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by Michael Chabon

  • ISBN: 0340936266
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Michael Chabon
  • Subcategory: Contemporary
  • Other formats: doc txt lrf lit
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Sceptre (2007)
  • Pages: 240 pages
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  • Rating: 4.8
  • Votes: 260
Download The Mysteries of Pittsburgh fb2

I gathered up my books and papers and noticed that the Spanish Potboiler Guy had left. Where he’d been sitting there were a small empty can of pineapple juice and a little scrap of origami that was like a dog or a saxophone.

I gathered up my books and papers and noticed that the Spanish Potboiler Guy had left. Going down in the elevator, I thought about the Girl Behind Bars, but at the ground floor everything was closed up, and an articulated wooden shutter had been pulled down behind the grille.

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh is a 1988 novel by American author Michael Chabon. The story is a coming-of-age tale set during the early 1980s in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was Chabon's first novel, which he began writing as a 21-year-old undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh.

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh book.

Michael Chabon, author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, Moonglow, and The Yiddish Policeman’s Union, is one of the most acclaimed talents in contemporary fiction. The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, published when Chabon was just twenty-five, is the beautifully crafted debut that propelled him into the literary stratosphere

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Michael Chabon is an American author born in 1963, awarded with the Pulitzer Price for The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, while many of. .

Michael Chabon is an American author born in 1963, awarded with the Pulitzer Price for The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, while many of his books are best sellers worldwide. His first book, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, was published in 1988 and was a great success and the same happened with his following works. Here is a list of some of the top works of this ‘magical prose stylist’. The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. Chabon began writing this book at the age of 21, when he was still an undergraduate student, and it was finally published in 1988.

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. Michael Chabon is back with a brand-new collection that reinvigorates the stay-up-all-night, edge-of-the seat, fingernail-biting, page-turning tradition of literary short stories, featuring Margaret Atwood, Stephen King, Peter Straub, David Mitchell, Jona. Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer. by Ben Katchor · Michael Chabon.

Read online books written by The Mysteries of Pittsburgh in our e-reader absolutely for free. Books by The Mysteries of Pittsburgh: Michael Chabon. Author of Michael Chabon at ReadAnyBook. The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, published when Chabon was just twenty-five, is the beautifully crafted debut that propelled him into the literary stratosphere

Reviews about The Mysteries of Pittsburgh (7):
I picked this one up at my local bookstore because it is another Michael Chabon novel set in Pittsburgh. Those of us who grew up in Western Pennsylvania will read just about anything that deals with the region. Although this novel was written before Wonder Boys, and it seems to reflect a younger sensibility than the later book, still the grittiness of Pittsburgh is brought out nicely. I particularly liked the reference to a "cloud factory" that was in a deep ravine next to the Carnegie Museum in Oakland. I did not know any Jewish gangsters in Pittsburgh, but the law firm of the Jewish lawyer who lived on my block in nearby New Kensington represented the mafia overlord who also lived there, so if you think Chabon is making all this up, well, think again. The hero of this novel is going through a period of sexual experimentation, while also trying to deal with the fact that his father is a master crook. There is a build up to a very dramatic conclusion involving one of his friends. Another winner from Michael Chabon.
Once or twice each year I abandon my usual genre reading for something different. And a Michael Chabon novel on deep discount made it easy to recognize that the time was right. I have a fondness for the word pictures Chabon paints and the interesting characters that populate his tales.

Only in reading the afterword did I discover that The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh is Chabon's first novel. It was written while he was still a student. What an auspicious beginning!

This is a coming of age story of a young man, Arthur Bechstein, whose father is a Mafia accountant. Arthur has gone to great lengths, he feels, to keep people from knowing who his family is. But Arthur learns that his secret is poorly kept. The new friends that Arthur makes during a summer that he planned to waste somehow know who his father is.

This is not at all a "Mafia" story despite that background. It's more a story of a surprisingly naive young man exploring his sexuality - trying to decide if he is straight, gay, bisexual, whatever. He develops relationships with three characters who define his world for the summer in Pittsburgh. Each of the characters is somewhat quirky and interesting. The time period, as close as I can tell, is the early 1970s and the novel rings true to that period despite having been penned in the late 1980s. That's quite a feat for an author who would have been about 10 years old at the time.

If you choose to read this you won't be doing so for a riveting plot. What passes for action is really quite slow moving. And, there are a few places that seem to have left holes in the narrative. But I encourage you to read this for the interesting characters and the beautiful use of language.
interactive man
MICHAEL Chabon plies the English language like no one else. He somehow manages to tell a whopping good tale with the most beautiful words and his work never disappoints. The Mysteries of Pittsburgh is a stunning first novel. Chabon is a gift to American literature.
I've read other books by this author, which were well written and enjoyable. However, this book could have been written by a precocious 8 year old. Just embarrassing. Not sure why (or how) it actually got published?
Perhaps it is because I read most of Chabon's other work (including this year's [book:Telegraph Avenue|10756240]) but Mysteries of Pittsburgh didn't really do it for me. I found it boring. The main character - Art - seemed bored by his own life and thus I found that this book that should have taken me a day or two to get through took me over two weeks.

There was nothing to look forward to. The relationships seemed trite.

The gangster stuff was eye rolling worthy; I never cared about Cleveland; the only relationship I ever cared about was the one between Art and Arthur - the payoff never coming to fruition; Phlox was a love crazed teenage girl who didn't want to seem like one.

And maybe this is because I know that this book was Chabon's college thesis but it felt like it. It felt like every literary device and tool that I ever learned in college was used in the first chapter alone. Maybe I would have enjoyed this more then.

But it wasn't all bad. By the time I got to the end it was interesting to see everything wrapped up (if only because I was happy to be done with it).
I typically love Michael Chabon books. This one left me wanting. I could not relate to the main character, who is rather sad and self absorbed. I did like the descriptions of Pittsburgh.
The book flew by like the summer of it's story. A fascinating emotional rollercoaster of a young man's enlightenment. The characters are funky and larger than life.
Interesting book. I've read Chabon before and love his intricate characters. These characters were very complex and did not disappoint! A good read.

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