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by Joe R. Lansdale

  • ISBN: 0380712059
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Joe R. Lansdale
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Avon Books (September 1, 1991)
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  • Rating: 4.5
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Download By Bizarre Hands fb2

Joe Lansdale scares the living shit out of some people. I'm talking about his work here, of course. Near midnight the old man came awake suddenly and lay with his hands behind his head and looked up and out the window opposite him, studied the crisp desert sky. And a fish swam by.

Joe Lansdale scares the living shit out of some people. Joe himself is a sweetheart: modest, funny, easygoing, quick to make friends.

Joe R. Lansdale at the Comic Book DB (archived from the original).

Avatar Press, 6 issues Adaptations by Neal Barrett, J. Keith Lansdale, and Rick Klaw Art by Dheeraj Verma, Armando Rossi, and Andres Guinaldo. The Drive-In 2. 2006. Graphic novels and trade paperback. Joe R. v. t. e. Works by Joe R. Lansdale. Hap and Leonard series. Savage Season (1990).

By Bizarre Hands is Joe's first collection, but rest assured that it won't be the last; talented and prolific are two more words synonymous with Lansdale. Worth the price of the collection alone is the Stoker award-winning story, "Night They Missed the Horror Show," to my mind the best horror story in the last ten years, no small recommendation.

Lansdale book of essays and memoirs, Miracles Ain't What They Used To Be, was released by PM Press's Outspoken . By Bizarre Hands and Writer of the Purple Rage were nominated for "Fiction Collection" in 1989 and 1994.

Lansdale book of essays and memoirs, Miracles Ain't What They Used To Be, was released by PM Press's Outspoken Author Series. His newest Hap and Leonard release is a novel titled Jackrabbit Smile and released March 27, 2018. He also, along with his daughter Kasey, released a collection of Dana Roberts mysteries titled Terror is Our Business: Dana Roberts'. The short story Love Doll: A Fable was nominated in "Short Fiction" in 1991. The novella Bubba Ho-Tep was nominated for "Long Fiction" in 1994.

Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. High Cotton: Selected Stories of Joe R. 617 Kb. Sanctified and Chicken-Fried: The Portable Lansdale (Southwestern Writers Collection). Joe R Lansdale, Foreword by Bill Crider.

09/06/18-Kasey Lansdale is on "The Bruce Gold Show" discussing her new book with Champion Joe .

09/06/18-Kasey Lansdale is on "The Bruce Gold Show" discussing her new book with Champion Joe, Terror is Our Business. Check it out! 08/30/18-"There are few folks who can pull off a western these days, and the beauty of Lansdale’s writing is that he doesn’t idealize the h-century life in the west. Now's your chance to test that theory!

by Robert E. Howard · Joe R. Lansdale · Andrew Hou.

Don't ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go. ― Anonymous. 100 Hair-Raising Little Horror Stories. by Robert E. 2008·. Into this world comes Esau Cairn, Earthman, swo. Act of Love.

Joe r Lansdale's By Bizarre Hands. 16 Bizarre short horror themed stories that will make you keep the lights on permanently. Antique Hatchet Restoration.

List Joe R. Lansdale's By Bizarre Hands's chaps.

A collection of horror stories includes tales of a ravenous shark that swims in the night skies, a rock that oozes murder, and a breed of roses that feeds on human flesh
Reviews about By Bizarre Hands (7):
watching to future
A nice compilation. Some stories have appeared elsewhere. But JRL is one another that can consistently make me laugh out loud while reading! These stories are darker than most of his other stuff. This isn’t for lovers of The Bottoms; but if one enjoys the likes of The Drive In or Dead in the West, this makes a good read.
Early stories by a master. Look over your shoulder. Is that guy what he seems?
Creepy as hell!
All of his stories are great and this book is no exception. I especially enjoy his short stories because they often surprise you.
Sweet short story collection with some real doozies!
It appears this is priced incorrectly at 24.95? Would like to purchase; but, not at $24.95. Great collection. Would like to re-read as an e-book.
Joe Lansdale is truly a rare and gifted talent. I consider myself to be quite hip with quality horror/dark fantasy fiction, yet I only heard of Lansdale relatively recently following the hooplah surrounding the adaptation of his short story 'Bubba Hotep' (not in this book) into a low-budget film by the director of the 'Phantasm' series. My curiosity led me to his novella 'On the Far Side of the Cadillac Desert with Dead Folks'(included in this book), which is jaw-droppingly brilliant - inventive, surreal, grotesque, savagely violent and outrageously funny. Actually that's probably a good a description as any of Lansdale's signature style.

Don't be turned off by the more extreme nature of many of his stories, though. While his material does tend to skew towards the grotesque, Lansdale is a writer very much to be taken seriously. He is capable of great subtlety and tone when he chooses to be. His prose manages to be economical, but extremely evocative. Some of the short tales in this collection are VERY short, yet they are all striking, highly enjoyable, and more than a few of them are truly unforgettable.

As best of an excellent bunch, subjective as that is, I'd nominate 'On the Far Side', 'Tight Little Stitches in a Dead Man's Back', 'The Pit' and the truly confronting 'Night they Missed The Horror Show'. The last one will make you squirm, I kid you not!

This collection is worth owning because there are tales not featured here in some of his other compilations. The more recent 'High Cotton' has about 7 of the 16 featured herein. Yes, it IS annoying. Maybe in the not-too-distant future there'll be a truly comprehensive collection. That will be a momentous day indeed, my friends.

Don't um or ah about any Lansdale collection. Snap it up! You will NOT be disappointed.
An amazing collection of stories. From the romantic, parallel universe of "Trains Not Taken" to the southern fried low-brow action of "The Pit," the stories are quite diverse. Plus, it's got two completely unique and original zombie stories ("Dead Man's Back" and "Cadillac Desert")! Highly recommended!

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