pleasure lies in a combination of elegant prose, a beguiling narrative structure and substantial themes.

Those inclined to think of the story as "simple" might like to consider how Lesage goes so quickly from the sloop Windward to the three-master Bretagne, and how he happens to arrive at Rio Hato just when he does ... and why it is that Chris returns from the past to a date which must be very close to his birth date.
A great story about the pirate age with a little science fiction added on which seems a little superfluous initially but pays off in the end. Shocking plot twists may occur.
Pirate Freedom is simple enough on the surface, but it stays with you after you read it and makes you want to pick it up again. Why? - Is it because you couldn't quite puzzle out side details of the plot, or because you have a sense of missing a deeper meaning. A seminarian of the future chooses to leave his order before vows. Unexplained Providence sends him into a life of "Pirate Freedom". This tale is told in flashback by the Priest - so compare his life in the present as Priest to his life in the past as Pirate for their relative "Freedoms". Ultimately, in either life, he is bound, not by treasure or vows, but by love. You will want to keep this book so don't wait for the paperback.

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