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by Christopher Pike

  • ISBN: 0833515950
  • Category: Сhildren's books
  • Author: Christopher Pike
  • Subcategory: Science Fiction & Fantasy
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Econo-Clad Books (April 1988)
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  • Rating: 4.5
  • Votes: 984
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The terrifying sequel to The Last Vampire. A Dark And Stormy Night. Teresa Chafey is running away from home.

I think this was my very first Christopher Pike book, back in the late '80s, and I was hooked. This one, like most of his older stuff, still holds up for me.

Christopher Pike books Greer Isn't this the one where the girl grinds up glass and puts it in the other girls' burger? The Immortal by Christopher Pike // Read this when I was quite young, and it kicked off what would.

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AUTHOR: Christopher Pike. TITLE: Last Act (Lightning). Compare similar products. Last Act by Christopher Pike (Paperback, 1989).

Christopher Pike's Last Act. Listen in ap.

Reviews about Last Act (7):
Pike again visits the typical small-town, high school teenage angst of a young female itching to fit in with her peers. From the beginning where the lead-up is focused primarily on character introduction to the semi-unrealistic ending, the story is a bit slower than some of his other stuff, a little less interesting, but still enjoyable. Plot-wise, it's a straight-out mystery, devoid of supernatural or science-fiction elements. The mystery itself is a decent enough one, where I had an idea of who the culprit may be but no clue on what the motive was. The wrap-up at the climax was satisfyingly done, with the characters staying in their skin and showing off some deranged psychological twists.

As a main character in a young adult novel, Melanie was a decent one. Seeming real enough and not irritatingly naive, she and the rest of the 'cast' helped propel everything forward. There was enough mystery left to some of the red herrings to keep suspicions and curiosity levels blooming. The villain's motives made a bizarre sense, even if how she got away with certain elements (while creative) were stretching things a little much. It's thankfully no simple ride where you have the killer pegged for certain, and kudos to Pike for introducing enough other suspects to keep the ball rolling.

There's not much romance in the story, nothing that's really hormone enriched, but it's there in the typical cute, young way. Unlike some of his other works, that doesn't dominate this story. His writing was less poetic than, say, Whisper of Death, here but it still flowed smoothly. Pacing wasn't air tight but it was still engrossing.

Will this be one of those that translates well to all ages? I'd say it's enjoyable for all age levels, but a little too young in subject to truly satisfy most adult readers. The younger audience should get a clever kick out of it, however, with it's twist-filled mystery, semi-suspenseful scenes, and compassionate characters.

As a side note, while browsing for cover artwork, I stumbled upon this quiz for fans of the book.
This was the first Christopher Pike book I read 11 years ago.I became hooked to his books until he started getting into the sci-fi,after that I moved on. I have read "Last Act" several times since and still love it today! It has many elements that a good book should have: romance, humor, saddness, and of course suspense. I would say this is a true Christopher Pike classic! I wish he would continue writting stories like this, "Weekend", and "Slumber Pary."
So I picked up this book only because it was on my shelf, I had nothing better to do, and being the actress that I am, the title caught my eye. I'm so glad it did! This book was really great. I felt that all the charactors seemed real, like I almost new them. (Jeramie reminded me of about every boy that I know and love, and it didn't take me a long time to fall in love with him, but thats another story) I was impressed by Christopher Pike's ability to make the charactors so lifelike. Aside from that, it had great suspence, because at times, you think you know the solution, but Pike proves you wrong. This book has left me with the desire to read more books dealing with murder and mystery in the theater. A MUST READ FOR ALL HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA STUDENTS!
I got hooked on Christopher Pike back when I was 13, but 6 years later I still read all his books religiously. He is one incredible writer. All his books are great, and especially this one, so trust me(and millions of other readers of Chris) and buy this book. You won't regret it. It's spellbindingly suspenseful and the ending is more than perfect.
I decided to read this book for fun, and that's what I got. I was disappointed, however, that I could tell before the characters who had committed the murder. The turn out is almost "normal," but it's still exciting. Some of Pike's other books would be better choices for the real adventure loving reader.
I really enjoyed this book. The characters were described well and seemed life-like. The plot was great and i didn't want to put the book down till i finished.I read the book in 2 days, i didn't want the book to end. I really enjoyed this book and i think everyone should read this book. It is very exciting.
This book was awesome. It was a real page turner. I don't like to read so that means alot. The descriptions and the choice of words was wonderful and made the book even more exciting. The irony made the book even better. So all in all it was a mystery murder type thing. I loved the book.
Reminiscent of Agatha Christie's brain-twisting works, this is something from Christopher Pike that we can (finally) understand. This is taut-tightrope action and subtle motives, and with the coolest cast of characters you can find in any murder mystery!