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by Grace Ingram

  • ISBN: 0812815645
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Grace Ingram
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
  • Other formats: lrf txt mobi lrf
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Stein and Day; Presumed First (not stated) edition (1973)
  • Pages: 320 pages
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  • EPUB size: 1726 kb
  • Rating: 4.9
  • Votes: 140
Download Red Adam's lady fb2

Among them was Red Adam’s Lady by Grace Ingram. The front cover depicted a sword hilt entwined with a chain of marigolds

Among them was Red Adam’s Lady by Grace Ingram. The front cover depicted a sword hilt entwined with a chain of marigolds.

Red Adam's Lady book. The fair Lady Julitta has a problem.

Grace Ingram was the pseudonym of Doris Sutcliffe Adams (1920–2015). She wrote six novels: Desert Leopard, Price of Blood, Power of Darkness, and No Man’s Son under her own name, and Red Adam’s Lady and Gilded Spurs under the name Grace Ingram. Start reading Red Adam's Lady (Rediscovered Classics) on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

The fair Lady Julitta has a problem. Long out of print though highly acclaimed, Red Adam’s Lady is a true classic of historical fiction along the lines of Anya Seton’s Katherine and Sharon Kay Penman’s Here Be Dragons. She prizes her virginity. And her liege, whom she despises, is intent on rape. Red Adam is the lord of Brentborough castle-young, impetuous, scandalous, a twelfth-century hell raiser. On one of his nights of drunken revelry he abducts Julitta. Though she fends him off, keeping her virginity, he has sullied her honor.

Hardcover book with 320 pages. I bought a copy of this book when it was first published in 1973 and it remains on my once a year "must read" list

Hardcover book with 320 pages. I bought a copy of this book when it was first published in 1973 and it remains on my once a year "must read" list. The story of Red Adam and his lady Julitta is an exciting chronicle of romance, suspense, mystery, and contains the best descriptions of everyday medieval life ever put down on paper. Grace Ingram's tight, poetic prose puts to shame the modern. that masquerades as historical romance fiction. Mistaken for a peasant wench, Julitta di Montrigord is carried off one night by the drunken lord of Brentborough, Adam de Lorismond.

Red Adam's Lady is a boisterous, bawdy tale of wild adventure, set against the constant dangers of medieval England. Its vivid details give the reader a fascinating and realistic view of life in a medieval castle and village. And the love story in it is an unusual one, since Julitta won't let Adam get closer than the length of her stiletto

3 5 Author: Grace Ingram Narrator: Caroline Slaughter. Always have a good book lined up - Listen and read whenever you want. Read and listen to as many books as you like!

3 5 Author: Grace Ingram Narrator: Caroline Slaughter. Red Adam’s Lady is a boisterous, bawdy tale of wild adventure, set against the constant dangers of medieval England. Read and listen to as many books as you like!

Grace Ingram-Red Adam& Lady (US IMPORT) BOOK NE. Short Title RED ADAMS LADY.

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Hardcover book with 320 pages.
Reviews about Red Adam's lady (7):
So glad this novel has been published again. Hopefully, soon they republished the novels under Grace Ingram’s real name, Doris Sutcliffe Adams.

But having said that, Red Adam’s Lady (which I first read in 1976) is the pinnacle to which all historical authors should strive. Besides a crackling good adventure tale, the research done for this novel is awe-inspiring, the reader truly walks among medieval life. I cannot recommend Red Adam’s Lady any higher. It is my all-time favorite novel.
I have loved this book ever since it was a new paperback at a local independent bookstore, and heartily recommended by the store’s owner, who said that she’d just stayed up most of the night reading it.

The heroine Is capable of change, slowly in herself and rapidly in dealing with external circumstances; the details of setting and history are accurate rather than prettified or whitewashed to serve the story. (Admittedly some interior whitewashing goes on but as part of J’s takeover/makeover/rehabilitation of her new surroundings.) This novel was published before the current trend for pages of explicit sex but the sexual tensions in parts of the novel are evident. I’m not going to add spoilers. But now that I’ve given homage, i’m going to re-read this book, with immense gratitude to whoever brought it back to Amazon’s bookshelves.
I was 14 or 15 when I stole this book. It was a library of donated books and I replaced it with other books. I read it and fell so in love that I couldn't part with it. My copy has been in my nightstand drawer held together by a rubberband for 30+ years. Now that I have vision issues, the kindle version has allowed me to dive back in after 15 yrs. A period piece that stays true. No modern phrases or expletives tossed in jarringly. Just a lovely story. A gentle romance with a dramatic plot.
This is a book that I return to every couple of years, it's unashamedly one of my very favourite books for this genre. It's a stirring historical romance set during the 12th Century in England. The heroine Lady Julitta de Montrigord is no shrinking violet. Julitta is a young woman who has learnt take care of herself, she's feisty but also vulnerable. She meets her match in the new lord of Brentborough, Lord Adam.

There's mystery, treachery, rich historical detail and a fine compliment of supporting characters in this finely wrought historical romance. It's a wonderfully written love story. Copies are as rare as hen's teeth but well worth sourcing.
I first found Red Adam's Lady on a wire rack in a small pharmacy in Central California when I was thirteen. I stayed up all night to finish it, falling deeply in love with the story and characters. I have since read it so many times I lost count. It tells the story of Julitta de Montrigord, a 17-year-old young lady living with, but unwelcomed by, her paternal uncle and his family. When her path and that of the newly inherited lord of the district cross, fate steps in. Red Adam, drunk and mistaking Julitta for a peasant, abducts her to his castle, intent on ravishment. She barely fights him off, knocking him unconscious. So begins one of the best love stories I have ever read in my 40 years of avid readership. With forced marriage, uprising against the king, betrayal within the castle, and invasion by the unholy Scots, this novel has everything. Action, adventure, and the most alive historical rendering of medieval England that I have read. Plus heroes, villains, heroines, and secondary characters so perfectly and multi-dimensionally portrayed!! Need I say more? If you're lucky enough to get your hands on a copy, keep it safe (like The Precious!); I'm now on my third copy, having "lost" the first two copies somehow. I've read this book so many times I can quote the first sentence without having looked at it in years: Within sight of Brentborough village and the castle lowering over it, and five miles from home, the lady's palfrey cast a shoe. There - that'll get you started!!
I read this long ago when it first came out and I was still reading romance novels, 40 odd years ago. Loved it then, and upon re-reading, really appreciated the pace, the language, the historical accuracy and the well drawn characters, all. Filled with action right out of the gate, I encourage anyone to enjoy this good read.
Typical romance plot made exceptional by good writing, vivid placement in time, and fleshed out protagonists. I am only sorry not to find any of her other works in print or available, at least here in the US.
This was a favorite book I am glad it is now available on kindle. I seem to replacing my tattered paperbacks with ebooks. This is a two fold bonus of less space needed to store and much faster access. Click and read!

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