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by Steffan Piper

  • ISBN: 0595689647
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Steffan Piper
  • Subcategory: Erotica
  • Other formats: docx mbr lit mobi
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (September 12, 2007)
  • Pages: 216 pages
  • FB2 size: 1957 kb
  • EPUB size: 1164 kb
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 295
Download Yellow Fever fb2

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A modern tale of love and illusion set upon the dark streets of Los Angeles. Qianqian (chin-chin), a twenty-two-year-old living in Los Angeles.

Steffan Piper currently lives on the outskirts of Los Angeles with his family. Most of his writing occurs in the dead of night unlike the bulk of his contemporaries. Despite the rumors, Steffan remains a Best-Selling Author, Intelligence Consultant, Screenwriter and Poet. Books by Steffan Piper. Mor. rivia About Yellow Fever.

Have you ever been so in love with a woman that you would go to the ends of the earth for, or take your life, willingly, in the street for?No?. Qianqian (chin-chin), a twenty-two-year-old living in Los Angeles, is a mixed-up Asian woman struggling with her career as a well-paid but restless stripper.

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Born in Pennsylvania in 1971 and raised in England and various parts of Alaska. Attended school at the University of Alaska, Anchorage and the University of Los Angeles, California. Once a resident of Alaska, the Mayor of Nome asked him to 'leave and never return,' due to a minor misunderstanding. Steffan Piper currently lives on the outskirts of Los Angeles with his family.

Have you ever been so in love with a woman that you would go to the ends of the earth for, or take your life, willingly, in the street for? No? Come now We are men of action. Lies do not become us. Qianqian (chin-chin), a twenty-two-year-old living in Los Angeles, is a mixed-up Asian woman struggling with her career as a well-paid but restless stripper. She spends her life faster than the money she picks up off the floor or from the rough hands of lonely old men that leave her unable to care about anyone but herself. Qian cold-heartedly strings along her obsessed lover, Steffan Piper, a cop who also moonlights by writing an anonymous gossip column about celebrities. At the same time, Qian is being paid lavishly to travel with and be a companion for sixty-one-year-old Layden Strausse, a wealthy man whos grown tired of his fading life. Caught between the quiet side of obsession and the lust that fuels the night-life, can Qian continue her lustful lifestyle, bouncing between the two men with no regard for their feelings? From seedy strip clubs to well-heeled hotels, from Los Angeles to New York, Yellow Fever is a tangled love story that moves through the undulating tides of emotion in Qian and Steffans lives. Be warned though, this isnt a tale that will quaintly unfold pulling you nearer to the protagonists. Its a tragedy and you will despise these people. For some there is no redemption and for others there is no happiness.
Reviews about Yellow Fever (7):
"Yellow Fever", written by Steffan Piper.

Qianqian (Chinchin) is a 22 year old Asian girl living in Los Angeles and has been making her living as a stripper however she is about to expand her commodities to include prostitution. Qianqian never set out to become a prostitute but the money was irresistible and although the money is good it is starting to change her. Qianqian leads a life of self-indulgence as she embraces her every desire all the while stringing along a boyfriend who she seems to have little concern for.

Steffan Piper (A character in the book not the author) also provides perspective for roughly half of the book. Steffan who is a cop by day and a journalist by night has something of an obsession with Qian. She is almost like his white whale in that she is something he desperately desires but deep downs know he can never have at least not in the "normal relationship" type of way he wants. Steffan is well aware of Qian's numerous indiscretions but pursues a relationship with her against all common sense and logic none the less which I suppose is what obsession is.

"Yellow Fever" is an enjoyable read. I don't feel like the plot unwound in a typical way or that there was necessarily a key turning point or defining moment. It seems more like and ever quickening downward spiral that Qian is descending with Steffan watching from a distance with his hands tied. There are however defining character moments in which more insight is given and as a reader you have a better understanding as to why they are who they are.

The Good: Steffan demonstrates solid character writing skills in "Yellow Fever". His characters are all very flawed and because of this feel very real. The story stays interesting at all times and I never got to a point in the book where I felt like the story was dragging or became bored with it.

The Bad: This isn't really a bad and is more of a positive on the author's ability to write real characters but I didn't like the main character. Her continued self indulgent acts made me wish something very bad would happen to her. There was also a level of frustration I felt with the Steffan character in that he couldn't just step away from the situation but again this demonstrates the author's ability to write solid characters.

Overall: This is a great first effort from Steffan Piper and I look forward to his next writing endeavor.
A second edition rewrite of a novel is very unusual. When both editions are concurrently on sale on Amazon (as they are at the time of this review) then it can also be very confusing.

The author has said, "The version of the book that went to print through the previous publisher was an older and much earlier version of the book that was never meant to be published...It was the pre-edited, advance review version."

So the first thing to say is, ensure you get this, the 2008 edition.

Yellow Fever is an erotic novel set in 1998/9 Los Angeles. Its theme is obsessive love and its treatment so heartfelt that it is clearly strongly autobiographical. The author's stated goal was to "...write a story where the reader wouldn't be able to stomach the main characters by the end of the book". I found I was able to stomach them but not to like them much.

The strong sense of place - and time - is both a strength and weakness of the book. As a long-time resident of L.A., I recognized the locations, including the Industrial Strip establishment. So for me, the contemporaneous references were great fun, as I was there at that time. But I can understand how some readers might be puzzled, and perhaps irritated, by them. As in his poetry, Piper is fond of making topical references. They give his writing immediacy, but they also have a limited shelf life.

Piper has a streetwise, direct writing style. The use of different points of view - third person and first person - is interesting and works extremely well in this particular novel.

The story is not elaborately plotted, but is more of an unfolding tragedy. We enter the lives of the protagonists at a somewhat arbitrary stage in their relationships, observe them for a while, then leave them to continue on their way. They are, like most of us, victims of their own desires. It is a character-driven story, often highly emotionally charged and as feverish as the title suggests.

There are ten illustrations, photographs of the heroine, interspersing the text, reinforcing the sense that the book is essentially a homage to her.

Recommended if you are interested in authentic, hard-edged, contemporary erotic fiction, from an interesting new author.

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