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by Susan Carroll

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  • Author: Susan Carroll
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Fawcett (September 23, 1992)
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Download Christmas Belles fb2

1992) A novel by Susan Carroll.

1992) A novel by Susan Carroll. Certain that her and her three sisters' new guardian, Captain William Trent, poses a threat to their when he becomes engaged to her sister, Emma-Chloe Anne Waverly does her best to prevent the marriage. Genre: Historical Romance. Similar books by other authors.

Villains can come in many disguises, even with a handsome face and a gold-braided uniform. So thinks Chloe Waverly when.

Christmas Greetings by Lewis Carroll. Lady dear if Fairies mayFor a moment lay aside Cunning tricks and elfish play. Lewis Carroll (27 January 1832 – 14 January 1898, Cheshire).

Author Susan Carroll began her career in 1986, writing historical romance and regencies, two of which were honored by Romance Writers of. .A Regency Christmas Romance from the award winning author of the Bride Finder series.

Author Susan Carroll began her career in 1986, writing historical romance and regencies, two of which were honored by Romance Writers of America with the RITA award. She has written twenty six novels to date. Her St. Leger series received much acclaim. Susan Carroll weaves a holiday tale about the enduring power of love and hope. Mistress Mischief by Susan Carroll.

Susan Carroll gives us a real book, not just a novella, in Christmas Belles. Thank you, Ms. Carroll for this sweet Christmas story - one of the absolute best little Christmas reads I've read in quite some time. But tragedy strikes and within two years, his heir and captain in the Royal Navy descends upon what was formerly the home of our sweet ladies - Emma, Chloe, Lucy and Agnes. And, yes it's February - who cares? Christmas stories work out well during all the seasons of life.

About Susan Carroll: Born Susan Carol Cute in 1952, Susan Coppula obtained a Degree in English with complementary studies in History in the University o.See if your friends have read any of Susan Carroll's books. Susan Carroll’s Followers (306).

Praise for Susan Carroll Twilight of a Queen Riveting, vibrant, and breathtaking. Susan Carroll writes a wonderful historical thriller that will have the audience eagerly awaiting story. riveting tale of witchcraft, treachery, and court intrigue. Utterly perfect-rich, compelling, and full of surprises. A fabulous, feminist fantasy from a masterful storyteller that’s bound to be one of the best books of the year! -ELIZABETH GRAYSON, author of Moon in the Water.

It was one of those days when life arrives on your doorstep, unannounced. Lovely and reserved Kate Towers battles with conflicting emotions when Lord Harry Arundel, whose marriage proposal she had refused before he left to fight Napoleon's army, turns up alive at his own funeral.

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Convinced that her and her sisters' new guardian, Captain William Trent, does not have their best interests at heart, Chloe Anne Waverly does her best to prevent older sister Emma's betrothal to him. Original.
Reviews about Christmas Belles (7):
Cute and sweet short story. Chloe and her three sisters live on an estate that is rather rundown. Their father was knighted but they are poor. The father takes a position that will bring in some money, but he will be sent away to a foreign country.

The oldest sister has developed feelings for the local clergyman, but he is poor and looking after his mother and sisters. Another sister is a beauty, and boy, does she know it. The youngest sister is well on her way to becoming a bluestocking. Chloe is the dreamer of the family.

The father dies on his way to his new post. The captain of the ship feels responsible for his death, and the man is also a distant relation -- adding to that, he is to inherit the estate upon the father's death. The father is buried at sea, and the captain begins correspondence with the oldest daughter. He proposes after around three letters and the daughter accepts.

When our hero, the captain (Trent), comes back to England it is at Christmas time. He plans to marry and return to sea.

Chloe takes him in dislike because she knows her sister's heart lies elsewhere and this will be a marriage of convenience. Her sister will marry him to provide a home for herself and her sisters.

Chloe begins to see Trent is not a monster, and she begins to have feelings for him. He winds up spending more time with Chloe than his fiancee, and begins to have feelings for her. But how can he manage to marry the right sister?

The main characters are both incredibly good people -- both want to do the right thing. Even though Chloe sort of comes across as being a tad too young acting at times, she was the dreamer of the family.

The futures of three of the sisters gets settled. Will there be a story about the youngest?

It was a nice little story, and I would recommend it when you want a quick read. There are a few typos, but the writing was good. I wouldn't let that bother you.
This book was difficult for me to rate. On the one hand, I read it quickly and wanted to know how it ended which are typically signs that the book was a good one. On the other hand, I was disappointed that the main characters did not meet until 30% through the book and I did not sigh with happiness when I finished the story. While the heroine, who was the keeper of the family's dreams, did come across silly and foolish at times, I still liked her and thought she ended up being a good match for the hero, who has some of his own issues (I could more easily understand him though). Further, the supporting characters were not likable, aside from Doughty, so scenes where they all interacted were just irritating to me. Minor Character flaws aside, there were also some editing and punctuation errors in the ebook version that were frustrating.

Overall, I would say I did not enjoy this story as much. I tried it in the first place because I loved Carroll's Bride Finder series. I would still recommend people try it, as it is currently available for free on Amazon for Kindle, and there are plenty of Christmas traditions included throughout the tale. However, do not have too high of expectations as the story is not as well written, in my opinion, as her other works, and does drag by slowly at times.
I'm not a big crier, but there were several times I had tears in my eyes while reading this book. The love and companionship between Chloe and her father was so touching. Chloe had a really high EQ and was really attuned to other's feelings and emotions, offering herself as a shoulder to lean on when someone needs to talk. She was the glue holding her sisters together with optmism and joie de vivre. Stern Captain Trent throws a wrench into their poor but charming life and he and Chloe get off on the wrong foot. They eventualy come to understand one another and fall in love.

The only suggestion I would make would be to remove a bit of repetitive inner thoughts (we already know Chole feels badly about falling in love with her sister's fiance) and instead add a bit more to the ending or the epilogue. What happened to Lucy and Charles Lathrop? What happened to Windhaven? It says a lot that this reader actually cared enough to wonder......overall a sweet story.
I liked this book a lot. While some of the lesser characters were not fully revealed, the main characters were well-written. The hero's steward, Mr. Doughty, was fun and funny. Chloe, our heroine, was immediately loveable and one could not fail to appreciate her. If her sisters and the vicar had been more fully developed, contributing more to the story, I would have given the book 5 stars, which I rarely do. I think any Regency story lover will enjoy this tale, despite my misgivings about some of the historical accuracy. Admittedly, I have not researched my doubts on this score.
I enjoyed the sweet love story. It was well-written and the story line was easy to follow. The author drew the reader in and allowed us to experience the many emotions of her characters. The story had intrigue, suspense, tragedy, humor, Christmas hope, and love. No sexual parts, clean and sweet. The only thing that I was disappointed with no mention of the other sisters in the end. Did they marry and what happened to them, what of the younger sister, or what of Windhaven Manor. Was it rebuild or not?
I simply adore Christmas novels set in the 1800s. From the charming customs to the different way of life, there's just something wonderful about these stories and Christmas Belles by Susan Carroll is no different. From page one I found myself deeply engrossed in the setting. The characters were well-developed and the story was heartwarming. I highly recommend this historical holiday romance.
While Captain William Trent was engaged to be married to Emma, Chloe's sister, he later found out that his true love was Chloe herself. Mr. Samuel Doughty, the villain of this book, was vanquished. That was what I liked about this book. I would recommend this book to all those who love Christmas romance novels.
It had a great story line. Enjoyed it and was happy with the out come of the story line. ????

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