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by G. Hugh Allred

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  • Publisher: Deseret Book Co (1978)
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Download How to make a good mission great fb2

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How To Make A Good Mission Great suggest that a good foundation for missionary work is "acquiring and maintaining a Christlike way of relating to one's companion and others that will invite the Spirit of the Lord to be one's constant companion." It offers a practical system of behavior analysis that can be helpful to anyone who is having trouble relating to others.
Reviews about How to make a good mission great (2):
G. Hugh Allred was a fraud - his work with victims of traumatic childhood experiences destroyed many lives and caused untold grief and heartache for many of his patients and families. Allred perpetrated his fraud for more than twenty years, and irreversibly damaged the lives of countless children, women, and men.

Allred took advantage of the trending popularity of Repressed Memory Syndrome at the time to generate traumatic childhood memories in the minds of the vulnerable and impressionable women who came to him, causing many to develop symptoms of psychosis and need inpatient treatment at mental institutions.

Allred used methods of subliminal persuasion (hypnotherapy) to plant memories in the minds of his victims, persuading them to believe in him as a personal savior while at the same time undermining personal relationships with spouses and male children. The wreckage and detritus of Allred's machinations will resonate for generations in the lives of his patients and their families.

Allred's criticism of his victim's spouses, and denunciation of male figures of authority (teachers, doctors, church leaders, etc.) caused many patients to falsely accuse scores of innocent men; his denunciation of LDS Church General Authorities while teaching at Brigham Young University was one of the best-kept secrets at the church-owned school.

Hugh Allred’s legacy of broken lives and destroyed homes is well-illustrated in Alexander Pope’s Essay on Criticism:

“A little learning is a dangerous thing;
drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:
there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
and drinking largely sobers us again.”

G. Hugh Allred is remembered by many who knew him as a subliminal master-manipulator, a modern-day Rasputin, the great evil who willingly destroyed the lives of his patients to achieve fortune and fame.
This 1978 book (which was once part of The Missionary Set [Boxed] Truth Restored, Gospel Principles, Teachings of Prophet Joseph Smith, Marvelous Work, Topical Guide, Jesus the Christ) was co-authored by G. Hugh Allred, author of books such as Teenager: A survival guide for mom and dad,How to Strengthen Your Marriage and Family,Mission for Mother Guiding the Child, etc.).

The first chapter states, the book "is dedicated to helping missionaries fulfill more successful missions. It suggests a foundation for all missionary work: acquiring and maintaining a Christlike way of relating to one's companions and others that will invite the Spirit of the Lord to be one's constant companion. As a missionary develops Christlike behavior in his relationships, he becomes a living testimony to investigators that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored and is true."

Here are some additional quotations from the book:

"Measuring one's success against the perceived success of others can tear down and destroy progress and spirituality." (Pg. 23)
"Babylon behavior---that which is ineffective or destructive---can be overcome if we have the courage to strive for more effective behavior to take its place." (Pg. 35)
"Babylon behavior as a general lifestyle is basically unhealthy, nonconstructive, and at times even destructive. The same is not true of all Babylon-type communication, however. Speaking sharply... when inspired by the Holy Ghost, to a companion who is slothful in his work... or surrendering to the assertions of a companion who is learning to assert himself could both be constructive behaviors." (Pg. 56-57)

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