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by Syne Mitchell

  • ISBN: 0451458095
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Author: Syne Mitchell
  • Subcategory: Science Fiction
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Roc (November 1, 2000)
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  • Rating: 4.1
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Murphy's Gambit book.

Murphy's Gambit book. Thiadora Murphy is a floater. Such as during moments of complex emotion (not that there really were any).

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Born a floater -an oppressed race developed to withstand a zero-gravity Murphy is forced to work as a test pilot for a powerful corporation. Syne Mitchell writes pure space opera. I could set it aside w/o too much pain. but was engaged enough to remember where I left off. Too bad Syne Mitchell stopped writing. she had a knack for fun fiction. Nov 23, 2014 Jeff Youngstrom added it.

Born a "floater"-an oppressed race developed to withstand a zero-gravity Murphy is forced to work as a test pilot for a powerful corporation, but soon finds herself in a position where she may be able to liberate all floaters.

By (author) Syne Mitchell.

Next book . Murphy's Gambit. 2000) A novel by Syne Mitchell. Thiadora Murphy is a "floater. Born and raised to withstand a zero-gravity environment, the floaters are considered the dregs of the universe-an outcast society of space workers who have been ostracized and nearly enslaved. Murphy thought she could rise above her floater heritage. But then she was expelled from her military academy and forced to work as a test pilot for a powerful corporation. It's a job with many risks-and questionable rewards

Find sources: "Syne Mitchell" – news · newspapers · books · scholar .

Find sources: "Syne Mitchell" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR (September 2008) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). 1970 (age 49–50) Jackson, Mississippi, United States. Syne Mitchell (born 1970 in Jackson, Mississippi) is an American novelist in the science fiction genre. She has a bachelor's degree in business administration and master's degree in physics. She lives in Seattle, Washington and is married to author Eric S. Nylund. Her first science fiction novel was Murphy’s Gambit which won the Compton Crook Award in 2001.

ISBN 10: 0451458095 ISBN 13: 9780451458094.

Syne Mitchell is an American novelist in the science fiction genre. Jackson, Mississippi, United States of America. According to her blog, Mitchell's The Last Mortal Man series has not been chosen for further publication. As a result, she has chosen to pursue other series. To further this goal, she has joined a local writer's group. h2 Works

Born a "floater"--an oppressed race developed to withstand a zero-gravity environment--Thiadora Murphy is forced to work as a test pilot for a powerful corporation, but soon finds herself in a position where she may be able to liberate all floaters.
Reviews about Murphy's Gambit (7):
Given the author's background, I was surprised at how loose some aspects of science are played with in this book. That and the 9 as a prime number. But these elements stand out because the book has a general hard science fiction feeling to it.
But as far as the *story* goes, it is pretty good. Thia Murphy, six weeks from graduating from academy at the top of her class, is set up by an unscrupulous corporation whose job offer she snobbed, expelled, and then left no choice but to take up that offer or being forced into indentured service and bought by them all the same.
On the run, without money or options, she is offered a job by a rival corporation: to steal the very ship the first corporation wanted her to pilot. A path that will turn her into a criminal, a fugitive with a huge price on her head, a path that will endanger those close to her and will turn her into the very thing she entered the academy to escape: a floater rebel, daughter of her father.
One foot on each culture, grounder and floter, accepted by neither, she tries to find herself, to discover who she is as she desperately fights to stay alive and free.
It took me a hundred pages or so to get into the book. The beginning is set up describing the extreme power that can be brought to bear on an individual by a corporation that becomes interested in them.
After a string of bad luck (engineered by an interstellar corporation) Thiadora Murphy overcomes all (including the same corporation that had her helpless months ago) to change the Universe.
Once you achieve the suspension of disbelief - or maybe this is the sort of story that interests you - it's a fun story. There is an interesting discussion of 'floater' (purely space born) culture with its own set of taboos, rituals and everything you'd need to describe a culture and make it compelling.
The book has the giants of physics made into Gods, and the science has the same sort of feel to it. Very space opera in nature.
Nevertheless, it was a fun book to read. The character of Thiadora also developed in interesting ways. A bit heavy-handed, but still quite interesting.
Overall, well worth reading.
"If you purchased this book without the cover", so the legend inside every one of these begins, it's probably because the cover is the best part.
I regret that I found the writing stilted, repetitive and cloyingly cliche for the most part.
I didn't particularly care for our dauntless heroine, Thiadora Murphy, or any of the other overdone and under-realized characters in this tale. They all change attitudes and even personalities at the drop of an opportunity. And how many times did our Murphy bemoan her condition as a victim, unable to continue in her battle against the forces of evil, only to once again come to the fore and triumph.
The wondrous ship and space suit combination warp all concepts of physics beyond any possible rationalization other than the author's need for a thrilling and unlikely plot.
I didn't hate it, but I didn't much like it either. No recommendation here.
If you are a fan of science fiction, this is for you. I wish this book was available in eBook format so I could load it on my iPad. It is a well-written piece that should be made into a feature film.
This is a fast-paced story with a great protagonist. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. You'll find yourself rooting for Murphy even as everyone tries to bring her down. The realistic sci-fi world was nicely balanced with down-to-earth problems. The ending left me hopeful that Murphy will be undertaking another journey soon.
I first read this after finding it for sale in a Dollar Store. I was traveling and just needed something to read on the plane and in the terminal. I have to admit I loved the book and the unique approach Ms. Mitchell took to world building. I found her approach to the changes that would effect the species in low / zero gravity was great. I loved the strong female protagonist she developed. (I have since found that this author uses strong femal protagonists to solid effect.

I have read her entire fiction catalog multiple times and I am actually kind of sad that she has not continued in the Sci-Fi category. . It's not a super heavy, high-brow approach to Science fiction but it is fun to read. I devoured it in a day and found myself looking for anything else she had written.

I have enjoyed everything I have read by Syne Mitchell. I'm not into the thread arts so I am not likely to review her weaving books ut I wait in hope for her to write a new work of fiction.

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