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by Anthony C Thiselton

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Download Thiselton on Hermeneutics: Collected Works with New Essays fb2

Anthony Charles Thiselton FBA (born 1937) is an English Anglican priest, theologian, and academic. He has written a number of books and articles on a range of topics in Christian theology, biblical studies, and the philosophy of religion.

Anthony Charles Thiselton FBA (born 1937) is an English Anglican priest, theologian, and academic. He has served on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, appointed by the Minister of Health. He was educated at City of London School, with degrees from King's College London (BD, MTh) the University of Sheffield (PhD) and the University of Durham (DD)

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Anthony Thiselton is Professor of Christian Theology at the University of Nottingham and author of a number of other hermeneutics volumes including Two Horizons: New Testament Hermeneutics and Philosophical Description, Thiselton on Hermeneutics: Collected Works with Ne. .

This is the second time I have made my way through New Horizons in Hermeneutics: The Theory and Practice of Transforming Biblical Reading

Ashgate Contemporary Thinkers on Religion: Collected Works.

Ashgate Contemporary Thinkers on Religion: Collected Works. Ashgate Contemporary Thinkers on Religion: Collected Works. This series presents the selected works of scholars with leading international reputations who have made outstanding contributions to their field.

This volume collects many of Anthony Thiselton's more notable writings from some seven books and 70 articles, to.

This volume collects many of Anthony Thiselton's more notable writings from some seven books and 70 articles, to which he adds his own re-appraisals of earlier work. It uniquely expounds the thought of a major contemporary British theologian through his own words, and includes his own critical assessments. Professor Thiselton's writings bridge three disciplines which are usually kept apart by artificial barriers: Biblical Studies, Philosophical and Systematic Theology.

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Save up to 80% by choosing the eTextbook option for ISBN: 9781351879460, 1351879464. The print version of this textbook is ISBN: 9781138383647, 1138383643. Thiselton on Hermeneutics. The Collected Works and New Essays of Anthony Thiselton. By: Anthony C. Thiselton. Publisher: Routledge. Print ISBN: 9781138383647, 1138383643. Hermeneutics is an interdisciplinary study of how we interpret texts, especially biblical texts, in the light of theories of understanding in philosophy, meaning in literary theory, and of theology. This volume brings together the seminal thought of a leading contemporary pioneer in this field.

Anthony Th iselton is a highly respected British theologian. He has established himself as one of the more prominent authoritative voices on the interdisciplinary nature of philo- sophical hermeneutics, especially in relationship to biblical interpretation.

Thiselton on hermeneutics : collected works with new essays. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Thiselton, Anthony C. Год: 2013. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. Pneuma and Logos: The Role of the Spirit in Biblical Hermeneutics. Wyckoff, John W. Год: 2015.

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Anthony Thiselton's masterful work in the field of hermeneutics has impacted a host of students and scholars over the past few decades. Especially influential was his 1980 book The Two Horizons, a call to take seriously the contexts of both the reader and the text. Thiselton's work has continued to carry much weight, yet there has been no single place to go to access a helpful array of his writings -- until now. Thiselton on Hermeneutics provides expositions and critical discussions of hermeneutics as a multidisciplinary area. Biblical interpretation, philosophical hermeneutics, literary theory, and Christian theology genuinely interact in these forty-two studies to form a coherent whole. Thiselton's unique interactive and multidisciplinary approach shines through the volume. Ten of these essays, almost a quarter of the collection, have not been published before or are very recent. Theologians, biblical scholars, philosophers, and any other academics will appreciate the creative perspectives and insights of this pioneering scholar distilled here.
Reviews about Thiselton on Hermeneutics: Collected Works with New Essays (2):
While participating in a faculty forum at Union University, Anthony Thiselton was asked whether he regretted anything about his academic career. Thiselton responded by expressing his regret over "the higher ratio of research articles to books over the years" (xv). In Thiselton on Hermeneutics, he seeks to remedy this perceived disparity. As its title suggests, this volume is a compilation of articles, essays, and selections from Thiselton's larger works. Aside from his major monographs, Thiselton has produced and published articles and presentations since the early 70s. His primary goal in gathering these various writings into one volume is to provide "a structured and consistent account of hermeneutics as a developing and multi-disciplinary subject area" and of his attempts to contribute to this synthesis (xv). Accordingly, in selecting the material for this volume, Thiselton strove to include the articles "that best serve the coherence and distinctive multi-disciplinary themes of the present contribution" (xvi).

Thiselton divides the book into seven parts. Each section contains a number of essays grouped around a particular theme or topic. The first section "situates the subject" of hermeneutics in the field of theological study and serves as a programmatic introduction to the rest of the book. Part two contains studies on the relationship between hermeneutics and speech-act theory. Part three relates hermeneutics to semantics and conceptual grammar. Part four investigates lexicography, exegesis, and reception history. Part five interacts with parables, narrative-worlds and reader-response theories of interpretation. Part six engages philosophy, language, and postmodernity. Finally, part seven treats hermeneutics, history, and theology.

Building upon his previous work, Thiselton uses this volume to further his thought in certain areas. One of Thiselton's continuing concerns is the "respect for the other" in interpretation. He ends the first section by arguing that the "heart of the hermeneutical endeavor" does not involve "the way of self-assertion, self-affirmation and a `mastery' that understands the other in terms of self and self-interest" (50). Rather, hermeneutics should seek "to renounce manipulative ways of understanding and communicating" in favor of modes of interpretation which meet the text on its own terms (50). Thiselton also sees the reception history of texts as an important area of discussion. Here, his concern is for the "impact of texts and of successive readings and interpretations of texts on subsequent generations of readers after a first reading" (40). Further, Thiselton investigates throughout this volume the possibility of formulating a "theological hermeneutics" that respects the discrete witness of both theology and the interpretive task (36-39; 769-807).

Perhaps the most unique strength of the book is the access it affords to Thiselton's own self-reflection. Thiselton guides the reader through his writings by providing a new reflective essay at the end of each section that reevaluates and interacts with the preceding material. Far from an afterthought, these essays are both substantive and instructive, as they benefit from hindsight and further development in the field. In addition to these new essays, Thiselton supplies a brief annotation before each selection that discusses his motivation in writing this particular piece and provides additional critical reflection. Within the reproduced essays themselves, Thiselton inserts descriptive headings designed to highlight for the reader the structural flow of his thinking. These elements provide insightful clarity in most cases and function as an autobiographical guide to Thiselton's treatment of a broad range of hermeneutical issues.

Part of the achievement of this work is its demonstration of the interdisciplinary nature of hermeneutics. Throughout his editorial comments, Thiselton underlines his concern for relating the interpretive task to the full range of disciplines available to the interpreter. In his major works, Thiselton reflects this interest. His earlier book The Two Horizons deals with philosophy of language and hermeneutical theory. His massive commentary on The First Epistle to the Corinthians engages in biblical studies, and his recent Hermeneutics of Doctrine investigates the task of theology. The scope of the essays included in this volume allows the reader to appreciate the foundational framework and methodological context in which these larger works were written. Thus, it proves a fitting companion resource to these seminal works.

A possible drawback of this volume is its formidable size and substantial price, which may discourage some readers from purchasing the book. Additionally, most of this material has been published elsewhere in journals or in symposium books. However, the fresh reflective content along with the previously unpublished papers give this volume considerable new material, and despite the density and size of the collection, Thiselton's work maintains a refreshing clarity of style and argument. In light of these considerations, even someone who has followed Thiselton throughout his career will want to read this collection for his editorial commentary on and critical self-evaluation of his own corpus. One absent feature that would have improved the volume in this regard is an appendix containing a comprehensive bibliography of all of Thiselton's publications to date.

Thiselton on Hermeneutics is not geared toward the beginning or casual participant in the hermeneutical conversation. Rather, the book will prove most helpful to one desiring to grapple with the important trends and issues at stake in current hermeneutical debates. Accordingly, a serious student of hermeneutics convinced of the interdisciplinary nature of the interpretive task will find the fruit of Thiselton's prodigious career both instructive and rewarding.

Also in SWJT 50.1 (Fall 2007), 121-23.
This is Thiselton's magnum opus. It is an excellent book but some of the essays can be very difficult to grasp. Balanced against that, however, are a number of essays that are easy to follow and very helpful. I used this book in my B.Th. and would recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about Thiselton's work and hermeneutics in general.

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