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by Michelle Reid

  • ISBN: 0263142884
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Michelle Reid
  • Subcategory: Contemporary
  • Other formats: txt mobi docx lrf
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Thorndike Pr; Large Print edition (November 1, 1995)
  • Pages: 283 pages
  • FB2 size: 1403 kb
  • EPUB size: 1275 kb
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Votes: 342
Download Slave to Love fb2

Reviews about Slave to Love (7):
Michelle Reid certainly writes stories that make others mad. This is one more. And I love to read them. Now here is another story. This story of a man and a woman who are in a realtionship and thou he is divorced his ex-wife and daughter are very much involved in his life. So much so that he does not give his new "girlfriend" the attention she deserves. Roberta has been with him for over a year. But when ever they get time together his family call him back. In this story Mac must make the stand who he wants to be with. And does he want another marriage. I have read this story and the spoiled daughter who is eighteen is my fav antagonist in the whole book.
I have read a few of Michelle Reid's books and believes she is a very good writer to the point of looking for her books. I gave this book a rating of 4, based on her reputation and talent. Not much of it was shown in this book. The hero was openly very selfish, arrogant, and self-centered. But Roberta invited...no, begged to be used by him. She presented as not being able to LIVE if she couldn't have sex with this man. S he made some puny efforts to stand up for herself, but he didn't even have to crook his thumb before she was flat on her back. I am really frustrated and am very unhappy that so many heroines are either totally compliant to the heroes or run away from them. Are these truly the only options women have?
Mac and Roberta have been working-and playing-together for a year. Mac, however, is very loyal to his ex-wife and especially his daughter, Lulu. Literally, if she says jump, he would do it and not even ask "how high?" Lulu is a spoiled and malicious girl. She wants her parents to get together and tries to eliminate Roberts from the pictture. That's pretty much the whole plot of the story. Anyway, the ending is predictable and unbelievable. Lulu realizes thst what she did is wrong and does a complete 360 change in personality. Mac wises up and finally proposes.

It's writtrn typical MR 90s style, with just Roberta's POV. Their relationship is believable, and so is Lulu's personality until the end. If you give someone whatever they want, they will develop a sense of entitlement. I'm glad I read it but put it in my garage sale pile.
Reading this was a slow painful process. I thought to get a heroine strong enough to ask what she deserved, instead, I got a love-starved girl who just could not hold her own. Add-in an insensitive bastard and his spoiled daughter and you can't blame me for wanting the heroine to end up with the "hero's" brother.
I just in the past year or so reading Michelle Reid's books. This was a real good book. I highly recommend it to romance readers.
Strong, wrenching storyline. I love Michelle Reid. She's a keeper on my shelf. :) I read anything by her. I guess that's why I have all of her books on my kindle. If you love her and Lynne Graham you should try Emma's Secret Enjoy!
Not a fan of the doormat h. The H was a selfish jerk and h let herself be convinced at the drop of a hat to stay with H.
The heroine is like one of the ladies we all know who in the name of love settle for abuse and disrespect.... I'd give it no star if that was possible...

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