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by Clive Barker

  • ISBN: 000223372X
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Clive Barker
  • Subcategory: Contemporary
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd; Limited ed (500) edition (December 7, 1987)
  • Pages: 722 pages
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  • Rating: 4.7
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Download Weaveworld fb2

The book will become a repository, before the story of Weaveworld is told; a place where vulnerable enchantments can take refuge.

The book will become a repository, before the story of Weaveworld is told; a place where vulnerable enchantments can take refuge. So inner and outer books, tales of Faerie and of Fugue, collapse into a single idea, the same precious idea that brings readers to bookstores with battered copies to be signed, and me, back to memories of a sill and an orchard to set before you. It’s such a simple idea, but it still seems to me miraculous: that in words we may preserve ideas and images precious to us. Not only preserve them, but pass them on.

If Clive Barker isn't literary genius then who is?Weaveworld is a masterpiece. It makes most fantasy novels look like a fan fiction written by immature schoolboys.

Weaveworld is a 1987 dark fantasy novel by Clive Barker. It is about a magical world that is hidden inside a tapestry, known as the Fugue, to safeguard it from both inquisitive humans and hostile supernatural foes. Two normal people become embroiled. Two normal people become embroiled in the fate of the Fugue, attempting to save it from those who seek to destroy it. The book was nominated in 1988 for the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Clive Barker has made his mark on modern fiction by exposing all that is surreal and magical in the ordinary world -- and exploring the profound and overwhelming terror that results. With its volatile mix of the fantastical and the contemporary.

Weaveworld begins with a rug - a wondrous, magnificent rug - into which a world has been woven. It is the world of the Seerkind, a people more ancient than man, who possesses raptures - the power to make magic. Here is storytelling on a grand scale - the stuff of which a classic is made. Weaveworld begins with a rug - a wondrous, magnificent rug - into which a world has been woven.

He tried to sit up, but he was so heavy, so laden with the dirt of his journey he couldn't move. I'm working on a big fantasy book called Weaveworld. It's an invented world book of a kind, but it spends two-thirds of its time in this world. It has some horrific elements, some metaphysical elements and some very black jokes. I'm looking forward to it immensely. By Kim Newman, Interzone, No 14, Winter 1985/86.

Clive Barker wrote Weaveworld in 1987 and now, 28 year later, it is far from forgotten and remains a popular and lasting .

Clive Barker wrote Weaveworld in 1987 and now, 28 year later, it is far from forgotten and remains a popular and lasting example of what magic can occur when fantasy, myth, horror and great storytelling collide. The story begins with a rug - not just any rug but a rug into which a world has been woven.

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Clive Barker's Weaveworld.

Eighty years of exile in the Kingdom of the Cuckoo, worshipped and reviled by turns, almost losing their sanity amongst the Adamaticals, but driven to endure countless mortifications by their hunger. one day to have the Weaveworld in their avenging grasp. Give us time,’ Immacolata told he. What about Shadwell?’ the Hag wanted to know

Reissue of the highly acclaimed thriller by the world's most outstanding dark fantasist. WEAVEWORLD is an epic adventure of the imagination. It begins with a carpet in which a world of rapture and enchantment is hiding; a world which comes to life, alerting the dark forces and beginning a desperate battle to preserve the last vestiges of magic which Humankind still has access to. WEAVEWORLD is a book of visions and horrors, a story of quest, titanic struggles, of love and of hope. It is a triumph of imagination and storytelling, an adventure, a nightmare, a promise! 'Barker's fecundity of invention is beyond praise. In a world of hard-bitten horror and originality, Clive Barker dislocates your mind.' THE MAIL ON SUNDAY.
Reviews about Weaveworld (7):
This was a phenomenal dark fantasy/horror novel, and I enjoyed every page. Cal, a young man in Liverpool, becomes entangled in a story about a fantastic land that exists along side the seen world, kept alive within an old woven rug. After falling “into” the large carpet that hides the unseen magical world, Cal is able to see the Fugue - as this world is called - and quickly becomes obsessed with this Wonderland.

This was my first reading of a Clive Barker book, and I was enormously impressed. Romance, mystery, adventure, creepy horror thingies around the corners, terrible villains - I enjoyed everything about it. If you like fantasy novels, read this book.
I enjoyed this book thouroghly. I read the synopsis, thinking it sounded a bit juvenile and whimsical, which I would not expect from Clive Barker. I gave it shot because fans of the author seemed to enjoy. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by many feelings and emotions this novel stirred inside of me. An epic of grand purportions. Feels, very much, like Clive Barker writing a Neil Gaiman story.
I first picked up this book when I was 15, a dozen reads and 25 years later it's still the strongest work of it's kind I've ever come across. Clive Barker did not merely write "Weaveworld" so much as he composed it, and it stands in many respects an epic poem stylistically and structurally the equal to Homer or Shakespeare.

In the most basic of terms Weaveworld follows Cal Mooney, a London banker living with his ailing father who one day, while chasing an escaped bird, "falls" into a carpet, a carpet it seems that contains a world. Though he dismisses it as illusion, he can't shake it and becomes obsessed with finding it. He's not alone, of course, a young woman, Susanna the granddaughter of the carpet's owner also becomes entwined in the search. All the while they are pursued by a ruthless salesman with a magic coat that can produce your greatest desire from it's lining and enslave you in the taking. The salesman, Shadwell wants to sell the carpet to the highest bidder, while his companion, an magic creature in her own rite wants to control those within it, or kill them all.

The lore of the story is that all magical beings, to escape the scourge of men, devised a vast loom where the brought themselves and possessions to be woven into the carpet for safe keeping until a place outside the world of men (or safely among them) could be found. Nearly a century later, they are nearly forgotten, but no the power the hold, or that binds them now.

What follows is an epic struggle to possess and save the carpet and it's inhabitants including the inevitable unraveling, a showdown with a millennium old force, a fantastical exploration of a world inside a world.

This 25th anniversary text is bound on heavy paper with stunning illustrations, the sort of experience every book lover longs for, an great, epic tome of never ending mysteries and adventures, horrors and loves, sex and violence, the magical and the firmly rooted. Weaveworld is a must read, though be warned it's graphic and not for the feint of heart. Part of Barker's style is that he holds nothing back, it's graphic, poetic, brilliant and impossible to put down.
What I love about Barker books is that you can truly forget the real world while reading. You might need a dictionary for all the new words he puts out there, but that just adds to the story. While Weaveworld isn't my favorite, it's a must read. True imagination at work. Now I feel the need to re-read Imajica again.
Sort of awesome.. in fact in many aspects an incredible story based around an idea of an old world hidden away in the weave of a carefully crafted carpet. The 'Fugue' hide away from 'The Scourge' and an unlikely pair of heroes emerge to somehow rescue this world and keep it preserved. It is extremely well written and for the most part it was hard to put down; until nearly 3/4 through it. At that point i actually got sick of it, the story lost its grip and seemed to be losing its point. Fortunately it picked itself up toward the end with a resolution that made sense.
I was 14 years old when I first read this book. It was another one of those books to which I fled during the war in Bosnia. I remember that I enjoyed the incredible landscapes of the woven world; magical characters, bizarre creatures, dark secrets and everything that has always attracted me. Today again, I open the pages of the new edition of adventure that will surely appeal to followers of the incredible work, and Worlds of Clive Barker. Today, when I live in a new world, where the sun shines, where there is no sniper fire and grenades, I'm gladly escaping again, into the magic carpet, to meet all of these wonderful creatures again. So, here goes the 5 star rating, because this book is simply so magical and dark.
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This was a great novel. There are few authors who can write a work of fiction that is over 700 pages, that can hold my attention from beginning to end. Asimov's Foundation Trilogy, and Tolkein's Lord of the Rings come to mind. The characters, plot, and imagery were wonderful. I so wanted to see the Fugue myself. A magical world, a magical author, a magical book.
I read Weaveworld in high school and loved it. I thought I'd pick it up and read it again. Honestly, 3/4 of the way through this book I wasn't too impressed. I had it rated at 3 stars. The first part of the book is a little slow to develop. Not that there wasn't any action, just that there are relatively few major plot developments and I was patiently waiting for something big to happen.

The last 1/4 was so good, however, that I considered giving this book 5 stars. I think the ending was why I liked it so much when I read it the first time. Once the Scourge enters the scene, the plot thickens and the action picks up. I won't give away anything, but the ending is very satisfying. It culminates in a moral that will touch every fantasy fan deeply.

The world and themes Barker creates are unique and impressive. It took a lot of imagination to pull this off. I just can't give Weaveworld 5 stars, but it's definitely a good read and I would recommend it to all fantasy readers.

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