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by L Sprague De Camp,Christopher Stasheff

  • ISBN: 067187666X
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Author: L Sprague De Camp,Christopher Stasheff
  • Subcategory: Fantasy
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Baen (May 1, 1995)
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  • Rating: 4.9
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Download The Exotic Enchanter fb2

The Exotic Enchanter L. Sprague de Camp the voices sounded human. amp; Christopher Stasheff. This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

The Exotic Enchanter L. Let’s get under cover, Chalmers said. They crouched behind a waist-high clump of bushes, thick enough to scratch. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form. A Baen Books Original. Baen Publishing Enterprises.

The Exotic Enchanter is the second volume in the continuation of the Harold Shea series by de Camp and Fletcher Pratt. All the pieces are original to the anthology.

The Exotic Enchanter. Mass Market Paperback. Start reading The Enchanter Reborn (Harold Shea Series Book 4) on your Kindle in under a minute. Shea and Chalmers wind up in the world of the Monkey King and must solve the King's problems before they can continue on their way. Their next stop is in a story by Holly Lisle based on an outline by de Camp and Stasheff.

Mobile version (beta). L. Sprague de Camp & Christopher Stasheff - The Exotic Enchanter. Download (txt, 497 Kb) Donate Read. EPUB FB2 PDF MOBI RTF. Converted file can differ from the original. If possible, download the file in its original format.

Sprague De Camp, Christopher Stasheff, Lyon Sprague De Camp. Shea had a confused impression of single-story houses with curving adobe walls and thatched roofs, with bigger buildings of stone looming behind them in the moonlight ad, sharp and pungent, some familiar, most not; the only one he could name was something that smelled like curry. The ground beneath him was just that-ground, the packed earth of an unpaved street. He seemed to be in a sort of expanded intersection, not big enough to call a plaza. And hot. The heat beat all about him, stifling

Harold Shea, the incomplete Enchanter and his partner Reed Chalmers leap into the Russia of Prince Igor, where warriors pursue them through an Arabian Nightmare

Harold Shea, the incomplete Enchanter and his partner Reed Chalmers leap into the Russia of Prince Igor, where warriors pursue them through an Arabian Nightmare. To escape, they leap into the universe of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and are chased to their next port of call-Shakespeare's The Tempest. At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Author: De Camp L Sprague.

by L. Sprague de Camp, Christopher Stasheff. Harold Shea, the incomplete Enchanter and his partner Reed Chalmers leap into the Russia of Prince Igor, where warriors pursue them through an Arabian Nightmare

by L. Harold Shea, the incomplete Enchanter and his partner Reed Chalmers leap into the Russia of Prince Igor, where warriors pursue them through an Arabian Nightmare.

Used availability for L Sprague de Camp's The Exotic Enchanter. May 1995 : USA Mass Market Paperback.

The book has also been translated into Italian

Careening through a mythological universe, partners Harold Shea and Reed Chalmers travel to the Russia of Prince Igor, the worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and the island of Shakespeare's The Tempest. Original.
Reviews about The Exotic Enchanter (3):
Exactly what's so "exotic" about this collection of original Harold Shea stories isn't entirely clear, but they're still fun. In the first, "Enchanter Kiev" by Roland Green & Frieda Murray, Shea and his mentor, Prof. Reed Chalmers, arrive unexpectedly in the Kievian Russia of the epic poem that inspired Borodin's opera "Prince Igor"--without Chalmers's wife Florimel, whom they spent most of the previous collection (Enchanter Reborn) trying to rescue from a sorcerous abductor. How and why they got separated isn't at first clear, though it's explained as the story goes on. Meanwhile the two psychologists meet the Prince and are mistaken for bogatyrs (Russian for "a warrior, a military commander, or an epic hero") who can assist him in his campaign against the Polovetsi horse barbarians--who, it turns out, have captured Florimel and plan to sell her into slavery. Even after they creatively trick the horsemen out of their captives, however, Shea and Chalmers discover that Florimel has once again disappeared, and in Christopher Stasheff's "Sir Harold and the Hindu King" they follow her to ancient India, specifically that of Bhavabhuti's collection of tales "Vikram and the Vampire," where they help the local rajah to stamp out a magically-augmented nest of thieves. This adventure finally reunites husband and wife, but in the third story, "Sir Harold of Zodanga," by L. Sprague deCamp, Shea is confronted by Florimel's persistent abductor, the sorcerer Malambroso, who declares that he is genuinely in love with her and asks Shea's help in persuading her to run away with him. When Shea refuses, Malambroso kidnaps Voglinda, the three-year-old daughter of Shea and his wife Belphebe, which, naturally, sends the worried parents in pursuit of him--to Barsoom ("not the real Mars, but the one [Edgar Rice] Burroughs imagined for his John Carter stories--or, to put it another way, the Mars in another universe, which somehow got into Burroughs' mind and formed the basis for his stories"). Here, assisted by Ras Thavas, THE MASTER MIND OF MARS (Martian Series #6), they travel across (or around) the planet by thoat and aircar and finally catch up to their offspring. In the final story, Tom Wham's "Harold Sheakspeare," the Sheas are attending a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream (Signet Classics) when Shea's colleague Vaclav Polacek performs an ill-timed spell and drags them with him to Prospero's Isle--before Prospero got there. Confronted by legions of goblins in thrall to the witch Sycorax, the original inhabitant of the island, the Sheas undertake to help the good spirits banish them.

There's plenty of swashbuckling action in these four stories, as well as the typical deCampian wry humor, ranging from jabs at human society in general to Shea's efforts to teach Ras Thavas how to be a "Barsoomian-of-the-world." And, yes, that *is* a purple cow on the cover, and there's a good reason for it to be there, but you'll have to read the fourth story to find out what it is.
Silver Globol
just not to my taste.I'm a Christopher Stasheff fan but this AIN'T his best work.For a much better anthology I recommend the two 'Crafters' books.

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