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by Federico Andahazi

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  • Author: Federico Andahazi
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Anchor (September 14, 1999)
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Federico Andahazi is the son of Bela Andahazi, Hungarian poet and psychoanalyst, and Juana Merlín.

Federico Andahazi is the son of Bela Andahazi, Hungarian poet and psychoanalyst, and Juana Merlín. During his adolescence, he began to read the classical Argentine and universal authors. He used to escape from school, that reflected the oppressive military dictatorship ruler, to meet with friends in bookstores and bars on Corrientes Avenue, emblematic place of Buenos Aires culture. It was at this Federico Andahazi is the son of Bela Andahazi, Hungarian poet and psychoanalyst, and Juana Merlín.

Federico Andahazi (born June 6, 1963) is an Argentine writer and psychologist. Federico Andahazi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at Congreso, a very central neighborhood of the city. He is the son of Bela Andahazi, an aristocratic Hungarian poet and psychoanalyst, and Juana Merlín, of Russian-Jewish ancestry. He obtained a bachelor's degree in Psychology (University of Buenos Aires); he practiced psychoanalysis a few years, while he was working on his short stories.

gripping, a pleasure to read, and a very fine novel. -Iain Pears, author of An Instance of the Fingerpost. With The Anatomist, Andahazi deftly mines that delicious vein of wit and sensuality that runs from Boccaccio to Fellini, while slyly dissecting one of man's oldest obsessions: a woman's pleasure. -Laura Esquivel, author of Like Water for Chocolate.

The Anatomist by Federico Andahazi (1999-09-14) Paperback – 1833. by. Federico Andahazi (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central.

Though it is set in sixteenth-century Venice, Federico Andahazi's "The Anatomist could not be more contemporary in its wit, its ironic turns, and its themes of hypocrisy, censorship, and the nature of sexuality-so much so, in fact, that it was denounced by the wealthy sponsor of Argentina's prestigious Fortabat Prize, sparking a literary scandal and charges of. modern-day censorship that eerily echoed the book's major themes

Escritor ww. ndahazi. com Columnista en "Le doy mi palabra", Radio Mitre AM790 ww. adiomitre.

Escritor ww. LA MATRIARCA, EL BARÓN Y LA SIERVA: Como si fuese. Escritor, autor de "El anatomista" y "Los amantes bajo el Danubio" entre otros libros.

The Anatomist Andahazi, Federico Random House (USA) . The Anatomist, Andahazi, Federico. Варианты приобретения. This book also offers translations of the poet& letters as well as a lecture he gave about this work. It is illustrated with archive photographs.

The Anatomist Andahazi, Federico Random House (USA) 9780385491334 : A lyrically written, sensual, and extraordinarily enjoyable novel in which a Renaissance anatomists astonishing discovery f. Кол-во: о цене Наличие: Отсутствует. Возможна поставка под заказ. Автор: Federico Garcia Lorca Название: Selected Poems ISBN: 014118583X ISBN-13(EAN): 9780141185835 Издательство: Penguin Books Ltd Рейтинг

By Federico Andahazi. New York: Anchor Books, 1999. Federico Andahazi creates a brilliant and imaginative work of historical fiction which is more centered on the fiction than the history.

By Federico Andahazi. We follow the career of anatomy professor Mateo Colombo, two women – a rich widow, founder of an abbey, Ines de Torremolinos, and Mona Sofia, the most beautiful and expensive courtesan in Venice. All this is overseen by an ever-present crow.

View all The Anatomist lists. View all The Anatomist pictures. Manufacturer: Doubleday Release date: 1 September 1998 ISBN-10 : 0385491328 ISBN-13: 9780385491327. add. Separate tags with commas, spaces are allowed. Use tags to describe a product . for a movie Themes heist, drugs, kidnapping, coming of age Genre drama, parody, sci-fi, comedy Locations paris, submarine, new york.

O my America, my new-found-land!" Mateo Renaldo Colombo (or Columbus, to give him his English name) might have written in his De re anatomica. It is no accident that Federico Andahazi draws a parallel between his Renaissance hero, the anatomist Mateo Colombo, and the explorer Christopher Columbus. It is the conceit of his first novel, The Anatomist (beautifully translated from the Spanish by Alberto Manguel), that both Colombos made "equally momentous and disturbing" discoveries.

A lyrically written, sensual, and extraordinarily enjoyable novel in which a Renaissance anatomist's astonishing discovery forever changes the female erotic universe. In sixteenth-centruy Venice, celebrated physician Mateo Colombo finds himself behind bars at the behest of the Church authorities. His is a crime of disclosure, heinous and heretical in the Church's eyes, in that his research threatens to subvert the whole secular order of Renaissance society. Like his namesake Christopher Colombus, he has made a discovery of enormous significance for humankind. Whereas Colombus voyaged outward to explore the world and found the Americas, Mateo Colombo looked inward, across the mons veneris, and uncovered the clitoris. Based on historical fact, The Anatomist is an utterly fascinating excursion into Renaissance Italy, as evocative of time and place as the work of Umberto Eco, and reminiscent of the earthy sensuality of Gabriel Garc&#237a M&#225rquez. Perceptive and stirring, it ironically exposes not only the social hypocracies of the day, but also the prejudices and sexual taboos that may still be with us four hundred years later.
Reviews about The Anatomist (7):
This book is easy to read. It was the perfect blend of historical references and great storytelling, definitely a must read. Learn and be entertained at the same time.
This novel is nicely done--deserving of more credit than many reviewers here have given it. It is in part a love story, in part an exploration of sexual repression and religious intolerance of science, in part a comic look at how men have historically been mystified by the female body (and, for that matter, by women). The linkage of clitoral stimulation to witchcraft seemed plausible to me as a 16th century viewpoint, and in any event was quite funny. In addition to all that, the woman who read it after I finished it thought it was tastefully erotic. This is a skillfully told tale; I'm surprised it doesn't have a wider audience.
lucky kitten
The Anatomist was a beautiful and fascinating story. The writing style flows wonderfully, unlike many other translated books I have read. The characters were so deep and so personal. I was especially intrigued by the chapters about Mona Sofia's birth and upbringing. Many of the tragedies and experiences that are described in the book form her adult character--a woman who has been taught not to love anyone, and not to show any emotion.
The author's style was well-crafted, and extremely readable. As noted by some of the other readers above, such overtly erotic and sexual themes are discussed, but reading the text is akin to a historical account or philosophical discussion.
When book ends, some how if feels that the author missed a great opportunity to write a fantastic novel and settled for an amenable one. The narrative structure is captivating but it needs more sidelines, so many of the characters are fascinating but they are never fully developed and their backgrounds remain hidden. On the other hand the material was perfect to build great suspense and tension with many twists and turns, but Mr. Andahazi preferred to roll out a conclusion. Its like having the opportunity of taking a stroll trough be beautiful country road, and then see the driver heading for the usual highway. What a pity.
It is without a doubt an intresting book that will take you back in time and will make your mind wonder and imagine things that are well described in this book. Mr. Andahazi does a good job at gathering facts and making a good fiction. The lecture will be easy and fast. This is a book you will be able to read in two days without any trouble if you are a good reader. However, you might end up with that particular feeling that there was something missing. The book does not meet the expectations you might have from reading the editorial review. A three out of five is well deserved.
I had heard many good things about this book, enough to persuade me to buy it without browsing it first. That was my first mistake.
There are no interesting characters in this book, or at least no sympathetic ones. (Some of them may qualify as "interesting", if one has a sufficiently flexible definition of "interesting".) Contrary to what the cover and the ad blurbs would have you believe, it is not the least erotic, the plot is poorly constructed, and the style vacillates between failed attempts at levity and overweaning pretentiousness.
Other than that, it was fine.
I found the character Mateo Colombo compelling, he wasn't at all the typical hero in fact at times he was extremely distasteful both physically and philosophically but at the same time I cared about his outcome, much the same as the central character in " Perfume". The lay out of the book and the loverly style make this an easy book to read in one or two sittings, the down side to this was the slight lack of creditability due to its brevity but hey it was enjoyable and I'm sure alot of female bookclubs will find hours of discussion arise ( excuse the pun ) from this book.
The obvious parallel in this novella is between the anatomist Mateo Columbo, and the explorer Christoforo Columbo. Each may have expanded the universe of knowledge of their time, but did so for personal gain as much as any devotion to a Quest for Truth. The anatomist's search for the means to control women through their "passion" is also a means to impose his passion upon the unobtainable great puttana Mona Sofia. This reviewer sees an additional parallel suugested by the fact that the author is a psychiatrist.

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