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by Jemiah Jefferson

  • ISBN: 0843953640
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Jemiah Jefferson
  • Subcategory: Genre Fiction
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Leisure Books; First Edition edition (April 5, 2005)
  • Pages: 326 pages
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  • Rating: 4.2
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From the author of Voice of the Blood comes a terrifyingly funny new tale of Michael Squire, twenty-three, nerdy as hell, and losing his mind in the face of a hilariously hostile world.

From the author of Voice of the Blood comes a terrifyingly funny new tale of Michael Squire, twenty-three, nerdy as hell, and losing his mind in the face of a hilariously hostile world. He's your average music-obsessed d Portlander, juggling a job as an internet support technician, an indie comics gig, and a long-simmering crush on his best friend, Lise. He smokes too much weed, drinks too many cocktails, and watches too much Star Trek.

Jemiah Jefferson was born in Denver, Colorado. Her childhood consisted of a steady diet of AM radio, New Wave and disco, music videos, Star Wars, and resenting the strictures of school. At an age too early to remember, she began making up stories populated by vivid characters.

Jemiah Jefferson (born 1972) is an African-American author of contemporary horror and erotic literature. Jefferson resides in Portland, Oregon. Jemiah Jefferson's first printed work was St rf ck ng, a collection of short erotic stories published by Future Tense Books. Her first full-length novel was written in 24 hours in 1990. This became Voice of the Blood, published by Leisure Books in 2001 and then as an e-book in 2011

In nineteenth-century Italy, young Orfeo Ricari teeters on the brink of adulthood.

In nineteenth-century Italy, young Orfeo Ricari teeters on the brink of adulthood. In this terrifying prequel to Wounds and Voice of the Blood, the origins of the vampire Ricar are revealed-as told by Ricar himself.

Jemiah Jefferson has created a cast of deadly creatures with a swift and maddening pace to their actions. If you like your vampires calm and serene, you'll need to find something else to spend your afternoon reading. But if you're after something to jolt you into the paranormal, Ariane's adventure experimenting with the undead will do it. His new tutor instructs him in literature and poetry during the day and guides him in the world of sensual pleasure at night. But a journey to Paris will teach young Orfeo much more. For in Paris he will become a vampire.

Fiend Jemiah Jefferson Leisure Books, 2005 . Love Is the Law Jemiah Jefferson (Illustrator/-in), Nick Mamatas Dark Horse, 2013 . Oreimo Volume 3 Tsukasa Fushimi, Jemiah Jefferson (Ed. Dark Horse, 2013 . Oreimo Volume 4 Tsukasa Fushimi, Jemiah Jefferson (Ed.

Used availability for Jemiah Jefferson's Fiend. June 2013 : USA Paperback.

In this prequel to Wounds and Voice of the Blood, Orfeo Ricari details his transformation into a vampire in nineteenth-century Paris, vividly recreating the unquenchable thirst and the power of immortality. Extensively researched and filled with detail about 19th century Paris and Weimar Germany, unwitting vampire patriarch Ricari contemplates a few of the many lifetimes, loves, triumphs, and gravest mistakes of his existence on earth... thus far.
Reviews about Fiend (7):
I went through a phase a few years ago when I found myself digging vampire fiction. Its not like I'm a goth wannabe. In fact, I'm 40 and wear a suit everyday. Its just that sometimes, I suddenly notice I've been reading a lot of the same stuff. Its just what for whatever reason, I'm digging on at that point.

I got lucky. I found Voice of the Blood, Jemiah's first novel. It stood out from the pack like nobody's business. In it, we are introduced to vampires Ariane, Orfeo and Daniel. Its really Ariane's story but its a great introduction to the universe contained in her fiction.

The sequel, Wounds, explored Daniel's world. It extended brilliantly and Daniel (was he named for Daniel Ash? Can't tell why but the character reminds me of the Bauhaus/Love and Bullets fronter)was compelling. In Wounds, he takes front stage and the book is amazing. I've read it a dozen times. The only thing I wasn' clear on was the ending...what happened to my compelling character??? Darned if I know.

Now in Fiend, we get Orfeo's history. Where there were flashbacks in the first two books, this one is all a flashback. Whatever story there remains for Jemiah to relate about her vampires (I hope there's a lot more) Fiend does nothing to extend the story. We don't get to find out what happens next in their history, instead, fiend paints a remarkable picture of the background to the first two novels. It paints it brilliantly in lovely, sensual colors and the scenes it depicts make you want to go there and see for yourself.

I find myself comparing Jemiah to Anne Rice. It is not just the subject of vampires. It is not just the populating of those vampires with a sensuous love life. Jemiah's vampire remind me of Lestat and their ilk in her regard for rich back histories and deep inner lives. There is also a shared theme of gay love in both series which is not an interest of mine but Jemiah's sex scenes are awfully well written.

I've read all of Rice. I've read all of Jemiah's books. I'll trade any four of Rice's (especially the New Vampire series) books for any one of Jemiah's any day of the week.

Keep up the great work, Jemiah if you're reading this. You've a fan in me.

"Fiend" is the tale of Orfeo Ricari, an Italian lad who falls into a world of confused lust, perversion, vampirism and, oh yeah, religion. You see Ricari is a devout Catholic, so devout, that he feels extreme guilt every time his tutor sodomizes him. As he gets older, he escapes with his older lover, Lorenzo, to find Lord Byron. What he ends up getting is being dumped in Paris. Luckily, he runs into two ladies, Maria and Georgina, who take him in as a servant. He serves them in many ways, and they eventually give him the gift of immortality as a vampire.

The rest of this story is a sick, vampiric coming-of-age tale where Ricari falls into the trappings of love with another vampire. We are given a taste of the French Revolution and Nazi Germany. Jemiah Jefferson explains all of these things with vivid flare. It's almost as if we are there the entire time. The story moves along at a very swift pace and we run into the horrid beast that is Daniel Blum. He is truly one of the most dispicable and hateful perversions ever dreamed up. His character alone makes this book worth reading. Love him or hate him, you'll have to admit that he is the key to this book.

Ricari is a likeable, if pitiful, character, who seems to have been stunted in his maturation by events that happen early in the book. For someone so old, he acts and reacts with the innocence of a child. He has a twisted vision of Catholicism, and continues to practice it after he is turned.

Overall, a very interesting book to read. I should warn you that there are tons of homosexual acts in this book, so if that isn't your bag, stay away. Also, sacrilege, perversion, deceit, etc. are dealt with in volume, so keep that in mind before buying this book. If you can stomach all of this, you will definitely like this read.

Highly recommended. The first book I've read by Jefferson, and probably not my last.
Fiend tells the story of Orfeo Ricari. A young man whose tutor teaches him poetry and literature during the day & sensual pleasure during the night. Yet, a journey to Paris teaches Orfeo something he's never known before...what it is like to be a vampire. Told in his own words, Orfeo tells you his story of life, death, and rebirth. He tells you what it is truly like to be a vampire, the realization of what it means to grasp immortality and what it is like to be a fiend. It's a coming-of age tale like no other and one I really enjoyed reading.

I'll admit, I'm a big Anne Rice fan and, while there are definitely comparisons to Anne's "Interview with the Vampire" here, Jemiah takes the idea and runs with it. As it says in Fangoria's review of this book, "The author follows through on everything Anne Rice tempts us with, but never delivers" . That much is true but all writers have their own style of writing. Thankfully, I can be fans of both writers.

While this is the third book in her series of vampire books, it is my very first novel of hers. At some point, I'll revisit her first two books, to be sure. Anyhow, Fiend is an excellent vampire novel. One that is reminiscent yet groundbreaking in its' own way. I really enjoyed the book myself and have to give Jemiah credit that she ranks up there with Anne Rice, John Saul, Dean Koontz and Stephen King. It won't be long til she's well known in homes across America.

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