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by Elizabeth Baker

  • ISBN: 0983991995
  • Category: Christian Books
  • Author: Elizabeth Baker
  • Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: EBB Publishing (October 16, 2012)
  • Pages: 502 pages
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  • Rating: 4.5
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Download JaKobe's Assignment fb2

Jakobe's Assignment book. A widow since her Elizabeth Baker, P. is the author of seven books distributed through traditional publishers.

Jakobe's Assignment book. Pastor Jonathan Phelps believes in angels. She has thirty-five years experience as a Bible teacher, is a Fellow with the Oxford Society of Scholars and served twelve years as a church counselor. Currently living in Pittsburg, Texas, she is semi-retired dividing her time between grandchildren, gardening and freelance writing.

Pastor Jonathan Phelps has always believed in angels. Yet, the idea of unseen beings actually roaming the halls of Grace Community Church never entered his mind.

Although completely unnoticed by the humans, benevolent spirit beings were also watching this childish competition.

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Elizabeth Baker (20 August 1876 - 8 March 1962) was an English playwright. She earned her living primarily as a typist, and was a spinster until the age of 39 when she married James Allaway, a widower, in June 1915.

Elizabeth Baker (20 August 1876 - 8 March 1962) was an English playwright. By then, she had already written several plays. Baker lived in the west London suburb of Bedford Park, and the constrained lives of the lower middle-class clerical classes was the subject of her first performed play Chains

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Pastor Jonathan Phelps has always believed in angels. Yet, the idea of unseen beings actually roaming the halls of Grace Community Church never entered his mind. Angels had some kind of purpose somewhere but the thought of a warrior showing up in his office would have shaken him to the core! Angels never did things like that. Did they? It’s been 700 years since JaKobe worked on earth, but when his curiosity is piqued by Rachael’s strange request, he finds himself once again on assignment doing the very things he once thought were behind him forever. Serving Adam’s offspring and advancing the Kingdom while enemies multiply on every side is all in a day’s work. And, this specific assignment is one job JaKobe is determined to finish before midnight.
Reviews about JaKobe's Assignment (7):
I was very disappointed with this book. It started out so well. I liked the characters, but they were never developed. The entire story talked about a coming 'trial' for the main character, but at the end of the book we were told that 'soon there would be a great trial'. There was no rising plot. No climax. We met a lot of people, but none of them were developed to any growth in their lives.

The author introduced us to many characters, but some of them we met only once and there seemed to be no valid reason for them to be in the story. I kept waiting for them to appear again. Other characters were in desperate need of a Savior, but there was no work in that area either. She just described their desperate lives and left it. The angels were described in great detail including khaki pants and semi-formal attire, but they never appeared in human form, so I wonder why she gave so much attention to their dress. They also wore a futuristic arm band that was kind of all powerful, but these same angels had lived for thousands of years.

The author spent a great deal of time on warfare and happenings between the angels which ended up being boring. I just wanted to get back to the characters.

Finally, I was very disappointed with the grammatical errors. The author has a Ph.D. from Oxford and she doesn't know the difference between lay, lie, laid. If there had been one error in this department, I would say - oh she missed that one, but repeatedly throughout the book she used these words incorrectly.

Even Ph.D.'s need to have editors.
This was certainly an interesting book. It follows guardian angels as they observe humans on earth and fight to protect them from evil spirits and demons. It is definitely a unique perspective on the different situations and caused me to look at spiritual warfare differently. Also, reading about the different situations that some of the human characters went through as well as the ways other humans or angels observed their struggles made me stop to think about the ways that other people are perceiving my actions.

I only gave this book three stars for two main reasons. First of all, although the many different characters and their problems were interesting, I had a very hard time keeping track of all of them. Even though I have now completed the book I am still having some difficulty piecing the characters and their experiences together. Second, the ending of the book was unsatisfactory. The book had introduced many characters and their troubles, but never revealed what happened to those people. It seems like the end is like a cliffhanger leading into the next book, but even though this book is supposed to be the first of a series I cannot find the second book. At the end of the book there was an advertisement saying that the second book was coming Summer of 2013, but it is already past that date.
One church, many members but with the main focus on the Pastor and his family and the angel, JaKobe who is on assignment to attend to the discouraged pastor. Its a fantasy look into how it could possible look in the supernatural realm from the different angels perspective and includes the struggles of the people they are assigned to protect.
For me it was a bit of a mixed bag.
What did I like ?
I really found the characters interesting.
The angel and demon encounters were thought provoking.
I liked the growth you could see in some of the people by the end of the book.
The different types of angels shown.
That the story showed that some angels had followed a family for generations because of one person who grabbed a hold of a promise in the Bible.

What I didn't like:
Most of the people's stories were kind of left hanging at the end of the book; with the exception of a few.
I lost my place a couple of times, with the sheer number of people who were in the story. At least once or twice I had to go back and re-quaint myself about the character.
For me, there was almost too much description of an area.
I kept thinking that angel intervention would be recognized; it wasn't and in fact it all felt kind of incomplete. Didn't really seem to go anywhere.
*Disclaimer--I was asked by the author to do a review of the book and give my honest opinion---good, bad, ugly or great.

This was a very thought provoking book. It was written from an Angel's view and also incorporated Human views. If you believe in the spiritual world, the way this book was written seems very plausible. I enjoyed envisioning how our world is manipulated by both the angels and demons. This is a great read for teenagers as well as for adults. It's clean, it's thought provoking and it keeps you wanting for more.

At first, many characters are introduced and it almost seems overwhelming. But about the time you feel that way, you are entranced with their stories and their places within the book. All of the people in the book were very realistic, including the pastor and his wife.

I loved the way this book rocked back and forth between the angels and the humans. Just as I would forget about the humans, we were transported back to them and their story. The events that happened, were all believable and well within the scope of what can happen in a normal weekend.

There were a couple of places that were detailed, that I skipped. I felt there were a couple of spots that had so much detail that it bogged down the story for me. Despite these two or so spots, I LOVED this story and I can't wait to read the rest of the series. This was one of those books that after I finished it, I was still so into the story, that I could not start another book for a couple of days--which is why I am leaving my review at 5 stars! It takes a lot for an author to create a book that leaves you craving for so much more and Jakobe's Assignment was certainly one!

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