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by Patricia Cornwell

  • ISBN: 0143057154
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Patricia Cornwell
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Penguin Audio; Unabridged edition (September 2, 2004)
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  • Rating: 4.5
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Download Trace (Kay Scarpetta) fb2

Kay Scarpetta, the Cambridge Forensic Center's director and chief, decides at the scene that this is no accidental Act of God. Her investigation becomes complicated when she begins receiving a flurry of bizarre poems from an anonymous cyberbully who calls himself Tailend Charlie.

Patricia Cornwell is on target-and spectacularly so-with her latest Kay Scarpetta thriller, a story so compelling that even . Berkley books, new york. The berkley publishing group.

Patricia Cornwell is on target-and spectacularly so-with her latest Kay Scarpetta thriller, a story so compelling that even longtime readers will be stunned by its twists and turns. Gruesome and suspenseful. Published by the Penguin Group.

Kay Scarpetta is a fictional character and protagonist in a series of crime novels written by Patricia Cornwell (born 1956). She first appears in the 1990 novel Postmortem. The character was inspired by former Virginia Chief Medical Examiner Marcella Farinelli Fierro, MD (retired). The series is noted for the use of recent forensic technology in Scarpetta's investigations.

Trace (Kay Scarpetta, . Two great Patricia Cornwell audio titles for the price of one. All that Remains and Cruel and Unusual.

Trace (Kay Scarpetta, by Patricia Cornwell. Patricia Cornwell's experience as a prize-winning crime reporter and in the Virginia chief medical examiner's office inform these br. The Patricia Cornwell CD Audio Treasury: All That Remains, Cruel & Unusual (Kay Scarpetta, by Patricia Cornwell · Kate Burton. All that Remains:A serial killer is loose in Richmond, specializing in attractive young couples whose bodies are invariably found in the woods months lat.

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The Paperback of the Trace (Kay Scarpetta Series by Patricia Cornwell at Barnes & Noble.

Patricia Cornwell genre: new releases and popular books, including Postmortem by Patricia Cornwell, Body of Evidence by Patricia Cornwell, The Body Farm. Book, Music, TV and Movie Faves. What others are saying. one of many Patricia Cornwell books. Trace (Kay Scarpetta Series. The Paperback of the Trace (Kay Scarpetta Series by Patricia Cornwell at Barnes & Noble.

Little, Brown Book Group, 4 сент Patricia Cornwell's first crime novel, Postmortem, was . Fox have acquired the film rights to the Scarpetta novels, featuring Angelina Jolie as Dr Kay Scarpetta.

Little, Brown Book Group, 4 сент. Patricia Cornwell's first crime novel, Postmortem, was published in 1990 and became the first novel to win all the major crime awards in a single year. In 2008 Cornwell won the Galaxy British Book Awards' Books Direct Crime Thriller of the Year - the first American ever to win this award.

Patricia Cornwell (born Patricia Carroll Daniels; June 9, 1956) is an American crime writer. She is known for her best-selling novels featuring medical examiner Kay Scarpetta, of which the first was inspired by a series of sensational murders in Richmond, Virginia, where most of the stories are set. The plots are notable for their emphasis on forensic science, which has influenced later TV treatments of police work.

The new Kay Scarpetta novel from the world's bestselling crime writer

The new Kay Scarpetta novel from the world's bestselling crime writer. Determined to find out what happened to her former deputy chief, Jack Fielding, murdered six months earlier, Kay Scarpetta travels to the Georgia Prison for Women, where an inmate has information not only on Fielding, but also on a string of grisly killings. The murder of an Atlanta family years ago, a young woman on death row, and the inexplicable deaths of homeless people as far away as California seem unrelated.

Reviews about Trace (Kay Scarpetta) (7):
about half-way through, I asked my husband if he had ever read a book that didn't have ANY likable main characters. All of characters I first liked have become annoying, and I really don't care what happens to them. They haven't grown as they should; instead they have devolved. I have continued reading the series to see if they finally started maturing. When I finished Trace, I started reading the reviews for the next two in the series and decided to read one of my other authors. I don't want to waste any more time and money reading 2-star novels.
The plot of every one of these stories has become Kay, Benton, Lucy and/or Pete being threatened, injured, etc., etc.
Has long since stopped being about solving or preventing a murder.
Just can't allow her characters to have any positive experiences--I guess she doesn't have many herself and therefore doesn't know how to write them.
I don't like "romance" books where heroines get carried off by a muscular hunk; but surely there must be some middle ground between that and books that make me ask why I'm bothering to get out of bed in the morning because life is so dark.
Cromwell has apparently generated several plots and melded them rather haphazardly into a single book. It's unfortunately turned into a rather confused wrangle, unworthy of so talented an author. Her writing skills have not diminished; she is still capable of painting perfectly visualized verbal pictures and her descriptions of background occurrences and settings are untarnished. However her leaping from one plot to another can be confusing and more than a bit disconcerting, yet it would be forgivable if more than one of them were resolved. Lamentably, the tide of the entire book is morbid, positive energy is absent. At times, it's so depressing that one wonders if the mood wouldn't fit nicely into one of the more desolate TV soap operas.

Cromwell's prose is wonderful - at times, downright poetic - but the mood in her recent books has become more and more saturnine, reaching a true nadir in TRACE. Until now, I have always enjoyed reading her books. Not this one.

I would not recommend it unless you feel like wallowing in gloom and depression.
I keep buying and reading the Scarpetta series hoping that Cornwell will wow me as she did early in the series. NO success with TRACE.

Cornwell has developed a formula that is growing more tired with every new entry to this, once promising, series. I no longer care about Lucy's dysfunctional relationships, Kay and Benton's past that, seemingly, Kay cannot get beyond, Marino's strange fixation with Kay despite the fact that they have worked closely together for more years than most couples are in a relationship and Kay's inability to maintain even grudging respect by those who must rely on her expertise.

The medical mystery that is the reason behind reintroducing all of this angst gets lost in the personal relationships and is easily forgotten. The abrupt endings of the last two efforts have not left me wanting more. It seems as if even Cornwell has tired of her own stories and just wants to get out.

I keep buying the books in the hope that I will get some of the early pleasure from reading this series. After Cornwell's last two efforts, I think that my reading time would be better spent elsewhere
Dull and unimaginative. The Henri character lacked depth and she totally sucked. The story felt disjointed. The Pogue character monologues were endless and painful.

Where is Cromwells editor? Does she have honest friends? Her books used to be so amazing; the plots were excellent and the writing was superb.
Style changed, characters aren't right, I'm done with the series.

Damn I miss Robert Parker!

Patricia either stopped writing it or stopped caring what she wrote.
A few years ago I gave up on Patricia Cornwell after her star, Scarpetta, devolved into a self-absborbed, petulant, adolescent poseur, noted more for her vitriol than her virtue. Then came the promising reviews of this latest effort that hinted at a return to the kind of work we had once expected of Ms. Cornwell. And so I bought "Trace", approaching it with eager anticipation, but was unfortunately delivered little more than disappointment. I found the character development to be non-existent and the plot to be so rag-tag, disconnected and sluggishly presented that I began to wonder what kind of writer could possibly offer this up as a novel and expect anyone to take it seriously. The lengthy (and gratuitous) episode involving Marino's sexual humiliation at the hands of a sick, grieving mother added nothing to the story or to my respect for Ms. Cornwell as a writer. Ditto the character, Henri - another pathetic loser to dislike. What exactly was the once-burnt-to-a-crisp-but-now-resurrected Benton Wesley supposed to accomplish with her? And did we really care? "Filler", I thought. Sort of like when you make crab cakes. But then, at least, you usually get a little seasoning and spice, too. Not so here. Apparently, Ms. Cornwell has become so jaded and out of touch with life that she feels that tossing around descriptions of the McMansions found all over South Florida (and the flashy cars that go with them) makes for entertaining reading. While Scarpetta did return briefly to Richmond in this story, "Trace" unfortunately proves true the old adage: "You can't go home again."

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