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by Martin Langfield

  • ISBN: 0718148673
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Martin Langfield
  • Subcategory: Contemporary
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Michael Joseph; 1St Edition edition (2007)
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  • Rating: 4.3
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Martin Langfield headed Reuters New York for seven years, most recently as East Coast bureau chief, and has . A supernatural thriller that transcends the genre, "The Malice Box" combines compelling drama with well-rounded & likeable characters and thought-provoking discussions.

Martin Langfield headed Reuters New York for seven years, most recently as East Coast bureau chief, and has worked as a foreign correspondent and bureau chief in Miami, Mexico, and El Salvador. Langfield currently heads Reuters' journalism training programs. He lives in New York. Paperback: 432 pages. There's also a superb feeling for setting (Manhattan, NYC and Cambridge, England) and the dialogue is often witty.

Martin Langfield is a writer and journalist  . See if your friends have read any of Martin Langfield's books. Martin Langfield’s Followers (32).

Martin Langfield has lived in New York since 1999. An Englishman, he has worked as an international journalist for a major news organization for twenty years. Other author's books: The Malice Box. Menu. The Malice Box. Martin langfield. Published by the Penguin Group. Penguin Books Ltd, 80 Strand, London WC2R 0RL, England.

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My published novels are "The Malice Box" and "The Secret Fire".

This thriller is set in New York.

ISBN 10: 1933648481 ISBN 13: 9781933648484. Publisher: Pegasus Books, 2007.

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Journalist Martin Langfield was born in 1962 in Peterborough, England

Journalist Martin Langfield was born in 1962 in Peterborough, England. The Malice Box was the first book published as part of the British Penguin Books' Michael Joseph imprint of thrillers, and as a result was accompanied by an intriguing marketing campaign that included a blog on- line and a game that included a prize. Perhaps despite the kitschy nature of the advertising for the book, Langfield's debut novel met with favorable critical response.

Автор: Martin Langfield Название: The Malice Box ISBN: 0718148673 ISBN-13(EAN): 9780718148676 .

In the vein of Jon Stewart s America: The Book, Black Man, White House is an acerbic and witty take on Obama s two terms, looking at the president s accomplishments and foibles through the imagined eyes of those who saw history unfold.

Reviews about Malice Box (7):
Extremely boring and poorly written book. Promises much, delivers nothing
I was surprised by how much I liked this book because it really isn't the kind of thing to which I'm usually drawn. In general, this sort of psychic/spiritual quest story doesn't really appeal to me. In fact, if I'm being honest, the only reason I started reading it is because it is set so closely in Manhattan and, having lived on the island for about six years now, I am interested in reading about it--it's history, legends and mysteries.

In any case, that got me going; however, the excellence of the writing is what kept me going. The characters here are quite well-drawn and interesting--Robert, our hero; his wife, Katherine; Adam; Terri; Horace, the Watchman; and Tariq, the maker of the Ma'rifat--the Malice Box--are all memorable. The weaving of Tariq's story into the story of the others is particularly subtle and well done.

As for the plot, the first two-thirds of the book play very well. I ripped through these pages quickly and enjoyed them immensely. The moving between different times worked, sustained mainly by the precision with which Langfield takes us through the days in 2004, using events of the time to ground his supernatural story in realism. The last third of book were a bit harder going for me. Things became less grounded and it was more difficult for me to suspend my disbelief. Still, overall, this is an enjoyable book and well worth the read.
This is a very well written thriller of the "mystical/occult" genre.

The author obviously did his research and the book moves
at a good pace as the tension and excitement slowly build up.

I was very impressed by the authors ability to move back and forth
through time without losing any continuity.

Each passage back in time added clarity as to what was occurring in the present,
while also helping to explain the characters individual issues,
motivations, and emotional states.

As a native New Yorker, I was also impressed by the authors
intimate knowledge of the landscape and history of New York City.

I agree with the prior reviewer who stated that it
makes one wish there was a walking tour of NYC based upon this book !

I disagree with the Publishers Weekly review about the characters
being two-dimensional.

I felt that the characters were well developed and the
depth of emotion they feel is real and heartfelt, and anything
but two-dimensional.

The premise of the book might seem ludicrous, but Langfield does a Great
job in making it all sound plausible and believable.

Overall, this was a Great book, very well written, exciting and
entertaining, and one of the best thrillers I've read in a long time !

I'm looking forward to reading the Authors next book.
One of those books where it took me a while to get into.
One I put almost away.
Then it captured me.
It's an interesting story and neatly written.
To me personally a wee bit too much city Info about New York / Manhattan.
A lot of details about streets, corners and such.
I don't regret buying and reading it though.
It would get a 8/10 from me.
Zeks Horde
A supernatural thriller that transcends the genre, "The Malice Box" combines compelling drama with well-rounded & likeable characters and thought-provoking discussions. There's also a superb feeling for setting (Manhattan, NYC and Cambridge, England) and the dialogue is often witty. Langfield spins a journey of discovery that operates on several levels: a murder-mystery tale; a series of intellectual puzzles; the protagonist's quest for truth about his friend, his wife and himself; and a growing realization that recent historical events, such as 9/11, have a significance beyond the headlines. All interwoven within a well-paced, forces-of-light-and-darkness narrative. A good read.
I had recently returned from my second visit to New York when I found this book. It was fascinating to trace the story by remembering the landmarks that we had seen during our visits. I had said that I wouldn't need to go back as I had seen as much as I needed to see but now that I have read the book I can't wait to return and find all the places referred to in the book, some of which we did not visit. It would be a great book for anyone to read before a trip to this exciting city.
As far as the story goes, no one could deny that it is far fetched but it does make us look at our lives and see how we have all been subjected to trials, although thank God not as terrifying as those of Robert. It perhaps makes it easier for us to accept that the trials were a necessary part of the formation of our character and that by using the experiences wisely, good and bad, they will hopefully make us a better person.
I do agree with another reviewer that the first two thirds of the book was easier to follow and that from 'The Body of Light' onwards it is, in parts, confusing.
However, it is an interesting, mind opening and thought provoking book.
Thank you Martin.
While many people may critique Langfield for jumping on the "DaVinci bandwagon," it is clear from the depth and the sheer amount of research in this book that he had already begun the creative process long before the DaVinci phenomenon. It is a thrilling read and the way Langfield weaves the mystical elements of "the malice box" within the cityscape of New York is incredible--it will make one wish there was a walking tour of New York based off this book. A gripping adventure complete with a rich cast of characters that the London Times was right to compare to "Brideshead Revisted." I can only hope there will be a sequel!

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