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by Katherine Sutcliffe

  • ISBN: 051511801X
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Katherine Sutcliffe
  • Subcategory: Erotica
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Jove (February 1, 1996)
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  • Rating: 4.8
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Download Devotion fb2

Katherine Sutcliffe (born 1952 in Texas) is a best-selling American author of romance novels. Many of her books are considered to be "dark" romances, examining issues traditionally not mentioned in the romance genre

Katherine Sutcliffe (born 1952 in Texas) is a best-selling American author of romance novels. Many of her books are considered to be "dark" romances, examining issues traditionally not mentioned in the romance genre. Katherine Sutcliffe was born an only child in East Texas. After working for a time at an oil company and as a headhunter for a computer personnel company, Sutcliffe decided in 1982 to quit her job and attempt to write a novel

Katherine Sutcliffe r through which Maria had vanished. I must be more weak-minded than I thought, Your Grace. I actually imagined that you would weep with delight and relief when you witnessed my vast improvement. Is that why you continue to glare at me and brood?" she asked. Need I remind you that I'm not, nor have I ever been, witlessly sentimental.

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Jove books, new york. Presents stacked high with bright ribbons and cards that declared her friends’ love and devotion. A Jove Book, published by arrangement with the author. Contents: Grateful Acknowledgment Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Epilogue. Grateful acknowledgment. At long last, life was good.

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The Brooding Artist It was whispered that Lord Nicholas Wyndham murdered his wife, that he was hopelessly insane, that he fell into uncontrollable rages. In seclusion in his great estate, Nick had shut himself from the world, painting and trying to remember his past. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device.

Used availability for Katherine Sutcliffe's Devotion. February 1996 : USA Mass Market Paperback. August 1996 : USA Audio Cassette.

After being wounded, Trey Hawthorne, Duke of Salterdon, once one of England's most eligible bachelors, finds himself alone, until the arrival of Maria Ashton, a lovely young nursemaid, begins to thaw his frozen heart
Reviews about Devotion (7):
I agree that the ending was different, but it was not unsatisfying. The only thing I can fault the author for was some lengthy exposition/thoughts toward the beginning of the book and some plausibility issues with the recovery of the hero. (Ex. He would have not have gone from bedridden and barely able to feed himself to playing the piano so easily.) Also, some of the scene transitions seemed abrupt. In several places, just as the dialogue and action was getting going good, she'd cut the scene. Sometimes it was frustrating, but I understood why--it made me want to keep reading. Sometimes it was just frustrating. The dialogue and the author's descriptions of characters, feelings and setting were good. If you can overlook the negatives, you'll enjoy this book.

Supposedly 'Obsession' continues the story. I'll be buying that next. ETA: No, I won't. After reading the description of 'Obsession', I've decided I'd rather picture the happy ending I imagined after finishing 'Devotion.' The character's are apparently much happier in my version.
The second book in a trilogy. IT is as good as the first. You will love it. Don't forget to buy Obssession, the third and final book in the series.
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My emotions ran the gamut with this novel; I liked it, then hated it, then begin to love it only to hate it at the end. This has to be the worst ending I have ever read in a romance novel.

The premise of the story is quite good. Maria lives with her father, a crazed religious vicar and desperately wants to escape so she answers an advertisement to be the companion of the grandson of the Duchess of Salterdon. She arrives at Thorn Hill the Ducal Estate to discover that her charge is not a child but a man suffering from a head injury from a severe beating.

Trey, the Duke of Salterdon is almost in a vegetative state, he is beyond unkempt to filthy. He has retreated into himself but is called forth by the kind Maria, who instinctively knows how to reach him. Here is where the book is at its best. The reader glimpses Trey's inner torment and his despair at ever living a normal life again but also the reader catches the hope the glimmers right beyond Trey's reach. Marie is stalwart, protective and patient recognizing that Trey has not totally disappeared.

When Trey does emerge the two trade insults and are almost vicious with their words to each other. For some reason, Marie can emasculate and taunt Trey when she is angry but is unable to mount a defense against the hired hand, Thaddeus, who has assaulted her and uses all kinds of vulgar language and innuendos without receiving half as much venom as Marie saves for Trey.

Finally Trey and Marie come to grips with their feelings and desires and the story becomes very romantic as Trey rediscovers his own passions. These scenes are quite touching and emotionally charged. Then the author changes course and the book ends abruptly, so abruptly I thought maybe some pages were missing. I give this novel a 2.5 star rating mostly because of the inconsistency of the characters, especially the heroine's and the unsatisfying ending.
This book was recommended to me because of my love of "tormented" heroes. I can't quite decide who was more tormented, Trey or Marie.

Marie, a beautiful but abused young woman becomes a nurse/companion to Trey Hawthorne the Duke of Salterdon. She is beaten down both physically and mentally by her deranged father (a rather successful minister). Seeking a better life for herself and her mother, Marie answered an advertisement to nurse a child. Much later, after arriving at Thorn Rose manor, she finds her patient is not a child at all.

Injured in an attempted robbery, Trey spends his time either catatonic or totally frustrated and abusive to his staff. Eventually at the edge of consciousness, he begins to notice and respond to Marie. And not as expected! He is rather violent! Marie, seemingly with an endless amount of compassion and forgiveness, conquers all her fears and rather than running away, she works doggedly to bring Trey back from the brink of lunacy.

The storyline is harsh and frightening, yet you come to love Marie for her unfailing optimism and Trey for his desire to be free of the confines of being a duke. They both have suffered tremendous hurt as children and you realize how much they have in common, just as you realize how far in class they are apart.

Can this have a happy ending? Will she sacrifice him to his position and obligations. Will he sacrifice her to please his grandmother and society? I was not disappointed with the ending as others were. The ending was as gritty and real as the rest of the book.

Secondary characters are so well drawn out. Trey's twin brother was a delight to meet. The dour duchess (grandmother) was also. Every character added dimension to the story. I did not like the hurried ending of the novel which wrapped up some incidents regarding "highwaymen." This is not a light hearted novel but I can highly recommend it. I am off to read the "prequel" about Clayton, Trey's twin --

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