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by Steve Miller,Sharon Lee

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  • Category: Fantasy
  • Author: Steve Miller,Sharon Lee
  • Subcategory: Science Fiction
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  • Publisher: Baen Books (April 20, 2010)
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Download Saltation (The Liaden Universe) fb2

The Updated But Partial Liaden Universe Time Line Updated November 12, 2003 (from Quiet Knives).

Adventures in the Liaden Universe Sharon Lee and Steve Miller Liaden Timeline Lord of the Dance Quiet+Knives This House Veil of the Dancer. Adventures in the Liaden Universe Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. The Updated But Partial Liaden Universe Time Line Updated November 12, 2003 (from Quiet Knives). Standard Year - Event/Story. 107 (pre Standard) - Crystal Soldier.

The Updated But Partial Liaden Universe Time Line Updated November 12, 2003 (from Quiet Knives). Not for nothing did Lady Kareen stand foremost among the scholars of the Liaden Code of Proper Conduct. She not only knew her Code, but she practiced it, meticulously Rather too meticulously, as some might think. But there was perhaps, Pat Rin thought now, an advantage-to Audrey, to the house, and to Kareen herself-in an extremely nice reading of Code in regard to this particular circumstance.

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller again immerse us in the Liaden Universe ®️ which is a complex tapestry of real people interacting and facing problems and overcoming them. There are actually two universes involved; the old and the new as well as four races.

Adventures in the Liaden Universe Sharon Lee and Steve Miller Liaden Timeline The Updated But Partial Liaden Universe Time Line Updated November 12, 2003 (from Quiet Knives )Standard Year - Event/Story-107 (pre Standard) - Crystal Soldier1118 - Balance of Trade 1123 - Naratha’s Shadow 1177 - Sweet Waters 1293 - Phoenix 1313 - Kareen yos ‘Phelium born1320 - Dutiful Passag. Adventures in the Liaden Universe. Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. The Updated But Partial Liaden Universe Time Line Updated November 12, 2003 (from Quiet Knives ).

that Sharon Lee and Steve Miller continue to craft stories in this universe. With two novels and a collection of short stories behind me, and many more to go, I am happy to admit that I remain enamored with this universe and these characters. While I would give Saltation 3 (Wish I could give it a . 5) for its slow build up and abrupt ending, I very highly recommend the Theo Waitley novels.

The Liaden universe (/liːˈeɪdɛn/ lee-AY-den or /liːˈeɪdən/) is the setting for an ongoing series of science fiction stories written by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. The series covers a considerable time period, some thousands of years in all, although since it also covers more than one universe the exact chronology is unclear. However the main timeline extends across only a few generations.

Sharon Lee, Steve Miller. BOOK 3 in the multivolume Liaden Universe ® short fiction collection. Tales of the Liaden Universe® brought together for the first time. Space opera and romance on a grand scale in a galaxy full of interstellar trading clans. A dozen recent Liaden Universe short works are added to the collection in the third volume of A Liaden Universe Constellation. Ranging from comic to cosmic, only one of these works was first published before 2011.

Theo Waitley is a Nexus of Violence. Thrust mid-year into a school for pilots far from the safe haven of her birth home on scholarly Delgado, young Theo Waitley excels in hands-on flying while finding that she's behind the curve in social intricacies as well as in math. Her mentors try to guide her studies and training into the channels best suited to her special abilities and inclinations, including suggesting that she should join in the off-world studenty association, a plan resulting in mixed success. After a series of confrontations, fights, and ultimately a riot after which she is thanked for not killing anyone, Theo is named a "nexus of violence" by the school's administration. Facing suspension and carrying little more than a hastily procured guild card, a pistol taken from an attacker, and the contents of her pants pockets, Theo must quickly decide if she's ready to return to Delgado in disgrace, or launch herself into the universe as a freelance pilot with credentials she's already earned. The sequel to Fledgling, Saltation is the tenth book in the Liaden series.
Reviews about Saltation (The Liaden Universe) (7):
Pilot-in-training Theo Waitley, whose young adult adventures were chronicled in the novel, Fledgling, continues to learn about her innate abilities and the complexities of being a pilot in this follow-up novel, Saltation.

After breaking free of the rigors of her strict homeworld, Delgado, Theo Waitley is accepted to the prestigious piloting academy, Anlingdin, where she will discover much about herself and the greater universe into which she has been thrust.

The majority of Saltation takes place in an academic setting, so it will not be surprising to readers familiar with that setting to find that, in addition to rigorous lessons, Theo Waitley will discover friends, and enemies, drawn into her orbit.

Fledgling introduced readers to an engaging, likeable character in Theo Waitley, while weaving in elements of the greater Liaden Universe revealed in the many previous novels and short stories written by the married writing team of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. Once you meet Theo Waitley, you are going to want to continue to see how her adventures play out, and Saltation gives readers a chance to spend more time with this young lady while also ratcheting up the suspense of the greater universal events into which Theo is being drawn.

I experienced Saltation via unabridged audio, narrated by Eileen Stevens. While I had a few minor issues with the overall story, which I will discuss after the jump, I thoroughly enjoyed Eileen Stevens’ narration and the climactic events of the novel compelled me to immediately purchase and begin listening to the next novel featuring Theo Waitley, Ghost Ship.

You may recall that my first completed read/review of 2014 chronicled my voyage of discovery with my first foray into the vast Liaden Universe with a read of their short story collection, A Liaden Universe Constellation: Volume 1. I was sufficiently awed by the experience that I could not help gushing about the Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s creation, nor could I resist quickly experiencing their work in novel form.

Although the authors provide a list of the internal chronology of this time-spanning series (now up to 17 novels and MANY short stories), they also outline various groups of stories featuring specific characters and/or people groups that should be read in order. I read a little about Theo Waitley, am fond of coming-of-age stories, and decided that I would buck tradition and begin with her adventures. I thus read, and was very impressed with, Fledgling.

Saltation picks up not long after the climactic events in Fledgling. Theo Waitley is now enrolled in a piloting academy and much of the first two-thirds or more of the novel is focused on the big troubles and small triumphs that are to be expected when a genuinely nice, still somewhat naive, wunderkind finds herself in a highly competitive academic setting. And it was with this part of the story that I experienced my minor quibbles. It feels as if this part of the story drags on far too long. During the process of listening to the story I had an online conversation with a Liaden Universe fan in the science fiction book club that I belong to in which we discussed his frustrations with the novel. My response at the time was that, had I not been so dedicated to the main character, it would have been easy to let myself get distracted by other novels clamoring for my reading/listening attention.

That is not to say that there is no worthwhile storytelling going on in the bulk of Saltation, for there is. Not only are the authors seeding in small details that will show up later in this story, and I suspect in subsequent novels, but Theo Waitley experiences some genuinely exciting and emotion-inducing moments. I think the bulk of my issue with the length of this section is that a cursory familiarity with the child-of-destiny storyline present in many science fiction and fantasy stories means that readers know what is coming. With that anticipation comes the feeling at some point in the novel that the story should go ahead and move on past to the next chapter in Theo’s life. Understandably not all readers will have this same complaint, and I will emphasize again that it is a minor one, especially in light of the events that occur in the last third to quarter of Saltation. When the surprises come, they come in guns blazing.

I reached a point around the 75% mark where I found myself wanting to loop around the block rather than park in my driveway because the details were coming fast and furious and the suspense I was feeling as a reader/listener drove me to want to know how events would be resolved. It is here that I will give you some more full disclosure: they are not resolved, or at least not entirely. I can only imagine how those who anxiously awaited and quickly devoured Saltation upon its release felt when the book ended and they experienced equal feelings of exhilaration and frustration, the frustration coming from having to wait until the release of Ghost Ship. I was saved any frustration because, the moment Saltation ended, I pulled over my vehicle, quickly purchased Ghost Ship from audible, and fired up my iPhone (plugged into my vehicle’s stereo speaker system), and have been continuing on with Theo Waitley’s story.

As I wrap up this review, allow me to admit that I have been completely remiss in sharing much of anything related to the other characters in Saltation. While Theo Waitley is the primary focus of this novel, there are other characters whom readers have met in previous stories that have parts large and small to play, important parts, that make these novels exciting. It is that whole “discovery” motif I referenced in my January review of Constellation. There is a greater sense of action happening off camera (or off page) in reading novels that are part of a very large universe that spans an enormous amount of time. While you may not know at the time how these additional elements fit in the overall arch of the series, you take with you the thrill of knowing that there may exist short stories or novels in which you can learn more of these details or, for those caught up with all the current Liaden Universe stories, there is the joy of knowing that Sharon Lee and Steve Miller continue to craft stories in this universe.

With two novels and a collection of short stories behind me, and many more to go, I am happy to admit that I remain enamored with this universe and these characters. While I would give Saltation 3 (Wish I could give it a 3.75) for its slow build up and abrupt ending, I very highly recommend the Theo Waitley novels.
This is one of the books that features 'Theo Waitley', set in the 'Liaden Universe', which are in order: 'Fledgling', 'Saltation', 'Ghost Ship' and 'Dragon Ship'. I have loved most every book I've read in the Liaden world, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, but the ones that feature Theo Waitley are my favorites. Apparently, Theo Waitley was originally featured in an online live journal and her development encouraged by avid fans. Perhaps this is why she seems such a very real character to me? Whatever, I sure hope they write more books with her in it! I've read a Lot of Science Fiction and Fantasy and rate this writing duo at the top of my list of writers. I believe these books are best described as 'Space Operas', combining a mix of drama, action, mystery and romance in futuristic fantasy worlds, including people from our 'Terran' world. Lee and Miller's writing is dynamic and emotive, with incredibly well designed societies and characters. An added benefit of reading Lee & Miller's writing is you can join their 'Korval' clan (a clan featured in the books) for real in Facebook, and actually speak to the writers. Lee & Miller have been cultivating close association with their readers since the 80's, which I find very special though I came late to knowing their writing and their books. They of-course also have a web-site, and you can look the Liaden Universe up on Wikipedia to decide which order is best for you to read their books. I personally started with Fledgling, and went back to read other books and fill in gaps, and didn't feel like I was completely lost. I love their Liaden Universe series, and highly recommend these books!
This book is set in the authors' lovely Liaden Universe, and is the second book in an arc centered on Theo Waitley. I liked it slightly better than the first book about Theo, and I had liked that book very well. There continues to be an underlying sweetness, but Theo is growing up and choosing her path in life. I remain skeptical that in this type of far future pilots would need the technical prowess depicted here, but it didn't stop me enjoying the story. Many of the Liaden Universe books are a joy by themselves, but there is an added joy when characters and elements from other threads appear. The whole becomes more than the sum of its parts.
Not jamming to this the way I did with Fledgling. Getting a little tired of issues and fights being someone else's fault - but being interpreted from a cultural standpoint as Theo's fault. Also the typical "the chosen one" syndrome YA and/or Korval books take on when reading too many of them in a row. Theo can do anything, but does it strangely. In some ways the people around her seem more real than her.

But I do Theo an injustice - while she does seem too perfect and unjustly put-upon - she works her tail off. School is constant study, on a cruise-line - goes to lectures and keeps up with classes plus hangs out with a bunch of professors, finally gets on a ship as a pilot in training and does endless invoices and weight distribution. This girl has worked hard to take her innate skills and hone them.

This novel ends the separate Theo storyline with the last scene tapping into the previously existing Liaden Novels.

The combination of Fledgling and Saltation seem the first two books of a YA trilogy - but Ghost Ship returns to the full Liaden universe and the series no longer moves around her. Which is disappointing because I really wanted to see the loose ends at the end of Saltation tie up concentrating on her instead of bouncing around the universe following the Korval clan in Ghost Ship.

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