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by Anthony Powell

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  • Author: Anthony Powell
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  • Publisher: Isis Large Print (April 1, 1999)
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Download Temporary Kings (Dance to the Music of Time) fb2

A Dance to the Music of Time is a 12-volume cycle of novels by Anthony Powell, inspired by the painting of the same name by Nicolas Poussin and published between 1951 and 1975 to critical acclaim.

A Dance to the Music of Time is a 12-volume cycle of novels by Anthony Powell, inspired by the painting of the same name by Nicolas Poussin and published between 1951 and 1975 to critical acclaim. The story is an often comic examination of movements and manners, power and passivity in English political, cultural and military life in the mid-20th century. The sequence is narrated by Nick Jenkins in the form of his reminiscences.

I think it is now becoming clear that A Dance to the Music of Time is going to become the greatest modern novel since Ulysses. I would rather read Mr Powell than any English novelist now writing.

The Album of Anthony Powell’s Dance to the Music of Time. Miscellaneous Verdicts (criticism). The Rest I’ll Whistle. A dance to the music of time. Books do Furnish a Room. Hearing Secret Harmonies. 1. REVERTING TO THE UNIVERSITY AT forty, one immediately recaptured all the crushing melancholy of the undergraduate condition. As the train drew up at the platform, before the local climate had time to impair health, academic contacts disturb the spirit, a more imminent gloom was re-established, its sinewy grip in a flash making one young again.

In which I talk about Temporary Kings, by Anthony Powell.

12 primary works, 16 total works. Shelve Temporary Kings.

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This affectionate life of Anthony Powell succeeds in restoring the reputation of the witty postwar novelist. There is, immediately, a debate about A Dance to the Music of Time, Powell’s principal claim to fame, a work that has not worn well. Powell’s social comedy is realistic, based on closely observed contemporaries. Unlike Wodehouse, for example, whose lunatic Eden is timeless and untroubled by the 20th century, Powell’s milieu has come to seem dated, its texture threadbare and its colours faded. He is not a moralist like Orwell, nor a great satirist like Waugh. He lacks Greene’s Manichean ferocity. He is, perhaps, too true to himself to be in the company of those big beasts.

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Temporary Kings is a novel by Anthony Powell, the penultimate in his twelve-volume masterpiece, A Dance to the Music of Time. It was published in 1973 and remains in print as does the rest of the sequence. The title is a possible reference to The Golden Bough, which has a section with the same title concerning the practice in the ancient world of appointing kings for a brief period, at the end of which they would be executed. The novel introduces a surreal element, mischievously portraying the literary world as politically corrupt and riven with dark deeds.

Hilary Spurling takes us through the life and his many literary friendships, pointing out landmarks and influences which made their way into ‘Dance’ and his other writings. Used to throttle the speed of requests to the server. The Irish Times World Economic Forum Bandcamp Knight Lab Cineuropa Scribble. Used by Google Analytics.

A Dance to the Music of Time ? his brilliant 12-novel sequence, which chronicles the lives of over three hundred characters, is a unique evocation of life in twentieth-century England.The novels follow Nicholas Jenkins, Kenneth Widmerpool and others, as they negotiate the intellectual, cultural and social hurdles that stand between them and the ?Acceptance World.?
Reviews about Temporary Kings (Dance to the Music of Time) (7):
This is one of the top 2 or 3 books in the series. I read two lengthy passages twice because they were so good. Part of the problem with reviewing this book is that it contains some dynamite revelations about Kenneth and Pamela Widmerpool that I don’t want to spoil for you. Let’s just say that some of Kenneth’s dirtiest deeds are revealed and that Pamela’s vitriol was never more caustic. Unfortunately, what happens between them after the “seraglio party” fight remains sketchy.

Pamela is an archetype or an incarnation, not only because she’s obviously meant to stand in for Queen Nyssia from Greek legend. Powell may have also intended her to be an incarnation of a destructive mythological figure like Circe, for example. In fact because of his interest in the occult, Powell may have believed that individuals can be actual reincarnations of evil, powerful spirits.

I recommend the section where “Books do furnish a room” Bagshaw explains to Nick why Kenneth Widmerpool, “the greatest bourgeois who ever lived”, is a Leftist. It’s insightful.

3.2 stars
It is a reasonable assumption that anyone contemplating the penultimate volume of Powell's wonderful novel sequence has read the preceding ten and does not need introduction or encouragement. All the virtues are here - exemplary technique, movement through time and memory (narrative strands unwrapped, layer within layer withour loss of momentum) and the theme of 'dance' recaptured in a series of beautifully worked set-pieces and interactions. Another pleasure of reading Powell is the occasional, never too obtrusive, placing of a single word or phrase to capture an atmosphere or moment. In the first sentence of this work, the smell of Venice, setting for a literary convention, is described as 'lacustrine', new to me but now not to be forgotten.
Now the narrator, Powell's alter ego Nick Jenkins, is in his 50's, comfortably ensconced in the literary establishment. But age and experience bring a tinge of melancholy underscored by his ongoing work on the 17th century writer Burton, best known for his large tome on that topic.As ever it is the large cast of
characters which engages the reader - eccentrics like the retired publisher Tokenhouse, new arrivals on the literary scene, as well as survivors from earlier episodes, including the fascinatingly awful Widmerpool.
As well as the familiar themes of literature and publishing Powell casts an oblique glance at the prevalence of Communist 'fellow travellers' and the espionage culture embedded in the English upper class in the post-war period.
However, perhaps his most challenging characters in this volume are the decreased novelist Trapnel, who remains a focus of much posthumous interest, and his former lover Barbara Flitton, still embroiled in a bizarre and increasingly seedy marriage to the newly ennobled Widmerpool. Barbara is clearly a disturbed and deeply unhappy woman. Powell describes but does not explore - he seems to have no wish to analyse, or indeed sympathise, with this troubled and seemingly doomed individual. Is this a strength or a failure on the novelist''s part? Read, enjoy, decide for yourself. Dave Wiĺlow
I am starting to get sad that this ride is going to end. Like Gyges getting a glimpse at another world, I am enjoying the view of something I’ll never experience.
This book has quite a ;to of 'gossip' which I find engaging.
it was great
quick and good quality
etc etc etc , is that 12 words ?
needs 4 more : was great as I said
That’s the best line in the book. It comes on page 191 and it finally roused me to a chuckle. And I’ll admit that it did pick up from there. In fact, we finally got the explosive Pamela & friends scene we’ve been working up to for six novels now and faceless narrator Nick picks over the scene in just the manner you’d expect. But really, not even Pamela can save this one. She does her best, parading through the novel in ever-more desperate states, giving Nick and his friends all they can handle, but as soon as she’s off-screen you can feel yourself begin to nod. It took me months to get through this novel, whereas the others took at most a couple weeks. Nick is, as ever, the recording non-entity, although Isobel gets in a few lines, which is rare.

So the last tenth of the novel was a good read, and now it’s on to the final sprint, God love us. Wish us luck. We’ll see you at the end.

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