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by Amy Jenkins

  • ISBN: 0316655708
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Amy Jenkins
  • Subcategory: British & Irish
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Little Brown & Co (September 1, 2000)
  • Pages: 282 pages
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  • Rating: 4.8
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Download Honeymoon: A Romantic Rampage fb2

Honeymoon : a romantic rampage. by. Jenkins, Amy. Publication date. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

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Alex is the love of Honey's life, the man that got away - until, within. Start by marking Honeymoon: A Romantic Rampage as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

March 2002 : UK Paperback.

Amy Jenkins does witty and clever a great deal better than most. The 250,000 copy debut for THIS LIFE creator - reissued in new look series.

As the best it should also be the last - wacky in its proposition on What If You Meet The Man Of Your Dreams On Your Honeymoon? and - post-multiple mishaps - wise on the whos, the hows and the must-haves of love for life. Amy Jenkins does witty and clever a great deal better than most. Filmic, sexy and fast-moving, it will go straight into the bestseller lists.

Amy Jenkins (born 1966, in London) is an English novelist and screenwriter. She is the daughter of political journalist Peter Jenkins and the stepdaughter of The Guardian columnist and author Polly Toynbee. In 2004 she married Jonathan Heawood, and they have one son. Jenkins was educated at Pimlico School, a state secondary, before attending the sixth form of the private Westminster School. She went on to study law at University College London.

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1st American ed. by Amy Jenkins. Published 2001 by Little, Brown and Co. in Boston Prefer the physical book? Check nearby libraries with

1st American ed. in Boston. Prefer the physical book? Check nearby libraries with: WorldCat.

This Life author mixes Bridget Jones and Private Lives without the wit, edge and style of either

This Life author mixes Bridget Jones and Private Lives without the wit, edge and style of either. We were driving around central London, the girls and me, in this fuck-off white stretch limo. Well, you've got to do something on your hen night. Let's play a game, Honey," said Della. How about the Love Of Your Life?" Della isn't given to endearments, by the way. Honey is my name. Short for Honeymoon because that's where I was conceived &quo.

Perhaps the book is a little like that too. It's sly and funny but a little hollow at its heart. The emotional dramas get worked out, but if it still feels like a disappointment it may be because this is more a case of okay for the time being than happy ever after.

On the verge of getting married to Ed, a suitable young man, Honey still finds herself carrying a torch for Alex, the Love of Her Life, with whom she spent only one night, a situation that is further complicated when Honey runs into Alex during her honeymoon in New York. A first novel. 35,000 first printing.
Reviews about Honeymoon: A Romantic Rampage (7):
I began this book with great expectation. After all, the premise is compelling. The book turned out to be a complete disappointment. While it is obvious that the author can, indeed, write, she did not make much effort with this novel. The characters all were dislikable, to be kind, except for the heroine's poor fiance, who just was a jerk. The story was full of holes. How did the heroine's sister realize that her sibling's long-lost mystery love was a man whom she just had met if they didn't know his last name? The best thing that can be said about the whole book is that it was short. In a better work, I might have felt cheated by the length but, here, it was an assist. I couldn't read anymore of it.
It seems that the world of women's fiction is hopping with a new trend... twenty to thirtsomethings looking for the love of their lives while finding theirselves. You've got many to chose from, _Animal Husbandry_, _Dating Big Bird_, _Getting Over It_, _Jemmima J_, the classic _Bridget Jones' Diary_, the list goes on and on. But what if the thirtysomething was already married? That's the twist that Amy Jenkins spins on this new trend in writing that is rapidly becoming old hat. While _Honeymoon_ is definitely not the most profound piece of writing that you will ever encounter, I found the characters to be well developed and the plot to be very unique and interesting. The plot device of soul mates has always held my attention and the way that Amy Jenkins spices it up is absolutely delicious. Honey is a sympathetic character that has many facets to her personality- it is easy for the reader to identify with her struggles while wondering what choice Honey will have to make. The secondary characters of Ed, Mac, Ven, Della, and Paul were delightful and when I grew a little tired of Honey's rantings, their stories were lovely to read about. Amy Jenkins is a very talented writer and though I havn't seen her television series, I'm excited to look for her movie _Elephant Juice_. She kept the plot moving and mixed enough pop culture into the book to keep it easy to identify with. Although some of the situations that Honey managed to get herself into were a little unbelievable, on the whole I found _Honeymoon_ to be a wonderful, lite read to pick up on an afternoon when I had nothing else planned. It's a wonderful break from reality and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good laugh (as I found myself chuckling out loud many times) and a cute story.
Amy Jenkins created and wrote 'This Life' for BBC2, which was an incredibly intelligent and compulsive piece of viewing. On hearing that Jenkins has written a novel, you immediately picture a huge Dickensian affair of modern London life with multiple characters. Instead of this, we get 'Honeymoon'.
'Honeymoon' is the narrator, and you can't help but groan as soon as you hear her name. One of the most attractive things about 'This Life' was its ensemble cast of men and women. Here you only get Honey as a first person narrator, and you immediately feel bereft. Yep, the portraits of men in 'Honeymoon' are okay, but you don't really get any deep insights into any of the characters. Jenkins is scrupulously fair, mentioning that in the majority of marriage break-ups, it's the women who have walked out. But this is as about as close to real life, or any life, as 'Honeymoon' gets.
Take 'Mac', for example, Honey's boss. He's something big in Hollywood, we're told. But we never really get to see what he does, apart from paying airfares at propitious moments (a lot of the events in the novel seem dependent on the old-fashioned device of Providence). Because Honey is so shallow, you never really get to care about her, despite her sob story of being orphaned when young. Ed, her groom to be, is so anonymous that he could be Anyman. There is the odd bit of humour, but never really enough to make the novel sparkle. Ed is right when he observes that Honey is far from reaching the heights in the hilarity stakes. Everything about this novel is so... comfortable. Honey and Ed arrive in New York by accident en route to their Honeymoon, and Ed thinks nothing about abandoning their reservations in Mexico to stay in Manhattan. Poor little rich kids, you sigh. Even their best friends and employer turn up in New York. Later on, when Honey has to agonise about returning to England... the fact that she does have such a coterie really renders this dramatic choice meaningless.
There are moments of high drama that ultimately fail to get your pulse racing. Jenkins refers to a lot of Cult TV and movies (with Honey ultimately losing all credibility when she claims that Roger Moore was the best Bond), and maybe reading novels is not her first choice of recreation. But you still feel she could have produced something much more meaty than this. The main story is really too girlie to have any great appeal. On the back cover, the legend is 'Fiction: General' which just about sums it up...
This is the story of Honeymoon Holt, called Honey for short. She met a man named Alex seven years ago. They spent one night talking, ate dinner at an airport the next day, and she hasn't seen him since. On the day of her wedding to Ed, her sister, a professional "feng-shuier" with many American clients, tells Honey that Ed is in L.A. Honey and Ed live in Britain.

Honey rips up Alex's address, but then Alex and his new wife are having their honeymoon next door at the same New York hotel. When Honey and Ed have a fight, and Ed throws his wedding ring on the bed and stalks out, things start to get interesting.

Jenkins writes with a wonderful dry British humor and many witticisms about friendship (she and her friend Della have a Cold War, which ends with the Wardour Pact, when they run into each other on Wardour Street in London and are happy to see each other). The plot is excellent. Readers will keep going, wanting to see whom she ends up with.

The main problem with the book is that Honey is not always likable. As a character, she is often selfish and shallow, and this may diminish a reader's affinity with her. Also, the book is marred by poor editing. At one point, a certain couple goes to Mexico, but the author can't seem to make up her mind whether the couple is in Mexico or the Caribbean.

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