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by Frederick Forsyth

  • ISBN: 0099559862
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  • Author: Frederick Forsyth
  • Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Arrow (May 2, 2011)
  • Pages: 144 pages
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  • Rating: 4.3
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Download The Shepherd fb2

The Shepherd is a 1975 novella by Frederick Forsyth. The Shepherd relates the story of a De Havilland Vampire pilot, going home on Christmas Eve 1957, whose aircraft suffers a complete electrical failure en route from RAF Celle (note: in fact, Celle.

The Shepherd is a 1975 novella by Frederick Forsyth.

Home Frederick Forsyth The Shepherd. He always referred to us all being in the same emergency at the same time, did Sergeant Norris. I eased the throttle back and watched the rev counter. 1 2 3 4. For my darling wife Carole. It operates on its own generator and so I hadn’t lost that, at least.

Forsyth Frederick - скачать бесплатно все книги автора. Frederick Forsyth "Der Lotse",originalausgabe "The Shepherd". Eine vom weltber?hmten Bestsellerautor

Forsyth Frederick - скачать бесплатно все книги автора. Eine vom weltber?hmten Bestsellerautor. Am Heiligabend 1957 fliegt der Ich-Erz?hler von einem Flughafen der Britischen Besatzungszone in Celle nach Hause. Er ist ein junger Jetpilot in einem einsitzigen D?senj?ger vom Typ Vampire, der mit 830 Kilometern pro Stunde ?ber die Nordsee gen Heimat donnert, um dort die Weihnachstage zu verbringen. In 9 km H?he ?ber dem Meer f?llt die Elektronik aus, also Kompass und Funkger?t. Er kann keine Hilfe rufen, und der Sprit geht bald zur Neige.

It is Christmas Eve, 1957. The Shepherd is a short, 144 page novella written in 1975 by Frederick Forsyth, author of novels like The Day of the Jackal and The Odessa File

It is Christmas Eve, 1957  . The Shepherd is a short, 144 page novella written in 1975 by Frederick Forsyth, author of novels like The Day of the Jackal and The Odessa File. It is said he wrote The Shepherd for Christmas as a present for his wife. Every year, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation broadcasts a reading of The Shepherd by Alan Maitland.

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If you did not find the book or it was closed, try to find it on the site: GO. Exact matches. The Day of the Jackal. Download (EPUB). Читать.

Читать онлайн The Shepherd.

Frederick Forsyth THE SHEPHERD For a brief moment, while waiting for the control tower to clear me for take-off, I glanced out through the perspex cockpit canopy at the surrounding German countryside. It lay white and crisp beneath the crackling December moon. Behind me lay the boundary fence of the Royal Air Force base, and beyond the fence, as I had seen while swinging my little fighter into line with the take-off runway, the sheet. Читать онлайн The Shepherd.

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At sixteen, Frederick Forsyth was flying solo in a Tiger Moth biplane; at nineteen, he was the youngest . I am a disappointed follower of Forsyth novels. A transparent ending. A short story that might actually improve by being even shorter.

At sixteen, Frederick Forsyth was flying solo in a Tiger Moth biplane; at nineteen, he was the youngest fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force. The author of more than twenty international bestsellers, including The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File, The Negotiator, The Deceiver, and The Kill List, Mr. Forsyth lives in the south of England.

Born in England on 25 August 1938 in the very small town of Ashford, Frederick Forsyth is an author who hardly needs any introduction

Born in England on 25 August 1938 in the very small town of Ashford, Frederick Forsyth is an author who hardly needs any introduction.

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It is Christmas Eve, 1957. Flying home, on leave from Germany, he is alone in the cockpit of the Vampire. Sixty-six minutes of flying time, with the descent and landing — destination Lakenheath. No problem, all routine procedures.Then, out over the North Sea, the fog begins to close in. Radio contact ceases and the compass goes haywire. Suddenly, out of the mist, appears a World War II bomber. It is flying just below the Vampire, as if trying to makecontact.
Reviews about The Shepherd (7):
Many of the negative reviews of this novella are from people who claim that the book description did not state that this is a "short story.". I checked the Amazon descriptions for the e-book and the hard copies. All descriptions list the book as having either 123 or 129 pages. Others seriously complain that the book is not worth the price because it is short. Personally, I do not buy my literature by the pound.

As to the story, it is quite good as one would expect from an internationally acclaimed work which is particularly admired in the aviation community. As to how original it is, I don't know. It was written in 1974 and published in 1975 so it is at least an early use of the p!ot device which many readers will see coming. To avoid spoilers, I will say no more other than this is not one of Forsyth's thrillers. The quality of the writing is, if anything, better than his usual high standard.
It is an entertaining little fairy tale, obviously written by someone with a deep affection for airplanes. The narrator is constantly trying to rationalize his experience, to find the sensible explanation, but in this case the only explanation is the supernatural. The story is crafted logically and almost believably, except for one key error: upon arrival in RAF Minton the narrator calls the base he thinks the shepherd has been leading him to, RAF Merriam St. George, to notify them that he has safely landed at another airport. Good thinking. He calls Gloucester to thank the presumed weather pilot. That is considerate. Yet he does not think of calling RAF Lakenheath, the airport he was supposed to land at. That would be the first thing a real pilot would do. It detracts from the story, but not the entertainment value.
I read this book in my late teens. It made a huge impression on me then and as the years went by I couldn't remember where I had read it or if I had the book. When I got to be in my forties I became a father and I would tell my two girls different stories of pilots in airplanes. And I remembered this one and told it to them. At that point I started trying to find the book again. I had no luck. I searched the blossoming internet at the beginning of this Century to no avail. And then this Christmas I started looking again just for the hell of it. And this time I found it online. It's a terrific story on a whole bunch of different levels. I would recommend it to anybody
Tyler Is Not Here
I'd read this book years ago in High School and I have been on the lookout for it ever since. There are some stories that I like to pick up and read again on occasion.

The book had a bigger impact on me back then because I knew nothing about it and had not read any reviews at all. I was totally surprised to find out that the bomber was a ghost plane.

Nowadays after many years of reading many books if I were to read for the first time I'd probably have the ending figured out well ahead of time.

I gave it five stars for the enjoyment it gave me years ago. Experienced readers may not like it so much but that's just my opinion.
Loved this book. It's a combination of good illustrations and exciting text. It took me about an hour or so to read it. Good story with interesting ending. If you like flying or reading about pilots, you'll love this story. Story is about a young pilot in early 1950s who is flying home to England from Germany on Christmas eve. His plane suffers an electrical malfunction and he is suddenly faced with life or death.
I'm so happy to find Frederick Forsyth's wonderful Christmas story, The Shepherd, in print again. This is one of the finest short stories ever written; our whole family loves it. We've been known to give it to people who have lost loved ones since there is a level of comfort and solace in the book that is hard to describe. The story of a lone pilot, lost, trying to get back to base, and then suddenly accompanied by another pilot who takes him all the way home...well, that cannot be beat. And the ending just wraps the reader up in wonder. I absolutely love this story.
I gave this four stars instead of five only because I'm not a pilot so some of it went over my head. But it was a well written novella and great reading especially for the season. Enjoyed it immensely.
I believe. Each and every one of us has a guardian angel. Sadly, the timing might be out and the guardianship doesn't manage to arrive in time. In the case of the young RAF officer in Forsyth's tale, it does, and in a guise that many - especially the doubters, and they exist! - will pooh-pooh.
I can't say a lot without spoiling the story for those of you who have yet to read it. This is a tale that ought to be added to the library of everyone who has ever flown, everyone who has ever been lost (whether in cloud or not), everyone who has ever had doubts on anything in life... It is a tightly written tale, in a style from half a century ago, that will spellbind and thrill. That it has a happy ending, albeit with a semi-tragic undertone, spoils it not one iota.
Please read. You will enjoy.
(One note, and a great disappointment: For those of you who realise that Frederick Forsyth is English, please don't be put off by this American reproduction having unforgivable American spellings throughout. It is as unfortunate as it is unnecessary but does not alter the story.)

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