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by Joseph C. Piscatella

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  • Author: Joseph C. Piscatella
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  • Publisher: Workman Publishing Company; 2nd edition (January 11, 1994)
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Download Don't Eat Your Heart Out Cookbook fb2

Joseph C. Piscatella (Author). If I could spend a day counseling each of my patients, I'd tell them what's written in Don't Eat Your Heart Out Cookbook.

Joseph C. Michael Davidson, .

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With over 939,000 copies in print, used and recommended by more than 5,500 hospitals, and now completely revised and updated, Don't Eat Your Heart Out Cookbook i. .You can live with this! Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 17 years ago. I started using this book for my husband. He as a combination of bad genetics and scant will-power. The dishes are very easy to make, most of the ingredients are already in your kitchen, and best of all, they are delicious. It is very easy to follow and you can't believe you are eating so healthy because it tastes so good. New to Heart Healthy information? This is your book!

NEW Fly around the world in Realistic Minecraft 1 YEAR (World Record) Girafik 939 зрителей. This book is a cardiac patient's step-by-step guide to cooking and eating in the real world. It explains how to lower cholesterol, cut fat, reduce salt and sugar, and still eat tasty food. Don't eat your heart out cookbook. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Don't eat your heart out cookbook from your list? Don't eat your heart out cookbook. It shows you how to adapt everyday recipes for healthy eating. With this book, you can learn to change your eating habits permanently. You will also learn how to lose weight and keep it off, how to read the new food labels, how to eat smart in restaurants, and more. The present revision is a major one.

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Bernie Piscatella, Joseph C. The Healthy Heart Cookbook by Bernie Piscatella, Joseph. This particular book also makes you look at your eating habits. This is not a diet, it is a new way of life.

In The Healthy Heart Cookbook, Joe Piscatella, a heart patient himself, who has turned his life and health around .

In The Healthy Heart Cookbook, Joe Piscatella, a heart patient himself, who has turned his life and health around by following a healthy diet, 700 of the BEST recipes from Joseph C. Piscatella’s five cookbooks (which have more than 2,000,000 copies in print and are used by more than 5,500 hospitals). Author Joseph C. Piscatella has been a keen observer of American eating habits since 1977, when emergency open-heart surgery at the age of 32 forced him to recognize the intimate connection between dietary habits and overall health.

With over 939,000 copies in print, used and recommended by more than 5,500 hospitals, and now completely revised and updated, Don't Eat Your Heart Out Cookbook is the bible for anyone seeking a heart-healthy diet.Incorporating the latest scientific and nutritional studies, lay expert Joe Piscatella outlines an effective plan for life-long heart health and explains the science behind it in plain-speaking language we all can understand.Packed with 400 healthy, low-fat recipes-soups, salads, sandwiches, poultry, seafood, and even red meats and desserts-painstakingly developed by Joe's wife Bernie, this indispensable book is a step-by-step guide to achieving a permanent change in dietary patterns. The author provides countless tips on adapting everyday recipes, ordering judiciously in restaurants, decreasing salt and sugar intake, losing weight and keeping it off. The new edition pays special attention to women and heart disease, explains HDL and LDL cholesterol and what the numbers really mean, and discusses coronary regression, the benefits of aspirin, and lifestyle factors vs. genetics. It dispels food myths--that shrimp is a no-no, alcohol is always unhealthy, and ground turkey is better than ground beef--and shows how to make use of low-fat food products.
Reviews about Don't Eat Your Heart Out Cookbook (7):
Every year there are advances in research and treatments in medicine, and while this book was published originally some time ago (first printing was 2005), it has 520 pages of comprehensive, easy-to-understand information and recipes. The first 229 pages are dedicated to education about heart health and, in particular, how food plays a role in overall heart health. There actually IS a chapter about sodium, and I'm not sure why an earlier reviewer didn't spot this; it begins on page 183, and definately makes a case for a low sodium diet.

Many of us have someone in our family history with heart disease, yet this book isn't limited strictly to heart patients even if it was written by one (Mr. Piscatella). Diabetic patients (some of my family members) are also treated as heart patients, and newly diagnosed diabetics are now carefully monitored for cholesterol and high blood pressure, often being given prescriptions for both conditions as a preventive measure against later complications with the heart from diabetes. Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome are also at risk for both diabetes and heart disease, and many doctors have become more agressive in treating those patients in preventative therapies. Asthma patients are at greater risk for congestive heart failure down the road, and some of their doctors also recommend following therapies and diets in prevention. My 17 year old son's doctor presented that line of medical thought (my son has mild asthma). My point? Anyone can benefit from the information in Mr. & Mrs. Piscatella's book. Our friends, loved ones, and each of ourselves are worth two bucks a piece--Amazon's discounted price--for a book that could help us live longer, healthier lives. It's less money than a greeting card! I'll be ordering more as Valentine's Day gifts.

The recipe section begins on page 233. I'm a published food writer and cookbook author dedicated to easy, healthy meals. Martha Stewart, I'm not, and like most folks, prefer to keep my "everyday cooking" as fast and simple as possible. This book is loaded with 300 recipes that are (for the most part) quick and not too complicated. NOTE: I would suggest substituting low sodium canned goods whenever possible in the recipes that call for canned foods. That would help reduce overall sodium. I'd also encourage throwing in some extra veggies here and there where possible and according to taste. For example, the Tortellini Soup on page 252 already has 4 cups of fresh spinach, but the spinach cooks down significantly, so throwing in some extra carrots and adding fresh onion and celery would be something I'd automatically do to both enhance flavor and add fiber. The seafood recipes beginning on page 386 are wonderful! Not into seafood? There are plenty of recipes for poultry, and some for other meats. Each recipe tells how many servings per recipe at the title--nice touch! Amazingly (and happily) the use of refined sugar is very limited in the dessert section; Mrs. Piscatella relies mainly on fruits to add sweetness.

In summary, this is probably the best buy you'll ever find for a book this useful. It's much, much more than I expected when I ordered it. That's why I'll be ordering extras for friends and family!
This was recommended to us by a family member when my mother ended up having a surprise triple bypass. All those years going to the heart doctor and they didn't find anything until she had a stress test for hernia surgery. Now several of us adopted the low sodium diet and this book is inspirational. The recipes are easy and still tasty. His story is remarkable, and gives hope to heart bypass surgery survivors. I would totally buy this as a gift for someone who needed to change their eating lifestyle. Very happy and would highly recommend.
We used this cook book a long time ago when it first came out. It was great. My family lost weight by following the guided recipes and the food tasted good. We moved from Washington to Oregon in the late 80's and the Book disappeared. We are now retired and have some health problems. We have been looking all over for Don't eat your heart out cook book and it showed up on Amazon. We were afraid the price was goping to be way to high or the book would be dirty and tore up. Well, Guess what?? The Cook Book was like brand new. It appeared like it had never been used. The price was excellent. We are so happy that we found it on Amazon and the person we bought it from told us the exact truth. I highly recommend Amazon the Joseph Piscatella. Again I want to say Thank You! Keep up the good work.
This book is written in plain language. I had bypass surgery two years ago and have read a number of books on heart health since then. All written by doctors and very obvious that a Dr wrote it. They were technical and unrealistic in the expectations. This book was the easiest to comprehend, explained how to determine what level of fat,carbs, salt, and so on that is correct for you. The author had a heart attack at an early age and is realistic in his approach to your eating habits. Oh, did I mention that there are recipes that actually are appealing. Enjoy the book.
I had a heart attack twelve years ago. Although I already knew (at one time) a lot of the information in this book, it was a good refresher course to remind me of what I needed to know about my own situation. There was new info' for me and the book is informative. I purchased the book primarily for the recipes and it has proven to be a good investment. After my attack, I stopped eating all processed food, fast food, junk food, etc. This book provides good alternatives to the things I removed from the culture of my eating.
Mr. Piscatella has managed to pack this book with easily digestible information about cardiac health as well as tasty recipes. I bought it for my sister after she had a cardiac procedure, and she says that it has been very helpful. Though it is available in a Kindle version, if you are primarily interested in the recipes, I recommend getting the hard copy of the book (either paperback or hard cover) as opposed to the electronic version. I have both, and I find that it is more difficult to browse the recipes in the electronic version, though it is useful to have the medical information on a device that is easy to transport.
This book is amazing! The health and lifestyle information is not only for heart patients but for everybody! The information is easy to understand and easy to incorporate into your everyday lifestyle. It shows you how to changes everyday to have a longer healthier life. A lot of the info was new even though I read numerous heart healthy lifestyle books before reading this one. I enjoyed it so much I had to buy it after borrowing it from the local library. This book was the only one I bought! And don't even get me started on the recipes! They are outstanding! I started out marking the pages with things I wanted to try, I gave up since there were so many! I'm now just going to go page by page to try them all! Haha!

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