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by Zane Grey,Max Brand,Louis L'Amour

  • ISBN: 142851239X
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Zane Grey,Max Brand,Louis L'Amour
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: DP; Reprint edition (April 1, 2012)
  • Pages: 304 pages
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  • Rating: 4.3
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Download The Lawless West (Western Trio) fb2

Tappans Burro by Zane Grey

Tappans Burro by Zane Grey. Prospecting was lonely business for Tappan, but his burro Jenet was good company, and she knew the trails and waterholes better than Tappan. She tracked with him, faithful, his only friend. Jargan, a summer gambler wintering in the western town of Big Horn, saves the life of Don José Cordoba and unwittingly acquires a new job. Soon he finds himself on a boat to Buenos Aires as the handlerand protectorof two extraordinary horses. The Trail to Crazy Man by Louis LAmour.

It's just that I discovered Louis L'Amour years before reading their books but they are really great also.

The Lawless West Louis L’Amour Zane Grey® Max Brand® Ready to. .From a gay careless trio his listeners suddenly grew blank, then intensely curious. They stared at the handwriting on the letter

The Lawless West Louis L’Amour Zane Grey® Max Brand® Ready to Fight! You move fast. Pinder was staring at me with small eyes. Zane Grey, Max Brand, and Louis L’Amour were the three, and their work has endured with generations of readers throughout the world. For this collection I have selected a short novel by each of these authors, consisting of stories I regard as among their best work. They stared at the handwriting on the letter. Tex, I’m a son-of-a-gun if it ain’t from Missouri! ejaculated Andy Smith, his lean red face bursting into a smile.

A collection of classic Western tales. From Missouri by Zane Grey. When a pretty new schoolteacher arrives, the Springer ranch hands are falling over themselves to impress her. But the lecherous Beady Jones has his own idea of how the new schoolmarm should be introduced to the West. Jack Trainor, a fugitive from justice, becomes lost in the Canadian Rockies. A trapper finds Jack and saves him. Over the course of some months, he repays the trapper for his kindness in a way that causes some difficulty. Riders of the Dawn by Louis L'Amour.

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The Lawless West book. Louis L'Amour was an American author. L'Amour's books, primarily Western fiction, remain enormously popular, and most have gone through multiple printings. At the time of his death all 101 of his works were in print (86 novels, 14 short-story collections and one full-length work of nonfiction) and he was considered "one of the world's most popular writers".

By: Jon Tuska, Louis L'Amour, Zane Grey, and others. Louis L'Amour is now one of the most iconic Western writers of all time, but once upon a time he was Jim Mayo, a regular writer for the pulps. Narrated by: Tom Weiner, Jim Gough. Length: 7 hrs and 27 mins. This Raging Bull Publishing box set contains four classic Western books by Max Brand: Black Jack, Harrigan, Riders of the Silence, and The Untamed. The Man from the Broken Hills. Some of the tales he wrote in those days stuck with him enough that he later revised and expanded them into novels.

Riders of the Purple Sage is Zane Grey’s best work. Then I read every book by Louis L’Amour and Elmer Kelton I could get my hands on. I also read the western classics. It created quite the uproar with the Mormon church when it was first published because of the protagonists struggle with the Mormon powers in Utah. Each author brings something different to the table.

In "Riders of the Dawn" by Louis L'Amour, we meet Matt Sabre. He's a drifter, a veteran of foreign wars, and he's seeking his fortune out West.

In the field of Western fiction, three authors stand unmatched: L’Amour, Grey and Brand. Now three of their best short novels are collected in a single volume. Zane Grey’s From Missouri has been restored from the author’s own manuscript and is appearing in paperback in its corrected form. Max Brand’s Over the Northern Border is a classic tale of stage coach robbery and relentless pursuit, also corrected and restored from the author’s original manuscript. Louis L’Amour’s Riders of the Dawn debuted in Giant Western magazine in 1951 and appears here in that original version, as L’Amour himself first intended it. Enjoy these three classic tales and experience the Western the way it was meant to be.

Reviews about The Lawless West (Western Trio) (7):
Great stories, from three clever authors. These are longer than short stories yet shorter than novels. They are the original creations by the authors before being edited by publishers who felt they understood the public better than the authors. They are well written and interesting, the characters are heroes and have a unique western viewpoints, the settings are realistic and easily imagined by the reader. If you enjoy westerns these are three of the very best.
I've been reading Louis L'Amour probably since my teens. He is AWESOME. He's one of the most descriptive writers I've ever read. I seem to be able to "smell the bacon frying on the campfire" and "feel the breeze in the mountains" when he writes about it. I've never ever been disappointed by his books and now when there are less and less westerns on TV his books seem even better. I've read Zane Grey and Max Brand also and they are both wonderful writers too. It's just that I discovered Louis L'Amour years before reading their books but they are really great also.
Bob Hébert
This is my first time reading a Louis L'Amour book. Matt Sabre is a man of bravado and a sense of decency. He came into town as a gunfighter looking for a fight but wound up finding love and taming a town.
Good writers but weak plots . Very slow moving in developing Nd the story dragged on. Great writers who had off days
Great Stories
After reading this trilogy I find a new respect for Max Brand. Louis LaMour is still my favorite western writer. Zane Grey writes like a woman, all full of feelings rather than action. Nothing wrong with women authors. It is that their emphasis is often different from men. Overall, a good set of stories, but not the best for any of the authors.
Each story was a good representation of that author's style. Three of the best western writers.
interesting mix of authors, while I hadn't read that many Grey or Brand novels, this was a decent entry into their writing style. bought mostly because I own all of Louis L'amours novels and thought this was a new one... it is, just not one of his best, a little bit different.

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