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by David Milgrim

  • ISBN: 0399246703
  • Category: Сhildren's books
  • Author: David Milgrim
  • Subcategory: Arts Music & Photography
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers; First Edition edition (March 27, 2008)
  • Pages: 32 pages
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  • Rating: 4.7
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Download Amelia Makes a Movie fb2

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Amelia Makes a Movie book.

Join Eddie as he gets ready for school all by himself. He has his checklist ready to make it happen. I do not have any part in the making of this book. Автовоспроизведение Если функция включена, то следующий ролик начнет воспроизводиться автоматически.

David Milgrim, Cows Can't Fly (Houghton Mifflin, 2000)

David Milgrim, Cows Can't Fly (Houghton Mifflin, 2000). I have been a fan of David Milgrim's books for some time now-since years before my youngest was born, much less old enough for me to read him Milgrim's books-so picking up a copy of Cows Can't Fly was pretty much predestined. At this point, the only Milgrim not in my permanent collection is, ironically, the first book of his I read, Amelia Makes a Movie; I figure that one is for when the bean gets to be five or six years old, and he's only two no.

Amelia Makes a Movie, Putnam (New York, NY), 2008. Writer and illustrator David Milgrim specializes in picture books for beginning readers. Among his popular titles are several books about the character Otto the robot and Otto's animal friends. Otto the robot" series. See Otto, Atheneum (New York, NY), 2002. For children who are just beginning to read," Carolyn Phelan wrote in Booklist, "Milgrim's Otto book. ffer the unbeatable combination of simple words and funny stories.

With both Mom and Dad occupied, Amelia decides to stay busy by making a video. Milgrim packs in a lot of content and his digital ink and digital oil pastel illustrations match the bouncy mischief of his rhyming text. Lively fun that could inspire a young cinema auteur. She enlists the assistance of the family pets, and can't stop her impish little brother from getting involved everywhere. At first she finds his being underfoot an annoyance, but his helpfulness and good ideas win her over. They paint scenery, make props, eat doughnuts and, after some rehearsal, begin filming (shown like a comic strip in multiple panels with dialogue balloons).

Pilgrim" is an American former intelligence agent known as the "Rider of the Blue" who later writes a book on forensic .

Pilgrim" is an American former intelligence agent known as the "Rider of the Blue" who later writes a book on forensic pathology. Pilgrim becomes involved in a case in New York City where a mysterious woman uses his book to commit untraceable murders in the aftermath of 9/11. The "Saracen" is a Saudi who becomes radicalised by watching his father's beheading

Amelia Makes a Movie Art That Moves: Animation Around the World Careers in Focus: Film. This book was listed in the teacher's resource This book was found guide for educators in w/ CD-ROM OPAC of the UCLA animation by the Library.

Amelia Makes a Movie Art That Moves: Animation Around the World Careers in Focus: Film. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Library Journal in 2011.

Hollywood, take note: There?s a new talent in town! Amelia does it all? act, direct, write, edit, and even make costumes and scenery?with a little help from her enthusiastic brother and her dazzling dog and cat. Amelia thinks she has everything under control, but anything can happen when the film starts to roll, and stars collide.

Readers will delight in watching the creative process unfold, and will laugh out loud at the kids? funny movie. There?s even a helpful glossary for aspiring filmmakers.

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This is a donation to a grammar school but it looks great and the student who lost it is happy to not have it against her record in the school library.
"Mom is on a cleaning spree.
Dad is busy as a bee.

What's to do?
Hey, wait, I know!
Let's make ourselves a video!"

This opening is reminiscent of those wonderful July Garland/Mickey Rooney scenarios where the bored teens--all wild-eyed energy--declare: "I know, let's put on a show! However, 'Amelia' updates this for the digital age.

The narrative is linear, but I liked that: It shows all the steps necessary in planning and making a movie: Writing a script, choosing a cast and a director (inside joke...the assistant says "I want to direct:), building andpainting a set, sewing costumes, feeind the crew (the assistant eats on all fours, like the animals populating the set!)... amkeup, lighting, and on and on. Each aspect of video production has its own picture, and these are funny, bright, and heavy on contrasting colors like purples, turquoises, and mauve.

After all the hard work (incuding rehersals), the book presents the movie that Amelia made, "Abracadabra." Milgrim cleverly conveys that this is a film by using smaller frame-like images, and the simple pictures and thin font keep these frames uncluttered and easy to read. There's a hurried story re-write to accomodate Amelia's brother's surprise entrance as a super-hero, and then post-production begins (including "hugs and kisses for the crew"): Soundtrack,, digital editing, and securing a screening venue -- the family TV room!

While 'Amelia' makes concessions to the digital age, it succesfully describes two apparently contradictory messages: Video-production is hard work that requires flexibility and planning; and, video-production CAN be done. That synthesis is very skillfully achieved, and I admire how Milgrim takes a factual approach, inserts a little humor, and illustrates with exciting colors and easily understood scenes. The illustrations were created with digital ink and digital oil pastel, and their contemporary look is appropriate for the story)He doesnt over-reach--the story is plausible and nicely contained--and his rhyming narrative flows exceptionally smoothly. Moreover, he thoughtfully provides a glossary of "movie-making terms" (e.g.,"lead, "premiere," "roll the camera," "take five," "a wrap").
Amelia has a vivid imagination, talents in creative writing and set design, a flair for directing, access to a video camera, computer skills, and helpful family members. Put them all together, and the result is a clever exercise in film production. This book takes the reader from start to finish through the process of making a movie using tools accessible to children in the home. Along the way we get a glimpse of numerous occupations that form the backbone of the filmmaking industry, including actors, writers, producers, directors, costume designers, set designers, make-up artists, cinematographers, and film editors. While the book delivers a serious message about jobs and resources, the tone and cartoonlike illustrations are playful. Children and adults will appreciate this mix of substantive content and humorous delivery.
David Milgrim, Amelia Makes a Movie (Putnam, 2008)

Cute little tale, in verse, instructing kids on the steps required to make one's own videos. In the jacket copy, Milgrim states, "We live in an age of filmmaking....The tools of movie making are now so widely available, they are even within the reach of kids." While this is certainly not a replacement for instructional books and the like, it has a sense of enthusiasm and inspiration that would make an excellent complement to dry manuals on how to use Windows Movie Maker or what have you. Well worth it for your aspiring filmmaker. *** ½

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