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by Anthony Mark

  • ISBN: 0671028855
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Author: Anthony Mark
  • Subcategory: Fantasy
  • Other formats: rtf lit mobi txt
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Earthlight; New Ed edition (2002)
  • Pages: 544 pages
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  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 664
Download The Dark Remains fb2

nion, over flat, gray plains beneath a flat, gray sky. It was impossible to tell if it was night or day; the very air was gray, like everything else in this place, and there were no shadows. Nor was there sound, save for that of his own breath. Even his feet made no noise as they trod upon soft, colorless grass.

Mark Anthony The Dark Remains (The Last Rune, Book 3.

It seems that Mark Anthony is making up the story as he goes along. The first book in the series could have been forgiven as the first attempt but the rest?

by. Anthony, Mark, 1966-. New York : Bantam Books.

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Meanwhile, in Eldh, a young baroness, her witch companion, and their mortal and immortal friends journey to a dying city, there to confront a nameless evil that has begun to annihilate the very gods.

The Dark Remains book. I finally start to see Galen Beckett I came to love clearly in the Mark Anthony here as his writing evolves and god I loved this book. The more time spent on Earth was a great aspect of this, I loved it. I've always liked the Earth sections more than the Eldh sections and it was great seeing a full three hundred page arc there as opposed to just using it as a springboard into Eldh.

Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. Anthony, Mark - Last Rune 03 - The Dark Remains. 871 Kb. Anthony, Mark - Last rune 01 - Beyond The Pale.

Book Three of The Last Rune. About The Dark Remains. From a brilliant fantasy master comes a tale of astounding magic, unrelenting evil, and redemptive courage. Part of The Last Rune. Travis Wilder and Grace Beckett have returned to modern Earth to get medical help for Beltan, a knight from the otherworld of Eldh.

Mark Anthony is the "Essence" magazine bestselling author of the novels "The Take Down", "Lady's Night", "Dogism", and "Paper Chasers. He is also the founder, president, and publisher of Q-Boro Books, one of the nation's fastest-growing independent trade publishers of African-American fiction. Библиографические данные.

From a brilliant fantasy master comes a tale of astounding magic, unrelenting evil, and redemptive courage.

Reviews about The Dark Remains (7):
Throughout most of my reading of this novel I was ready to give it a solid four star rating, but in the end, certain things that the author did were just too unforgivable for me. The novel started off in Eldh, while the last novel ended on a cliffhanger where Grace, Travis, and Beltan returned to Earth so Beltan could get some medical help. I thought it was cruel of the author to start this novel in Eldh, having the reader read over a hundred pages of what's going on in Eldh without knowing how Beltan was doing on Earth. But in the end I actually ended up liking it because it helped develop Lirith as a character, who I thought wasn't really well-developed in the last novel. Most of this novel was fun and engaging and it kept me turning the pages seeing what would happen next. I loved all the stuff that took place on modern day Earth: Duratek, the Seekers, Beltan getting help from a surprising source, etc.

With all of that said, why just three stars? Vani, Vani, and Vani! In the last book Beltan confessed his love to Travis, and in this book Travis comes to the conclusion he loves Beltan as well. Great, let's finally get these two together or you know let's get them to at least talk about it. But guess who pops in literally out of nowhere? Vani! She gets in the way when Travis tries to talk to Beltan and apparently she's in loooveee with Travis, a man she just barely met. What the hell? Apparently it has to do with some kind of prophecy about saving her people, but it still wouldn't make sense why she would be in love with a man she never even met. Then to add insult to injury, Travis kind of starts falling for her as well. At one point he thinks about the three most important people in his life: Grace, Beltan, and...Vani?! This made me roll my eyes out of my head. If the author had introduced the character earlier or at least some time passed, I might have given him a pass, but this plot point came out of nowhere...just like Vani herself. And then there's Lirith who actually got some development in this book, and suddenly she meets a guy for a couple of minutes and doesn't see him again until the end of the novel but she is madly in love with him for some reason, because he has a...handsome face?! This kind of stuff was really maddening to read since the author has a lot of relationships developing very slowly in the background, and suddenly Vani and her brother come along and people instantly fall in love with them. Unless they're casting love spells on people, I really can't see what the author was thinking with all this Insta-Love and Fate (as another reviewer put it) nonsense.

I will finish this series, though, because I went ahead and skimmed some reviews for the last installment, and it seems it'll be worth the wait. I just hope I don't have to throw these books against the wall too many times before we get there.
Why is it that every new installation in this series not only introduces new characters but also new plot twists?
It seems that Mark Anthony is making up the story as he goes along. There are no frameworks, no build up, things just "happen" and there are no explanations... The first book in the series could have been forgiven as the first attempt but the rest? I don't know there are so many good books out there and this isn't one of them unless it was intended for young audiences rather than adults.....
Competent plot, too many viewpoints and new cast-members, and characterization suffered from way too much emphasis on Fate and Insta-Love. Overall quality: average.
I've read all the Last Rune books. And loved all of them.
I love this whole series. One of my favorites. I find the characters engaging. I can't put these books down.
I am almost finished with this one, and have enjoyed it. Only 2 more to go! This is a wonderful series.
Better than expected!
This book took me a while to get into. It had been a while since I read the other two books in the series, so I had to re-figure out all the characters. I like the variety of characters in the book. Each new character adds something to the mix. However, some characters are ignored after the first section, which is odd--because they could figure into the rest of the book.
Some of the very enjoyable characters in this book are Marji, Mitchell & Davis (the cowboys), Ellie (the chimp), Glinda, and the fairy. The usual characters are still interesting, but I felt like the whole "who does he really love" thing was getting old after a while.
All the characters come to face their greatest fears. Grace finds out who her parents really are (now THAT'S a plot twist I didn't see coming). Travis still has to figure out where he belongs, but at least he is not as wimpy in this book as in others. Aryn has many things to figure out in this book, and it isn't quite known if she does figure them out.
This book is about defeating evil, in its many forms. Duratek and the Seekers play prominently in this book. Some interesting clues are given throughout the book to lead readers to other things. I call this book a placeholder because while it does advance the series, it still seems that there is something larger on the horizon, and this is just a prelude.
I would recommend this book.

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