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by Douglas Self

  • ISBN: 0750627883
  • Category: Engineering
  • Author: Douglas Self
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Newnes (August 31, 1996)
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Download Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook fb2

Douglas Self offers a tried and tested method for designing audio amplifiers in a way that improves performance at. .

Douglas Self offers a tried and tested method for designing audio amplifiers in a way that improves performance at every point in the circuit where distortion can creep in - without significantly increasing cost. His quest for the Blameless Amplifier takes readers through the causes of distortion, measurement techniques, and design solutions to minimise distortion and efficiency. The result is a book that is crammed with unique insights into audio design and performance, as well as complete amplifier designs and schematics.

Douglas Self has called upon his years of experience at the cutting edge of audio design to compile this handbook for professionals and students. The book provides a clear and practical guide to the state of the art, and includes detailed design and construction information.

This book is a unique collection of detailed information on audio power amplifier design. Almost every section contains new content. ISBN 978-0-240-52162-6. Published by Focal Press, an imprint of Elsevier. Learn more about purchasing this book from

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Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook. This book is dedicated to Julie, without whom it would not have happened. AMSTERDAM, BOSTON, HEIDELBERG, LONDON, NEW YORK, OXFORD PARIS, SAN DIEGO, SAN FRANCISCO, SINGAPORE, SYDNEY, TOKYO Focal Press is an imprint of Elsevier.

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This is a practical manual for the design of audio power amplifiers, aimed at both professionals and students. The book includes discussion on power supplies and power supply rejection; FET power amplifiers; the thermal dynamics of power amplifiers; and testing and safety.

Audio Amplifier Design Handbook. Handbook of RF and Microwave Power Amplifiers by John Walker. Operational Amplifier Speed and Accuracy Improvement Analog Circuit Design with Structural Methodology by Vadim V. Ivanov and Igor M. Filanovsky. Build Your Own Transistor Radios A Hobbyist’s Guide to High-Performance and Low-Powered Radio Circuits by Ronald Quan.

This is a uniquely detailed guide to the theory and practice of audio power amplifiers, from the elegantly simple mathematics of the differential pair to the practicalities of bolting down power transistors without breaking them. Based on a large body of original research and twenty years of experience, this work provides the first authoritative exposition of power amplifier design and operation. It shows that much of the conventional wisdom is quite wrong, and supplies practical solutions to many intractable design problems. Douglas Self has compiled a handbook for professional designers, amateur enthusiasts, academic investigators and students. This work is the first of its kind in the audio amplifier field, and has become the standard against which other works will be measured. It provides a clear and practical text on the state of the art of amplifier design.The book includes the first complete explanation of the sources of power amplifier distortion, shows how they can be eliminated or minimised, and gives detailed information allowing power amplifiers to be designed and constructed, with performance figures that would have been thought impossible a few years ago. It also includes an unusually detailed and lucid account of the operation of negative feedback in amplifiers, making it an excellent text for teaching as well as a key source for design engineers.Douglas Self is Chief Design Engineer at Soundcraft Electronics, a major audio manufacturing company. While much of his time is spent designing professional analog mixing consoles, he has also been deeply involved with power amplifiers, DSP programming for digital audio, and just about every branch of audio electronics. His latest power amplifier design, for the Spirit branch of Soundcraft, has exceeded twenty thousand units sold world-wide; a strong validation of the design methods in this book! Unique detail on the theory and practice of audio power amplifiersTHE standard work on audio power amplifiersSimple writing style makes the book highly readable
Reviews about Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook (4):
Sermak Light
very informative
This is a good book if you're interested in very low distortion amplifier design. If you believe, as many do, that small amounts of THD are inaudible (i.e. < .1%) and sometimes the "cure" is worse than the "disease", this is NOT the book for you. Self spends much of the book chasing THD from .01% down to .004%. When he's not pursuing vanishing low THD, he's generally discrediting the audiophile community (which he refers to as "subjectivists"). There is some good info here, some of which I've not seen anywhere else, but it's hardly comprehensive. For example, there's no discussion of how to select semiconductors, design high-power output stages (with many parallel devices) or regulate driver stage power supplies. Self also briefly (and I think unfairly) dismisses power MOSFETs calling them a poor choice for any design. Self is from the UK so be prepared for typical British phrases and spelling. There are only a handful of books on this topic, and each one has something to offer, but if you're interested in high-end (audiophile) designs, prepare to be offended and disappointed with this one.
I can't imagine a better book about push-pull, audio bipolar power amplifiers. Self covers virtually every possible configuration with circuits, notes, simulations and measurements. This book includes an excellent chapter on power, heat and reliability based on many years of design , manufacturing and field service. He is truly an expert in all aspects of this amplifier topology.
He doesn't hide his disdain for MOSFETS, single-ended amplifiers and other "subjectivist" high-end concerns. Contrary to the findings of many others in this field, Self finds Total Harmonic Distortion the only measurement of amplifier quality that matters. He isn't convincing to this reviewer.
A "must have" book for anyone designing audio power amplifiers.
This book is not a "cookbook" approach, but presents well researched and tested approaches. As such it is guaranteed to offend some people (evaluation of design changes and improvements is scientific, as opposed to subjective). Self uses the book to take a shot at much of the patently mumbo-jumbo in high end HiFi, which is entertaining! The book features the "blameless" amplifier and the circuit is given, but it would have been nice for the PCB layout (or a Gerber file..) to be included so that some quick experimentation can be done. The only minus (apart from that) is that there some areas not treated: Nested Differential Feeback loops being one. A very unique book, collecting together a lot of very valuable information.

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