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by Boyd Gaines,Danielle Steel

  • ISBN: 0739317261
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Boyd Gaines,Danielle Steel
  • Subcategory: Contemporary
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  • Publisher: Random House Audio; Abridged edition (February 1, 2005)
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Download Silent Honor (Danielle Steel) fb2

She called the baby Toyo, and even Ken spent hours playing with him, holding him, and drew the line only at diapers. But Tak was the champion of them all.

She called the baby Toyo, and even Ken spent hours playing with him, holding him, and drew the line only at diapers roko needed a break, or wanted to sleep. He loved doing it, and the baby was completely at ease with him. He never cried. He just slept happily in his arms, until he decided he was hungry, and needed his mother. Two weeks after he was born, feeling guilty lying around, Hiroko went back to the infirmary, and she took Toyo with her, strapped to her back.

Silet Honor by Boyd Gaines, Danielle Steele Audiobook. I am a fan of Danielle Steele, so any book she writes I know will be good. This one did not disappoint me. She makes her characters seem so real and you can really get involved in their lives and feelings. after Pearl Harbor and it's true the way she wrote it - it's really horrible to know how it was. It's very believeable and she's a top-notch author, in my opinion.

Danielle Steel has been hailed as one of the world’s most popular authors, with over 530 million copies of her novels sold. Her many international bestsellers include Toxic Bachelors, Miracle, ImPossible, Echoes, Second Chance, Ransom, Safe Harbour, and other highly acclaimed novels. She is also the author of His Bright Light, the story of her son Nick Traina’s life and death.

By Danielle Steel Read by Boyd Gaines. From New York Times bestselling author Danielle Steel, a moving novel of families separated and lives shattered by prejudice during one of the most shameful episodes in American history. By Danielle Steel Read by Boyd Gaines. Category: Women’s Fiction Historical Romance. A man ahead of his time, Japanese college professor Masao Takashimaya of Kyoto had a passion for modern ideas that was as strong as his wife’s belief in ancient traditions.

Danielle Steel's book Silent Honor was brought up as well-written fictional story about the same subject. This was my first experience with Danielle Steel and I do not see myself looking for anything by her in the near future. I thought this book was very well crafted and I became so attached to all of the characters. I will now look into what else I have not read a Danielle Steel book in well over 25 years. I just outgrew her, or so I thought. Jul 30, 2015 Lita Lestianti rated it really liked it.

Danielle Steel portrays the human cost of that terrible time in history, as well as the remarkable courage of a people whose .

Danielle Steel portrays the human cost of that terrible time in history, as well as the remarkable courage of a people whose honour and dignity transcended the chaos that surrounded them. icial or on Twitter: ellesteel.

Narrated by Boyd Gaines. From New York Times bestselling author Danielle Steel, a moving novel of families separated and lives shattered by prejudice during o.

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AN EXTREMELY MOVING BOO. realistic portrayal of the Japanese Americans at this period in our turbulent history. Canyon News (Te. A poignant story. The doubleday book club. Dating game no greater love.

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In her 38th bestselling novel, Danielle Steel creates a powerful, moving portrayal of families divided, lives shattered and a nation torn apart by prejudice during a shameful episode in recent American history.A man ahead of his time, Japanese college professor Masao Takashimaya of Kyoto had a passion for modern ideas that was as strong as his wife's belief in ancient traditions. It was the early 1920s and Masao had dreams for the future—and a fascination with the politics and opportunities of a world that was changing every day. Twenty years later, his eighteen-year-old daughter Hiroko, torn between her mother's traditions and her father's wishes, boarded the SS Nagoya Maru to come to California for an education and to make her father proud. It was August 1941.From the ship, she went directly to the Palo Alto home of her uncle, Takeo, and his family. To Hiroko, California was a different world—a world of barbeques, station wagons and college. Her cousins in California had become more American than Japanese. And much to Hiroko's surprise, Peter Jenkins, her uncle's assistant at Stanford, became an unexpected link between her old world and her new. But in spite of him, and all her promises to her father, Hiroko longs to go home. At college in Berkeley, her world is rapidly and unexpectedly filled with prejudice and fear.On December 7, Pearl Harbor is bombed by the Japanese. Within hours, war is declared and suddenly Hiroko has become an enemy in a foreign land. Terrified, begging to go home, she is nonetheless ordered by her father to stay. He is positive she will be safer in California than at home, and for a brief time she is—until her entire world caves in.On February 19, Executive Order 9066 is signed by President Roosevelt, giving the military the power to remove the Japanese from their communities at will. Takeo and his family are given ten days to sell their home, give up their jobs, and report to a relocation center, along with thousands of other Japanese and Japanese Americans, to face their destinies there. Families are divided, people are forced to abandon their homes, their businesses, their freedom, and their lives. Hiroko and her uncle's family go first to Tanforan, and from there to the detention center at Tule Lake. This extraordinary novel tells what happened to them there, creating a portrait of human tragedy and strength, divided loyalties and love. It tells of Americans who were treated as foreigners in their own land. And it tells Hiroko's story, and that of her American family, as they fight to stay alive amid the drama of life and death in the camp at Tule Lake. With clear, powerful prose, Danielle Steel portrays not only the human cost of that terrible time in history, but also the remarkable courage of a people whose honor and dignity transcended the chaos that surrounded them. Set against a vivid backdrop of war and change, her thirty-eighth bestselling novel is both living history and outstanding fiction, revealing the stark truth about the betrayal of Americans by their own government...and the triumph of a woman caught between cultures and determined to survive.From the Paperback edition.
Reviews about Silent Honor (Danielle Steel) (7):
In my opinion, this novel is in a class by itself. It vividly describes the sentiment and prejudice of the times during World War II. It is a love story and a tale of hatred, defiance, and persistent love despite serious obstacles. Finally the family ties are bound together as the war ends and young love triumphs over the devastating results of war.

The title of this book describes how honor transcends the sentiment of the times during World War II.

I could barely put this book down as it raced to its conclusion.

Thank you, Danielle Steel, for a true masterpiece.

Janet T. Neiss
If you're interested in learning how the Japanese in the the U.S. were treated during WWII, then this book will tell you. Ms Steele does a great job of research for this book. But there is great sadness in this story because our government reacted out of fear and put mostly U.S. citizens in the internment camps. As always, she writes a great fictional story in which to tell a true, non-fictional tale. A very good read! I am a white natural born citizen of the U.S. who was married to a natural born citizen of Japan who lived here most of his life and was a U.S. citizen for most of his life.
This Book was recommended to my Mother by a Friend of my Father's who was interned in a Japanese Internment Camp in Idaho.
This Book according to him is an excellent Story written by Danielle Steel. I am very pleased to have found it here on Amazon. My Mother is a huge fan of Ms. Steel. Great purchase using my Amazon Prime Membership.
This is one of the best stories of history relating to the internment camps of Japanese Americans. I was a child during this time, and was very much afraid of our then enemy, but what had happened, should never have. As the war ended some Japanese Americans moved east. We were lucky to have had such a family move into our neighborhood. Their youngest daughter was born in one of those camps and with it all the family still loved America. They were wonderful people, and this book gave me a better picture exactly what they went through. I am an Italian &(Scots) American, who had an Italian last name and that could have been me and my family.
This a well-written novel that conveys the anguish Japanese and Caucasians suffered as a result of the internment camps of WWII. My sisters and brothers will always remember that the rifles were aimed toward them rather than outside the fences. May this never happen to anyone again. Thank you Danielle Steele for your compassionate and skilled writing.
Everyone should read this book. i had known about Manzanar but only in the most general way. This book brings home the terrible disgrace of the US government in interning all Japanese in the US, including those who were American citizens. The sufferings they endured and the losses of their homes and all they held dear are a terrible criticism of the American government. Although this took place 70 years ago, it is a warning to all that the US government can overstep their rights at any time. It should never happen again to any nationality.
A great blend of historical events and the life of a Japanese girl in the U.S. Although most of us remember the the round-up of Japanese descent U.S. citizens, reading the many details of a family who were sent to these detention centers makes one realize the injustice of it, and how these people suffered, while attempting to survive. Great book!
This was a great book I learned a lot that I didnt know before about some of the camps that the Japan. people were in after the bombing o fPearl Harbor. I was young but the book was very lightening and it keep my interest.

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