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by Ann Matthews Martin

  • ISBN: 0833519921
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  • Author: Ann Matthews Martin
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Rebound By Sagebrush; Rebound edition (May 1996)
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  • Rating: 4.7
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Download Good-Bye Stacey, Good-Bye (Baby-Sitters Club (Quality)) fb2

Good bye stacey good bye, . There are currently over 176 million copies of The Baby-sitters Club in print. If you stacked all of these books up, the pile would be 21,245 miles high.

Good bye stacey good bye, . Good-Bye Stacey, Good-Bye, . In addition to The Baby-sitters Club, Ann is the author of two other series, Main Street and Family Tree. Her novels include Belle Teal, A Corner of the Universe (a Newbery Honor book), Here Today, A Dog’s Life, On Christmas Eve, Everything for a Dog, Ten Rules for Living with My Sister, and Ten Good and Bad Things About My Life (So Far).

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Good-bye Stacey, Goodbye is the 13th book in the original The Baby-Sitters Club series. Stacey moves back to New York. Claudia has a hard time saying good-bye. Oh, no! Stacey McGill is moving back to New York!

Good-bye Stacey, Goodbye is the 13th book in the original The Baby-Sitters Club series. Claudia has a hard time saying good-bye no more Baby-sitters Club! Stacey's friends are crushed when they hear that Stacey's moving, Claudia most of all. Stacey was her first best friend.

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Claudia is crushed that her best friend is moving away. How will the BSC cope without Stacey? What kind of going-away present is good enough for someone as special as she is? And now. who could fill her shoes as the next member of the Baby-sitters Club? The best friends you'll ever have-with classic BSC covers and a letter from Ann M. Martin! In this series.

This is a list of the novels in The Baby-Sitters Club, a children's book series created by Ann M. Martin. The first 35 novels were written by Martin, after which some of the books were ghostwritten; 44 of these were written by Peter Lerangis.

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Good-Bye Stacey, Good-Bye (Baby-sitters Club). Devastated by the news that Stacey will be leaving Stoneybrook and the Baby-sitters Club to move back to New York, Claudia and the other club members plan a going-away party and wonder how they will fill their friend's position.

Book by Martin, Ann Matthews
Reviews about Good-Bye Stacey, Good-Bye (Baby-Sitters Club (Quality)) (7):
Very well written and engaging. My only gripe (a mild one) about this series is that the narrator is also narrating the chapters that aren't related to their particular story. For instance, there are subplots in this book (the kids visiting the "witch" in the neighborhood). Apparently, Stacey isn't present, but she's still relaying the story. I like the diversion chapters, I just think maybe they should be narrated by someone in the chapter. But maybe that would force young readers to lose focus. The author(s) do a good job because they have to stick to narration. But if it means that much to them, maybe they shouldn't do it in first person. This is the episode before "Hello Mallory" and I think it gives a good backdrop to why Mal is inducted. Cast here includes the usuals plus Charlotte, Dr. Johannsen, Karen, Andrew, Mr. & Mrs. McGill. Some artwork is included.
Synopsis: The book starts off with Stacey daydreaming in Mr. Zizmore's class about food. It is just another regular day for Stacey; Go to school, hang out with her best friend Claudia, and after school, go to the Babysitter's club Meeting to babysit kids in her neighborhood. That evening, when Stacey, Claudia, Kristy, Mary Anne and Dawn are having a meeting, Stacey gets an urgent call from her mother asking her to come home immediately. Stacey rushes back home, thinking that something terrible has happened to the family. When she gets home, her father announces that the branch that he was working for his company have decided to close down, and he has to go back to the New York branch, which means Stacey would be leaving Stoneybrook and going back to New York in four to five weeks!

Stacey has mixed feelings about her move. On one hand, she is thrilled to be going back to New York, which she has missed, and get together with her friend Laine again, but on the other hand, she doesn't want to leave her friends and her life in Stoneybrook, especially from her best friend Claudia. When she tells Claudia the news, they decide to come up with different ways to make Stacey stay, but none of them work out.

Eventually, the Babysitters Club realizes that Stacey is moving. Will the Babysitters Club go on without Stacey, and if so, who would be able to fill her place? How would they spend their last few days with her as a group?

There are also a couple of side stories about Mary Anne's experience with babysitting Jeff (and how she realizes how miserable he is), Claudia's experience as playing pretend secret agent with the Pike kids on their new neighbors, and Kristy's experience with babysitting Karen and Andrew and their encounter with Morbidda Destiny!

Review: I really liked reading this book because Stacey was one of my favorite characters in the Babysitters Club and it was sad to see her being written off. I thought the book blended the emotional drama of Stacey's farewell to the side stories that were equally humorous, such as when Claudia coming up with a poem for Stacey's yard sale, or when she babysits for the Pike's. It was also nice to read the way Stacey had conflicting feeling about going to New York, on whether she should be excited, nervous, happy or sad, and I thought this was realistically written, especially with her relationship to Charlotte.

Probably the only aspect of the book that I did not enjoy was Kristy's attitude in the book. Throughout the book, Kristy only thinks about herself and the Club, rather than Stacey's feelings. When Stacey announces her move, Kristy only thinks about who will replace her in the Club, and when Stacey is having a yard sale to sell her items, Kristy only thinking about how much money Kristy is going to earn from the sale.

Apart from that, I really liked this book and I think anyone who likes Stacey's character would like reading it too.
I start this book not long ago as one of my library books. I had read and want to reread this book truely. It was Stacey's hard decision. Since her mom wants to go to Stoneybrook but her dad prefer to stay. It all starts with a divorse. Stace was angry with her parents and really need to make a hard decision.
Although my parents didn't divorce, Stace was sort of like me. my dad has been transport from my hometown to a new country and both a new world.I need to go with daddy, I miss my friend and would problbly never see 'em again. This is why I really understand her feeling.
This book makes me want to cry in the end, and (or but) it has a great ending and discribtion. the language used was intereting, and both want to make you read more and continue forever.
It was sad that I had read all the books in the library and was not allow to buy books over the internet. I am looking foward for a day that I can read more books from the same serie, and the same author. (of course.)
At first this book was really boring. All it talked about was Stacey moving and how she found out. But then it got ALOT better! And at the end it was full of feelings and it really showed who Stacey was. So if you are up for a book that is boring at first but then really good you shoud read this
The book i read talked about these three girl saying bye to their best friend who is going away, well moving back to new york city.
But to her friends that means no more Stoneybrook Middle school because it's not going to be the same with put her, and no more Charlotte Johanssen, but the only thing that s no more is, the baby sitting club. All of stacey's friends was sad, especially her bestest friend, claudia.
They all sit around bored, because their friend is gone, and how will the babby- sitting club stay up without stacey,there.
But know that stacey's gone to new york city the baby-sitting club is going to have to find a new member.
This story touched my heart. It was so sad in the ending when Claudia gave a little book to Stacey that had gossip,jokes,ect. Definetly read this.
Great book in the babysitters club series

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