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by Jeanne M. Dallman,Rose Mary Dallman

  • ISBN: 0970575750
  • Category: Crafts & Home
  • Author: Jeanne M. Dallman,Rose Mary Dallman
  • Subcategory: Crafts & Hobbies
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Alliance Book Co (December 1, 2006)
  • Pages: 143 pages
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  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 743
Download Dress Thin! 330 Tips: How to Use Clothing And Accessories to Flatter Your Figure fb2

Dallman, Jeanne M; Dallman, Rose Mary.

Dallman, Jeanne M; Dallman, Rose Mary. ark:/13960/t6737sb5q. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Dress Thin! 330 Tips book. by. Jeanne M. Dallman

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Only one in every 20,000 women has a perfect figure  . Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

by Jeanne M. Dallman and Rose Mary Dallman.

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Dress Thin! 330 Tips. by Jeanne M. Dallman, Rose Mary Dallman. Published December 2006 by Brainstorm Books.

Beauty & Fashion. How to Choose Clothes that Flatter Your Figure. As far as bottoms go, opt for high-waisted, slim fit skirts and pants. For dresses, opt for A-lines and highlight your waist with a belt. 10 Clothing Essentials Every Curvy Girl NEEDS to Flatter a Curvy Figure! How to Dress When You’re Thick Around the Middle : How to Dress for Your Body.

How to Get Dressed is like Lucky Magazine or Cosmo, if either of those magazines were actually remotely useful. Where fashion magazines fall short, How to Get Dressed delivers. In fact, some clothes that you might think are unflattering could be extremely flattering if they were properly fitted to you! When I read fashion magazines, I feel like I need to throw out all my clothes and start over, which is of course totally impossible and cost prohibitive. But with How to Get Dressed, I feel like I already have a lot to work with, most of my clothes just need some extra love to really sing. Alison really supports every woman (or man) as an individual.

Only one in every 20,000 women has a perfect figure. Are you that one women? If not, then read on! Because dresing thin is very easy!

Learn the secrets of Dressing Thin! -Disguise your extra pounds -Hide your figure flaws -Complement your best features -Create a well-proportioned silhouette -Avoide common fashion mistakes

Reviews about Dress Thin! 330 Tips: How to Use Clothing And Accessories to Flatter Your Figure (6):
I liked this book for the following reasons:
I am a CPA with advanced business degrees. Did not study or have any intelligent interest in how to present my dress in the amost flattering way... which to me was about being attractive. i.e. look great. (I was always studying... absolutely no time).
Really, my education brains and abilities took me everywhere I I needed to go financially. and career wise.
Caveat here; this reviewer is now living in a retirement community not having found "Mr. Right."
If you are really looking for some excellent pointers and advise buy it. It is so simple and basic... I never got it until I read Dress Thin.

Mr. Right>" Wonder why.? OK my presentation of myself appearance wise.
Although there's an occasional useful nugget here, the text is two thirds white space. A $13 book should provide far more information.
Amateur hour...from authors whose credentials are outside the field of fashion. This poorly organized book needs a lot more thought, expertise and a good editor. Take tip #47: "Beware of knits however comfortable they may be. Knits tend to cling and are very unforgiving." Really??? Must be why every female CEO in America to say nothing of Condi and Hillary wear St. John Knits for their public appearances.
I am happy with my fuller figure, but I realize that there is a negative stigma attached to the way I look in others' minds. Even though it is not true, people often assume that overweight people are sloppy, lazy, or don't care for themselves. While I would live to change this perception, it is an uphill battle. This book has helped me specifically with job interviews. I was hired for my first teaching job and I feel that the tips in this book helped me feel confident in the way I looked on the big day.

I love that it is a book of tips. I can open to a random page and find a tip to help me decide what to wear. I have also found that these tips are great advice for everyone, not just those looking to dress thin. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to accentuate their good qualities, and to anyone looking for advice on how to look professional and feel confident! It certainly worked for me.
I have read this book and I keep it handy at all times. My fuller figure requires it and like a lot of women out there today, I still want to look my best even while carrying some extra weight as I have aged and gotten a bit slower. It is a wonderful book with no fillers, no photos and just one great tip after another. It is a must have for looking my best!!! The critical reviews of the book are just plain wrong; female CEOs, Condi and Hillary can afford top of the line clothing and the fitters and tailors that come with the price tags of their wardrobes. Most of us cannot do that and we have to work with what we can afford and not all knits are created equal; I know that now. Buy the book, follow the tips that work best for you and enjoy your life while dressing to look thinner regardless of your size. It is not just for us plus sized gals who aren't lucky enough to be a size 10 or 12. Appreciate the book for its everyday approaches to looking and feeling one's best.
I found this book a few months ago. Well thought out about dressing to complement our individual figures.
I recommend it highly!

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