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by Anna M. Popescu

  • ISBN: 1591293324
  • Category: Christian Books
  • Author: Anna M. Popescu
  • Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
  • Other formats: lit rtf doc azw
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: PublishAmerica (August 19, 2002)
  • Pages: 195 pages
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  • Rating: 4.2
  • Votes: 295
Download A Little Bit of Wonderful fb2

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A Little Bit of Wonderful book.

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A Little Bit of Crazy Part Two). The characters and events in this book are fictional. Dedicated to my two wonderful children and my loving partner. Thank you for giving my life meaning. Also my Nan, Beatrice Thompson, for saving my poems and silly stories from a young age and telling me to go for it.

Wonderful wholesome little story! No name-calling or unwanted negative wording. A Little Bit of Faith is a refreshing book that encourages little girls to believe in themselves and the abilities that God gave them

Wonderful wholesome little story! No name-calling or unwanted negative wording. A Little Bit of Faith is a refreshing book that encourages little girls to believe in themselves and the abilities that God gave them. When Katie, the main character, finds it hard to adjust to her new school, she finds her own solution to her problems instead of just feeling sorry for herself or expecting someone else to solve her problems. The book is very well-written and there is just the right amount of illustrations throughout the book to encourage and engage a young reader.

a little bit of wonderful. What others are saying The Velveteen Rabbit - Book Collection. What others are saying. Nelson Mandela ~ "No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion The Velveteen Rabbit - Book Collection. a little bit of wonderful. There's light even in the darkest places.

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A Little bit Wonderful.

A Little bit Wonderful. Psyop shot the live action in New Zealand and directed the 3D animation throughout the spot, making sure each animal has its own personality while building a world that’s tangible to viewers.

Sarah Hogan is stunned and angry when Jonathan asks for a divorce after almost twenty years of marriage. How will she support herself and the children? What else is she trained to do? Jonathan laughs at Sarahs decision to start a catering business, but Sarah finds support in her next-door neighbor and best friend, Joan Anderson. When Sarahs heavy use of sleeping pills is discovered, Joan confronts her, then helps her through the withdrawal period. Sarahs casual relationship with Jeff Matthews slowly develops into something very special. Everyone is elated about Sarah and Jeffs engagement except for fifteen-year-old Paul. After he runs away from home, Paul finally realizes that Jeff cares more about their family than does Jonathan, his own father. Wedding plans proceed smoothly during a very hectic holiday season, until a horrendous auto accident leaves Sarah badly injured. It is during her hospital stay that Sarah finally understands that only through faith and trust in God will she have the strength to get through each day.
Reviews about A Little Bit of Wonderful (5):
When Sarah Hogan is suddenly plunged into the chaotic nightmare of a single mother of four, she finds the day-to-day struggle almost more than she can bear. But our awesome God had His own plans for Sarah, and you'll enjoy reading the way He takes control.

Acting on a suggestion from her best friend and neighbor, Joan Anderson, Sarah decides to set up her own catering business, much to the amusement and disdain of her ex. He is sure she'll fall flat on her face. In fact, he even seems to actually want that to happen. Though he doesn't want Sarah anymore, it appears he wants Sarah to need him. But Sarah is determined to make this venture work-and it does. She even adds a personal shopping service to her catering business.

But all is not well. Sarah's increasing dependency on sleeping pills puts her business in jeopardy, and she starts missing appointments, until Joan steps in and helps Sarah through the withdrawal period. Sarah's blossoming relationship with Jeff Matthews, her first personal shopping customer, inexorably pulls Sarah into a close encounter with God - though she resists. Soon, Jeff and Sarah announce their engagement, and happy plans are underway for the wedding.

But Sarah's fifteen-year-old son Paul is not happy. Confused and hurt by his father's desertion, Paul runs away from home during the hurly-burly of the wedding plans. Yet Paul finally learns that it is Jeff who truly cares about him and his brothers and sister.

The wedding plans are abruptly interrupted when Sarah is critically injured in an automobile accident. It is during her hospitalization that Sarah comes to realize and understand that it is the God she has been resisting that has brought her through. And that it is by faith and trust in this very God that will give her the strength to face the next day, and the next...

Anna Popescu writes with great sensitivity and compassion. This book truly moved me and I'm sure you readers will find satisfaction in the story of Sarah and Jeff. I urge to you find a copy of it and dedicate some quality time to read A Little Bit of Wonderful.
A Little Bit of Wonderful is packed with interpersonal relationships that play out often just as they do in our daily lives. The relationships between friends, parents and children, and even those of an estranged divorced couple are realistic and comfortable.
We find ourselves becoming cheerleaders for the success of an entrepreneurial venture, encouragers for the one falling deeper into drug dependence, and the frantic parent waiting for a runaway child.
This book is a homey, cozy, pragmatic, next-door-people kind of book. Once you pick it up, find a comfortable place to settle in because you will no doubt remain there for many hours!
Kudos to Anna for creating scenarios involving the typical struggling family. It is refreshing for the reader to view the many family problems and their solutions objectively instead of being the subject of the various dilemmas. --Patrica Knight, Belgrade Lakes, Maine
The reader is introduced to Sarah Hogan at a low point in life that many can identify with - the beginning of a nasty divorce. Whether you've been there or not, your heart goes out to Sarah and you will cheer her on as she struggles to cope. The fun begins when Sarah meets Jeff. Jeff Matthews has a spark and personality that lights up "A Little Bit of Wonderful". As their relationship deepened, I couldn't put the book down as I waited to see what God was going to bring them.
Little Bit of Wonderful is gentle, heartbreaking, romantic, positive, inspiring and all too real. The chapter dealing with Sarah's runaway son and their drive home is vivid and exciting ....couldn't read fast enough. The title of book fits perfectly its content. Thanks for the excellent read.
Mary Hamm
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I really enjoyed this book. It was very easy to read and keep my interest throughout the entire book. I would highly recommend this book.

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