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by Greg Egan

  • ISBN: 1857982819
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Author: Greg Egan
  • Other formats: mbr lrf rtf mobi
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Millennium (1995)
  • Pages: 289 pages
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  • EPUB size: 1412 kb
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 893
Download Axiomatic fb2

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Derived from the 2008 reissue published by Gollancz, London. Originally published in 1995. The Infinite Assassin. One thing never changes: when some mutant junkie on S starts shuffling reality, it’s always me they send into the whirlpool to put things right.

Axiomatic is a collection of Greg Egan's short stories that appeared i. .Greg Egan's science fiction collection Axiomatic is a landmark, the kind of work that can cement a reputation-and, indeed, upon reading this book for a second time after more than 20 years, I still think it showcases some of Egan's best stories. It's still cold too, though. After all, Egan's great strength as a science.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A collection of science fiction stories that looks at the possible future includes stories of genetically altered dolphins that speak in limericks and a software program that allows users to design their own child.

Axiomatic (. ISBN 0-7528-1650-0) is a 1995 collection of short science fiction stories by Greg Egan. The stories all delve into different aspects of self and identity. The Guardian describes it as "onderful mind-expanding stuff, and well-written to. Several Axiomatic stories involve "neural mods", usually presented as small tubes containing powder inhaled through the nose, which alter the brains of their users in highly specific ways with advanced nanotechnology.

The middle of what? Being thrust in front of a camera by her abductors? None of that had actually happened. No. ould have stayed in control. I could still admire her courage and her level-headedness - however bizarre the means by which I’d been reminded of those qualities. I started to turn away, and she said, ‘Stay if you like. I don’t mind you watching. I took a few steps into the cluttered studio. After the stark, cavernous spaces of the gallery, it looked very homely

Axiomatic is a collection of eighteen short stories: The Infinite Assassin The Hundred Light-Year Diary Eugene The Caress Blood Sisters Axiomatic The Safe-Deposit Box Seeing A Kidnapping Learning to Be Me The Moat The Walk The Cutie Into Darkness Appropriate Love The Moral Virologist Closer Unstable Orbits in the Space of Lies.

In ten years he has given us a good handful of novels, all every much driven by the laws of nature, as Egan saw fit to bend them. But he has also given us three collections of short stories. Axiomatic is the first. I've read a few of Egans shorts else where, but I haven't really noticed them before, which is a real shame as they are often very, very good. I would go as far as to say that they are often better than his full length novels. With Egan being mainly an idea man, the short form suits him really well.

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Подписчиков: 8 ты. себе: I am a science fiction writer and comput. себе: I am a science fiction writer and computer programmer.

This is a collection of science fiction short stories. They cover themes from bio-engineering to the new physics, and from cyberpunk to the electronic frontier.
Reviews about Axiomatic (7):
I read this after really enjoying Diaspora and Permutation City.

I loved those books because of their solid writing, reasonably good characters and mind-expanding ideas. The stories in this collection are just as solidly written, but the premises vary pretty widely. Some of the ideas are as "out there" as the novels mentioned above, but the sum isn't as mind-blowing as the novels. Maybe if I had approached the collection with different expectations, I'd have gotten into a few more of the stories, but having been set up by the novels, I found myself waiting for the payoff more than enjoying the journey in some of the stories.

If you've liked any of Egan's other work, though, this is worth the buy and the read.
Wow - If you like hard science fiction then you LOVE this book of short stories (novellas) by my new favorite SF writer. I read a lot of SF and this has to be one of the top 3 books of short stories I have ever read. There are ten outstanding stories but my very favorite was the last one entitled “Unstable Orbits in the Space of Lies”. You will want to reread this one several times. Amazing stories with the most unusual thought provoking plots and totally unexpected endings. Bravo to the best author in Australia and one of the best on the planet. I am now ordering all the rest of the work done by Egan.
Probably the greatest collection of SF short stories getting around... at least that I've read. (If you know of better please tell me. I'd love to read them!)

High concept ideas well executed that will stick in your brain and eat away at your thinking for years afterwards.

Egan doesn't hold back on the technical aspects and for the uninitiated he may feel like he doesn't care to carry you along. But I think the reality is that he just expects you to think and to lift to the ideas being portrayed without being treated like a child. Ideas that speak to social, personal and technological issues. Ideas that start as a seed and are taken to an extreme so we can see what they might really mean when we look closer.
Utterly fascinating and mind-blowing. So much so, that halfway through it, I felt in danger of being overwhelmed by the sheer force of new ideas and had to stop to let what I'd already read sink in. If you read a story in this collection and it *doesn't* blow your mind, you are experiencing cognitive saturation and should take a short break to allow your mind to return to something resembling its normal size and shape before continuing -- that is, if you want the full effect. It's quite interesting picking out the themes and tropes Egan is most fond of exploring -- even more fun if you've read his longer work, since some of the ideas in his novels can be found here in their distilled essence. The only thing I found somewhat wearying is his constant use of first-person narration, which isn't a problem in small doses (and is actually quite engaging much of the time), but which by repeated use gives the unintentional impression that most of Egan's protagonists have very similar personalities, or are even, impossibly and insupportably, in some way the same person, a vaguely disorienting effect that causes the stories to blur together in the reader's memory. This is unfortunate because the stories are well worth recalling as distinct entities.
I give this a 4.5 but Amazon doesn't allow the half star.

This is a very good collection of short stories, with some very interesting ideas. There are a couple of really marvelous stories in this collection and I don'r think there are any that are weak. This is my first exposure to this author and I will be reading more of his work.
Mitars Riders
I don't write reviews because I am terrible at it. However, I will say that this book is fantastic and worth the read.

Not all of the stories are the best, but all of them do something good sci-fi should do - expand your perception of our world, by providing you with a tale of the "fantastical" that is centered around an idea, concept, or issue that exists.
I may be late coming to the Greg Egan brain, but I'm perfectly happy to be spinning in its gravitational field. It's rare to find an author with the implied authority to describe the technology and psychology of the currently impossible but now, because of his insight, highly likely
futures. Only a few authors, most notably Jules Verne, conceive or even perceive future realities. I can only hope to live long enough, perhaps no longer than tomorrow, for his varied, exciting, and scary speculations to be reported in the news or traded on Wall Street.
The stories are short and to the point, speculating upon the potential implications and complications of future technologies. Some of the technologies are very bizarre and mind-bendingly creative, but Egan makes the effort lay out a scientifically plausible explanation.

The nature of consciousness, free will, and identity are the primary themes, with some dabbling in genetic engineering, quantum physics, parallel universes, and the cause/effect nature of time. Fans of Egan will find several concepts in these stories that are more fully developed in his later novels.

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