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by Jack Du Brul

  • ISBN: 0732274524
  • Category: Fiction
  • Author: Jack Du Brul
  • Subcategory: Action & Adventure
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  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd (August 23, 2002)
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  • Rating: 4.6
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The adventure novels of Jack Du Brul. A rare treat-a thriller that blends some of modern history’s most vexing enigmas with a hostile, perfectly realized setting.

The adventure novels of Jack Du Brul. This is one thriller that really delivers: great characters combined with a breakneck pace and almost unbearable suspense. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, coauthors of The Ice Limit and Relic. nearly 500 pages of fast-paced prose propel Du Brul closer to the front ranks of thriller authors.

Jack Du Brul is here. Pandora’s Curse hits all the buttons. I chose this book because Jack Du Brul usually writes with Clive Cussler. It was a very good read. The plot left me guessing until near the end and the characters were well developed.

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Author: Jack Du Brul. Greenland August 19531. Vienna, Austria the Present2. The Vatican Rome, Italy4.

Jack Du Brul (born October 15, 1968 in Burlington, Vermont) is an American author who writes techno-thriller novels. Du Brul remained in Vermont throughout his childhood. He attended the Westminster School in Connecticut for grades 9 through 12. After college he moved to Florida, where he wrote his first book. He currently lives in Virginia. Du Brul's novels focus on his character, Dr. Philip Mercer, a successful mining engineer and geologist, who gets involved in various threats to the world

From Publishers WeeklyCombining plenty of thrills and a touch of romance, Du Brul's action-packed contemporary adventure zips along like an out-of-control locomotive as geologist Philip Mercer, the James Bond-like hero from the author's previous novels (Charon's Landing, et., becomes embroiled in another mission to save the world. Duped by a good friend, Mercer travels to the arctic to reopen a long-abandoned American base camp

Pandora's Curse book.

Pandora's Curse book. Details (if other): Cancel.

Jack Du Brul is her. . News & Citizen (Morrisville, VT).

Du Brul is also the writer of the bestselling novels featuring Philip Mercer. Du Brul lives in Vermont wit. ore about Jack Du Brul. Jack Du Brul is her. Related Articles. Looking for More Great Reads? Discover Book Picks from the CEO of Penguin Random House US. Close. Download Hi Res.

by. Du Brul, Jack B. Publication date. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

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During WWII, the Nazis buried a lethal artefact in gold chests. Now, whoever owns Pandora's boxes holds the power to unleash hell on earth. In the wastes of Greenland, geologist Phil Mercer uncovers a long-abandoned US Army base buried under the ice, and a long-dead body still hot with radiation.
Reviews about Pandora's Curse (7):
This was high adventure from an author who Is simply a master storyteller. Phillip Mercer is asked to join and expedition to Iceland to observe the reopening of a WWII era base deep within the icy, hostile, interior of Iceland. What he finds is intrigue, murder, and mystery. Why are their high traces of radiation at the base? Who committed the murders, and to what end? This is all adventure at a grand scale. I find DuBrul's writing style to be addictive. He doesn't rush the pace, nor does he tarry overmuch. He tells the story, develops the characters, and we are simply on the ride with him. This is an excellent series for those of us who are fans of historical and scientific fiction, with a large dose of SpecOps and intelligence included. I couldn't recommend the Phillip Mercer series more robustly.
I found this book to be an excellent story, just the rig h t combination of fact, history, plausibility and fiction. Personal interactions in stories like this one are one of the things I truly enjoy, and Du Brul seems to have found the right formula to keep the story moving along. I am an amateur military historian and archiologist/geoligist by hobby, and found the information about the area of the mine and the Underseaboaten (SP ??) to be fascinating. The story line was very refreshing, bringing in a very plausible idea of an asteroid/meteroite of unknown substance. All in all a good read for a rainy night!
Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed a strong homosexual subtext running through the Mercer thrillers? In "Pandora's Curse" it's blatantly in the open...when, for example, Mercer at first sight ignores the sexy Greta--who thinks he's undressing her with his eyes--because his eyeballs are instead glued to the strong silent Werner. Oops! Then there's the murdered fat Russian who's grieved by his weeping sidekick, about whom Mercer keeps repeating words to the effect, "I didn't know they were so close." There's Mercer booze of choice--a girly Gimlet, which, in another novel, Charon's Crossing, is feyly described as a "sweetened lime juice concoction." And Mercer's own "sidekick," an octogenarian lush, who sends him care packages that include a "gag" subscription to "Playgirl," and are addressed to "Max E. Padd." I won't even start on Mercer's profession: "I'm a rock man," he boasts at one point (in "Charon's Crossing"); all that drilling and boring!

I've only recently started reading DuBrul--having polished off, at least for now, the Cussler oeurve--and I must say that for all the similarities to Pitt's adventures, the breathy, exclamation-point-filled Mercer narratives leave readers wondering about the definition of a "man's man." As far as the comparisons to 007 go, whoever has made them has not read Fleming. Bond was not a boy scout. Bond did not blush at the thought that a woman might kiss him on the lips, as does Mercer in "Pandora's Curse," when pecked on the cheek by his "love interest," the short-haired, boyishly figured Dr. Klein. Hmmm. Inappropriate Bondian comparisons aside, the Mercer sagas make for a good read--especially between the lines.
My second Du Brul tale and, while in my view not as entertaining as “The Medusa Stone”, still a worthwhile read. He’s leaning a little toward the marine world here, which is what I was getting tired of with Cussler, and I hope it’s not a sign he’s headed down that same track. Mercer is more entertaining as he becomes a more familiar character and the action moves along well. Perhaps a little too much detail in the storyline to start with, and the scientific descriptions tend to drag a bit, but it all ends at a fast, exciting pace. As a storyteller Du Brul may not yet quite be a Cussler – but he’s not far from it and well worth following.
I chose this book because Jack Du Brul usually writes with Clive Cussler. It was a very good read. The plot left me guessing until near the end and the characters were well developed. Du Brul left me wanting to read more of his works. I do like an adventure and this did not disappoint.
Tyler Is Not Here
I am a big Clive Cussler fan, and after running out of his books, I decided to start reading DuBrul. I am not disappointed in any of the books so far, and this one is my favorite so far. DuBrul writes some great action books, and if you like the Oregon files or Dirk Pitt series from Cussler, you will really enjoy this series. I find some of these start a bit slow, but always finish with page-turning action! My only complaint so far is the lack of description for his main character Philip Mercer, I have not read the very first of the series, so perhaps I missed it?
Another winner from Jack duBrul. I swear, he is wonderful! I want to send him all good wishes and please, sir, I want MORE! Anyone who likes a thriller, an adventure-filled narrative, something to brighten your dim life, THIS WILL DO IT! I haven't sufficient superlatives to accurately state how great this is. You won't believe me until you read it.
Not great and not bad. This book like others fall into their own category of a screwed up hero fighting evil and self, who gets beaten up and still survives completely unbelievable scenarios and in the end, gets the girl until that relationship ends. The story line was fine. Descriptions of Greenland were interesting. Mercer is an okay soul, but you miss Harry in this book.

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