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by Natalie Tinti

  • ISBN: 0984262512
  • Category: Сhildren's books
  • Author: Natalie Tinti
  • Subcategory: Growing Up & Facts of Life
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Tintinatie; 1 edition (December 11, 2009)
  • Pages: 88 pages
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  • Rating: 4.2
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Download Sewing a Friendship fb2

Natalie is 13 years old & an incredible writer and illustrator.

Natalie is 13 years old & an incredible writer and illustrator.

Sewing a Friendship," written by ten-year-old Natalie Tinti, is about a group of girls who are having a sleepover when they discover an invitation to a fashion show. When the four friends read that five participants are needed to enter, they reluctantly decide to include nasty Kiki Shaver, who's never been very nice to them.

Natalie Tinti’s most popular book is Sewing a Friendship. Books by Natalie Tinti. Showing 29 distinct works. Sewing a Friendship by. Natalie Tinti (Goodreads Author).

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Sewing a Friendship - Natalie Tinti. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Sewing a Friendship by Natalie Tinti. Natalie not only has a gift for writing, but her artwork at such a young age is incredible. What others are saying about Sewing a Friendship. I also really like the idea of a child writing a children’s book. Kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?" -Greg Giesen, LeadingFromWithin.

Автор: Tinti, Natalie Название: Sewing a friendship ISBN: 0984262504 ISBN-13(EAN) . This book explains what happens next.

Tinti exhibits an aptitude for shining a piercing light into the corners of her characters' hearts and minds. -O: The Oprah Magazine "The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley is a gripping father-daughter road trip where the bad guys are never far behind. Автор: Taylor, Nicole Название: Adventures of tintin: tintin& daring escape ISBN: 1407133632 ISBN-13(EAN): 9781407133638 Издательство: Scholastic UK Рейтинг

Redirected from Natalie Tinti). Sewing a Friendship is a children's graphic novel written by Natalie Tinti.

Redirected from Natalie Tinti). As the story begins a group of four girls: Nina Key, Jonesy Jipsy, Meeka Venya, and Skoron Blossom, start their summer vacation, planning a special all-pink sleepover.

The four best friends, who are seven-year-old girls, are super excited about the start of summer! Their adventure begins with getting out of school and talking about a pink sleepover. But things do not run smoothly when nine-year-old Kiki, the rival girl, gets in the way by uninviting the girls to a famous fashion show. When she mentioned, “But of course you’re not invited. What a shame! Ha,” the girls dash to Sokron’s house to talk of how they could be in the fashion show also. “We can use newspapers, leaves, flowers,  floppy toys, dog hair, candy wraps, super glue, peanut butter, and gel,…” excitedly pasted Jonsy, as she started to list ideas. Everything seemed as though it would work out, except one little thing:  an invitation stated that every team must have five people and their model should be at least nine years old.
Reviews about Sewing a Friendship (7):
I always wish to indulge my kids into creative hobbies, especially reading. As a child, I engrossed deeply into reading as a hobby and later reaped huge benefits out of it. Hence, I wish the same for my child. Being in the tender age of 7 years, I expose my little girl to tales and reading material compatible to her age. In my similar quest of finding the apt books for her age, I found this book named "Sewing a Friendship#1" by Natalie Tinti. I always desired to build the strong ideals of friendship and its importance in my child's life and this book completely fulfilled my purpose. Turning through every page of the book, I realized that the book conveyed a great moral of friendship in a simple and interesting tale of friendship.
Once I judged the book completely and became contented with it more than my expectations, I handed over the book to my little one to explore and learn. Excited and enthralled on visualizing the colorful and interesting cover of the book, my little girl became deeply engrossed in the interesting tale of friendship. She could easily understand and count on the moral of strength in friendship and its importance in life as the characters of the story battled against the powerful with their strength of oneness and spirit of friendship. I wouldn't be shy to admit that even I spent few nights enjoying this beautiful tale of four little girls while reading out the bed time story for my daughter.
It is indeed one of those books which trains your kids with sound morals while they are busy enjoying their favorite colorful story book, thereby providing deep relief to parents like me who struggle each day to teach their children the true morals of life. Highly recommended!
This past weekend I had the pleasure of participating in the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books held at UCLA. This particular event is awesome as an author to see the number of people all excited about books. It helps give me faith in the path I am pursuing in continuing to write and produce stories for readers. I love having the chance to talk with my target readers and find out some of their interests. One of the additional joys of participating in book festivals is the opportunity to meet other authors face to face and talk with them. I was delighted to meet Natalie Tinti in person at the festival. Ms. Tinti is a poised, professional, 10-year old, who has written and illustrated a book about friendship. She not only had books, but also had colorful illustrated posters from her book to help promote her product.

Sewing a Friendship starts with a picture of each of the characters in the book and character profile of each, answering the questions of birth date, age, family, eye color, hair color, favorite food, favorite color, and specialty. For the target age group Natalie is writing for, I found this to be a nice way to start the story. The reader then knows who the characters are that they will meet and have a visual they can refer to if they need to during the course of reading the book. As a young reader, I always loved character profiles, just a little snippet about the character outside of the actual text. Then I would compare throughout my reading experience to see if the author kept true to the profile, or whether I could spot any discrepancies.

The story starts with the wind blowing through town and checking on each of the main characters at each house along the way. Ms. Tinti has very unique character names. Along with the wind, you meet the four friends, Sokron Blossom, Nina Key, Meeka Venya, Jonsy Jipsy, and the outcast Kiki Shaver. In addition to the friends and Kiki, there is Sokron's grandma, Babushka and her dog, Dogon.

The four friends get together to have a beginning of summer sleep over. Then they find out about a fashion show and are excited to participate. However, Kiki Shaver threatens to stop their participation. The girls find because of the rules, they need Kiki and Kiki needs them and through working together they are able to become friends by seeing the value in each other. My favorite character is Dogon, as he snoops on the girls and helps to ensure the friendship is knit together.

The illustrations are delightful and highly colorful, and each chapter has a different border, which makes it a happy read. I look for a bright future for this young author and illustrator.
Sewing a Friendship

Sewing A Friendship is a story about four friends and a rival. Each has a speciality. Sokron is a visual artist, Meeka loves numbers and math problems, Nina is sensitive to sound and music and Jonsy is sensitive to feelings.

The girls attend Beachwell Elementary School and the students were waiting for an announcement from the Principal. He jokingly announced that they have lots of homework that needs to be done over the summer in order to prepare for the coming year. Meeka loved this announcement because she liked homework!

The four girls wondered what they would do together over the summer. They decided to have a PINK SLEEPOVER.

Meeka came up with the idea that the four of them should go to the park first to study blue caterpillars for her science sandwich. Once at the park, they met Kiki Shaver who was known as the meanest girl on the planet. Sokron asked Kiki why she was so dressed up and Kiki replied that she was attending a fashion show at the Shimmering Florida Hotel the next day. She also made the point of mentioning that it was a shame that the four girls were not invited. Sokron answered "Actually, you'll see us there".

When the four girls got back to Sokron's house they started planning for the fashion show. Each one was given an assignment such as make-up, hairstyles, etc. Sokron's grandmother, Babushka, had a sewing machine in her room. This meant she had to have some fabric somewhere. The girls went through several doors to get to Babushka's room and finally found the right one. Much to their surprise, Babushka asked if they were ready to work, work, work? Babushka pulled out all of the supplies and quickly let the girls get to work. As they looked at the old-fashioned sewing machine they saw a sheet of paper hanging from it. It was an invitation for the fashion show; however, the rules indicated there must be five people on a team and one model from each team must be at least nine years old. The invitation slipped out of Nina's hand and Sokron's dog, Dogon, ran away with it right out the open window.

The girls found Dogon on the green grass. They also noticed Kiki coming towards them. She knew what they were looking for as she had the invitation in her hand. The four girls invited Kiki to be a member of their group because this way they could all come out a winner. Kiki would be the fifth member and she was nine years old. At first, she declined but then said yes.

How does the fashion show go for the girls? How do they get to the fashion show? What lesson did they learn from this experience?

It is amazing to read this book and look through the illustrations and find out that ten-year-old Natalie Tinti did everything. At the beginning of the book, Natalie introduces the reader to each character by telling many things about them such as their speciality, favorite food, family, etc.

The illustrations are wonderful and add so much to the story. Natalie is very talented to be able to create these illustrations.

The thing that impressed me the most is Natalie's creativity. An example of this is when she talks about the sun:

"The sun finished its duties on the other side of the world and rose from the hills turning into a bright sunrise and let all light come out to share its love and happiness with everything that day. All the trees smiled happier than ever for they saw the light in their faces."

Another example is when Natalie describes the wind as it is "whooshing by" her friend's house. Her descriptions make the reader feel like they are right their riding along with the wind.

These are only two examples - Sewing a Friendship is filled with many examples of Natalie's creativity. Not only is Natalie's writing creative but it is also poetic.

Also, this book is about a valuable lesson in life - how a friendship is formed and so came the title "Sewing A Friendship". It shows that if one really tries and the two sides give in a little, great things can happen and friendships can be made.

This is an excellent book for a young reader and adults will find it amazing also!

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