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by Michelle Berg,Joyce Sidman

  • ISBN: 0618448942
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  • Author: Michelle Berg,Joyce Sidman
  • Subcategory: Animals
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers; Second Printing edition (April 3, 2006)
  • Pages: 32 pages
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  • Rating: 4.9
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Download Meow Ruff: A Story in Concrete Poetry fb2

Grade 2-4–Using concrete poetry as the vehicle, Sidman relates a simple story. A small dog escapes from its house and a little cat is abandoned at curbside.

Grade 2-4–Using concrete poetry as the vehicle, Sidman relates a simple story. These natural enemies meet at a neighborhood park where, forced to wait out a thunderstorm under a picnic table, they take comfort in huddling together and later emerge as buddies. Joan Bransfield Graham's Flicker Flash (1999) and Splish Splash (1994, both Houghton) and J. Patrick Lewis's Doodle Dandies (S & S, 1998) are better examples of concrete poetry for the same age group.

On a clear, sunny day, a small adventure begins. Meow Ruff: A Story in Concrete Poetry: written by Joyce Sidman, and illustrated by Michelle Berg, uses concrete poetry to tell the story of an abandoned cat and a curious dog’s adventure. Both kids and adults can appreciate the many poems throughout the story that describes everyday things such as clouds, trees, and the ground they walk on. The story is about a dog that escapes out of his house and meets a cat that just got abandoned by a mysterious car.

Newbery Honor-winning Children's Author & Poet. Looking for the poetry hidden in the visual imagery is the most obvious appeal of this beautiful, innovative book; other pleasures include the splendid flood of onomatopoeia and the stunning design. The playfulness and originality of concept make this a welcome offering.

Meow Ruff: A Story in Concrete Poetry. Illustrator Michelle Berg. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Joyce Sidman", Children's Book Almanac. Sylvia M. Vardell (2007). Poetry people: a practical guide to children's poets. Greenwood Publishing Group. ISBN 978-1-59158-443-8. ISBN 978-0-618-44894-4.

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books 5. (2006) 422-423 Sidman, Joyce; Meow Ruff: A Story in Concrete Poetry; illus

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books 5. (2006) 422-423 Sidman, Joyce; Meow Ruff: A Story in Concrete Poetry; illus.

A Story in Concrete Poetry. by Joyce Sidman & illustrated by Michelle Berg. Newcomer Berg’s simple, almost infantile shapes and primary palette serve to draw the reader’s eyes to the shaped poems that are the work’s main event. While mediating between the poems and the pictures they form presents a challenge to the reader, the playfulness and originality of concept make this a welcome offering. Pub Date: April 3rd, 2006.

Joyce Sidman (born June 4, 1956) is an American poet, best known for her children's poetry. Meow Ruff: A Story in Concrete Poetry (illustrated by Michelle Berg). Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2006. Sidman was born in Hartford, Connecticut. Illustrated by Michelle Berg. Historical Fiction Frost, Helen. New York: Frances Foster Books/Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin. Casey at the Bat. Illustrated by Joe Morse. Tonawanda, NY: KCP Poetry/Kids Can Press. The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips. New York: Scholastic Press. Sturtevant, Katherine. A True and Faithful Narrative. New York: Farrar, Straus Giroux. Realistic Fiction Brown, Susan Taylor. Joyce Sidman at Library of Congress Authorities - with 14 catalog records. Butterfly Eyes and Other Secrets of the Meadow. Illustrator Beth Krommes.

by Joyce Sidman and Michelle Berg . Plump, bright dome, of sugary white, sky muffin. Joyce Sidman’s descriptive cloud poem will change shape, form, and content over the course of this intriguing picture book, just like the clouds themselves. If there’s a story here, it’s of small dog and a small cat at odds with one another until a sudden storm finds them sheltering beneath the same picnic table. But the real story is the way that tale is told-in a series of concrete poems that chronicle the storm’s rise and fall, the changing relationship of the two animals, and their surroundings.

On a clear, sunny day, a small adventure begins. First, a dog slips joyfully out of his house. Next a car pulls up to the curb, leaving a white cat alone. Then, slowly, a storm begins to brew over the park.Watch as an unlikely friendship takes shape in this one-of-a-kind book that combines story, art, and delightful concrete poetry.
Reviews about Meow Ruff: A Story in Concrete Poetry (7):
What a wonderfully intelligent, creative, and charming book! The text and illustrations support each other so well, in a truly unique way. Subtle text and visual clues cue the reader into a guessing game of "what's going to happen next?" My six year old son has been looking through this book incessantly since we got it, and it is an absolute delight to read together. This is one of those books that I want to give to all of my friends. It's a new family favorite.
Mitars Riders
Such a cute book! And the concrete poetry is very clever. Younger children can understand the story by the pictures, and for older readers, there are so many words in the scenery that you could read it a different way every time! Some of the vocabulary might be a little hard for very young readers, but these clever word choices are amusing for older readers who can understand them. Quite fun, especially for cat or dog lovers.
my girl checked out from school libary fist week of school and keeps bring back home now she will have her own
Kids find this fascinating. And it's a great way to inspire them writing their own poetry!
This book is cute in theory, but has no story line and would be difficult for children to understand. Some of the words have strange font and the descripting words would be over many young children's heads.
Finding poetry that breaks free of the monotony of rhyming couplets or Seuss rip-offs is hard to do, so I feel obligated to highlight anything that holds up to repeated scrutiny.

Few poetry books are quite like this multi-layered story about a cat and a dog making friends during a rain shower.

Sidman wrote it as concrete poetry, where the lines take shape as pictures. Watch for free verses buried in the grass or woven among leaves and branches or circling the cat and dog.

She found a fortuitous partner in Berg, who used simple shapes and flat colors to keep our focus on the words. But the best feat is with the typography, a favorite trick of graphic designers even when it's not so central to the storytelling.

A cloud starts out with a few pale, wispy words:


a tiny puff

a swirl of frosting-


and builds to a bold-faced, fat crescendo:



This one's kept my son busy hunting threads of the story and he can't even read.
I bought this book for my 3yo daughter, finding the concept clever in the store. After bringing it home to actually read, there are so many dimensions to the storyline that any age level should be able to be entertained by this sweet book. You can just read the general story about the dog and cat without delving too much into the scenery, or an older child may find themselves learning vocabulary skills in the sidewalk and trees and clouds. The lady bugs in particular made me laugh :)

I don't normally review children's books as I buy them in the store and don't get reminded to review online, but this one I specifically had to seek out to say, go buy it!
My 3-year-old adores this book. He's too young to be interested in the concrete poetry aspect, but he loves the words spoken by the dog, the cat, and the crows especially throughout this book. The story is a sweet one about animals that are supposed to be enemies coming together and making friends when they're cold and scared. My only complaint is that the cat is shown being dumped out of a car and abandoned. Having to explain to my young son about evil people who are mean to animals was not what I expected to have to do when reading a cute little book about a dog and a cat.

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